Thursday, March 05, 2009

One Year Ago...

It's hard to believe that exactly one year ago, we were here.

Today, we are here:
With Little One.

Little One was supposed to be born on February 3rd. This is her one month "corrected" photo (above). On the 11th she will be four months old! Wow! Can't believe how fast time flies!

Hubby says "She's getting bigger! Our hatchling is doing well". 7 lbs (as opposed to 2 lbs, 3 oz at birth) and getting noticeable rolls! Her legs are so cute! She lifts her head and looks around. She's got fantastic control of her neck muscles. She's very alert and curious. Oh, and she's trying to roll over on her own.This is her 1 day old "corrected" (3 months in actual age) photo. It's not a great one for comparison, since I think she looks bigger in this photo than she does in the more recent one!
Thank you to Canine, for suggesting that we take photos of her and her Moo every month! Just in case any of you wanted to see another ADORABLE baby, Fancy Pantsy Momma has been taking photos of her sweet Charlotte and her bear :)

One last thing before I sign off :)
Everyone who knows me, knows I am not a very materialistic person. Material wealth is not very important to me, but there are a few material items that have sentimental value to me.
Among these few items (and don't laugh!) is my Tonari no Totoro musical wind-up figure. Before I left Japan(after two years of living and teaching in Fukuyama, Hiroshima), my good friend, Mizue (who was also the Japanese teacher at the school I taught at) took me on a trip to Kurashiki (in Okayama Prefecture). It was such a memorable day. Kurashiki is a very beautiful place and is rich in art, culture and history. After having lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant, Mizue gave me a sayonara present.
Totoro was my favourite Japanese anime, so Mizue presented me with a Totoro musical figure. The music it plays is beautiful. A special present to remember a special day and a special friend by!

When I returned from my nearly three month stay in Toronto (because Little One was in the NICU at Mount Sinai), I found out that my musical figure had been destroyed. Amidst all the renovations on our house, it probably fell and shattered. I was devastated and Hubby was apologetic. I scoured the internet to find the exact same musical figure and couldn't find it. I couldn't even find it on eBay! I put it back together, but we're missing an ear and the umbrella is no longer intact. The wind-up musical piece no longer works. Soooooooo sad! I had wanted to put it in Little One's room because the music is so soothing :( If any of you can find this model anywhere, please let me know! I will love you forever!!!


japanmanpete said...

I have tried to find that exact same musical figure for you, but no such luck as of yet. I will keep looking.



C. K. said...


that stuff is really hard to find. When my apartment was broken into, the f**king thief stole the limited edition watch my dad got me when I was 11. I've been muffed ever since.

Baby girl is looking beeeaaaaauuuutiful!!

J at said...

Now I'm going to have the song in my head, the English Version, "Totoro, Totoro...."

Word Verification: redier

Use in a sentence...I'm redier than ever to come and hold little one for a while so C and Hubby can have a nap together, and maybe I would even have time to make lunch, though it might be from a jar...

(side note, I was a spaghetti sauce snob before Maya was born...only homemade, no jars. Then I realized how HARD it is to get anything done with a newborn, and I learned to embrace the jar. It's back to homemade now, but it was hard for awhile. How's that going for you? I know you were so into really healthy, natural food before...have you been able to maintain that, or has reality bitch slapped you like it did me?)

C said...

Thanks for keeping an eye out for me. Let me know if you have any success in finding it. I'm still looking and haven't had any luck either :(

C said...

Hello, my lovely!
I remember you mentioning that :( That sucks. I was telling Hubby, "Why couldn't it be something else that broke? Like one of those hideous dust collectors I've been meaning to get rid of?" LOL!

C said...

You are so sweet!

Did you like the English version of Totoro?

As for your question...a bit of both. Certainly taking a few short cuts but still not doing the instant/ready-to-serve thing. Creeps me out thinking about all the preservatives and sodium in food these days. Now that I'm breastfeeding, I'm even more mindful.

Homemade is best (for us, at least), but haven't said no to the jar these days! ;p

caninecologne said...

try the website. the guy who runs it, peter payne is an ex-pat from san diego (in fact we both went to sdsu around the same time; he wrote for the school paper); his wife is japanese too. peter speaks japanese fluently. jlist carries a lot of cool items from japan - i'm certain he has totoro-related items.

anyways, email him and see if he carries the item or if he knows where you can get it. i'm sure he can help you.

word ver:

C said...

Thanks for that! Great idea. I'm on it.

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