Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something Sweet

Every now and then I'll look at my sweet Little One and have this conversation with her:

"Oh my goodness! I cannot believe you're growing so fast! Please slow down so I can enjoy you being so little for a while longer. I sometimes wish I could freeze time and capture these moments with you. You are such a sweet little miracle. Really, you are! If you think about all the things you've gone through in your four and a half months on this planet, you are a miracle. You've come so far and have gone through so much. I can't believe your Daddy and I made you! We are very blessed to be your Mom and Dad. Please don't grow up too fast. I just want to keep you here, tucked in my arms for just a while longer."

Now she's smiling and starting to expand her "vocabulary" (ermm...grunts, coos, cries).Photos of Little One in the sling were taken by Hubby. Little One is finally big enough to fit in the sling comfortably! This means her Mama can vacuum and do housework with her in it! Yay!

Another sweet thing is...

Having very good friends.
Our fantastic friends and their kids came over for a visit on Saturday.
You can tell that J is a Dad. Every time Little One would spit up, he'd be right there with something to wipe her up. Such a Dad! :) Little One was so comfortable with him. Please don't look at the background in these pictures (now that I've drawn attention to it!). Our house just got work done on it and though every single window has been replaced, the window treatments have not been done yet.One of the great things about having friends with young children is that the kids teach us just what and where we need to childproof :) In essence, that means our entire house. I can totally see Little One going for the books in my bookcase and opening all the cabinet doors when she gets mobile. We've got a few months still until that happens.
J and R's kids are so great! Give them paper and markers or let them run around on the farm, and they're as happy as can be! We love those kids! They're so well-behaved, cute, friendly, smart, helpful, and each of them has a distinct personality. Love them!

J and R are also professional photographers. While they were visiting, they took our family portraits! I am sooooo excited! You're going to have to wait to see their amazing work! For now, check out their PhotoCaptiva website! In the baby section of their site, you can see Little One's little footsie and a photo of me kissing Little One. Those were taken when J and R visited us while Little One was still in the hospital.

Here's a cute vid of Little One smiling on demand now :) It's not just the smile babies get when they have gas now! Don't mind my dorky, high pitched voice!


t said...

Chris, the baby is growing so fast! She is getting BIG! very cute. Glad u had lots of fun with your friends and their kids- i know how much of a social person you are and how much you miss us in the city! Happy you have good friend in your new place you call home.. :o)

For the breast feeding post; I have to admit like Palm Springs Savant that I am not comfortable with the whole breast feeding in public. I know it is a natural thing but It still weirds me out a bit. Lets see how many angry moms out there are going to bash me for this comment. Don't mean any disrespect - just expressing my feelings.

caninecologne said...

hi c- wow, she can totally smile on demand! what an amazing video! and i love your "baby" voice. i think all moms do that!

she is growing so quickly too! marvelous!

and by the way, your new hair cut is so sexay! MILF action! it's seriously cute.

word ver -

caninecologne said...

girlfriend, i forgot to mention how hot your tattoo looks!

hope all is well with you!

it's nice that the baby can fit in your sling now - i liked how you said you can now put her in it and vacuum at the same time! i was a neat freak too but i didn't use a sling though.

word ver:

louann said...

C, she sure is growing up so fast. I'm with you when you say you just want to freeze time.

BTW, I wonder when I can also start using the sling with my little one? He seems to be too fragile to put in the sling.

C said...

Thanks :) She seems so much bigger to me, but when people see her at the grocery store or when we're out, they all think "she looks so wee". I guess it's because they didn't see her when she was 980 g!!! :)

As for the BF, I totally understand :)

C said...

Thanks, sista friend! :)
You know, I've told myself countless times that I will not use the "baby voice" (which makes more sense that you call it the "mommy voice"!). It used to always annoy me when people would talk to babies that way and now I find myself using that voice with Little One. Argh.



LOL! About the tat...I remember my Filipina grandmother crying when I got it. She said that "only bad men get tattoos!" She actually said that only prisoners and criminals had tattoos! :) Then when she saw it, she said "Oh! It's pretty! But, why didn't you get a butterfly?" LOL!!!

I got it when I was 21. I wanted one when I was 18, but I realized tattoos were a permanent thing. It was a big decision. I decided that if I really still wanted one by the time I was 21, then I'd go ahead and get one then. I waited, still wanted one, and ended up getting one when I turned 21. It was symbolic for me and I designed it. It's not in-your-face and you can't really see it unless I'm wearing something that reveals it.

I remember everyone being so opposed to me getting a tattoo. One of my friends was telling me that it was a sin because "your body is your temple and you should not deface it". He happened to have his ear pierced, so I asked him if that was not the same.

After I got my tattoo, several of my friends ended up getting one too. Now, I sometimes forget it's even there because I don't see it every day!

P.S. LOVE the new ROB pic you've got!!! He's so hawwwt!

C said...

You know, I felt the same as you! I waited 4 1/2 months to put her in the sling. Actually, I had no choice! LOL! For the first 2 months and a bit she was in the hospital, and really (and I mean REALLY) way too small to be put in a sling. Last month I tried, but she was not as "sturdy" (does that make sense?). I was so scared that she wouldn't be able to breathe and that she wouldn't be able to keep her chin from slumping onto her chest and then not be able to breathe as a result of that. Now she has excellent control of her neck and head and is a bit bigger and much stronger. I still worry sometimes and constantly check her positioning to make sure she is breathing properly! Obsessed? A bit of a freak? Overly protective? I'm just being careful :)

Cherry said...

Officially loving the hair, and that top is scrumptious, but not as scrumptious as your little pea in that sling!

She really is a miracle.

Autumn's Mom said...

Ooh Thanks for the sweetness. They do grow so fast. I remember holding Autumn as a baby and just sitting quietly and breathing her, in trying to make a memory. :)

I love the pic of you both kind of over your shoulder. You are a hot mama C :)

C. K. said...

Those are such beautiful pictures, C!! You're a beautiful mommy. :)

Momisodes said...

She is getting so big! She looks so wide-eyed and curious in these photos. It looks like she is really growing up and staying awake more often these days.

What a lovely set of photos of you with the little one and friends. I can't wait to see the family portraits!

caninecologne said...

hi c - wow, i wish i had the cojones to get a tattoo. my sis has about 5 or 6 and my bro the same. i'm too chicken.

i love how big "Little One's" eyes are! and how she is so responsive and alert! Amazing!

I've used the "baby" (I mean, Mommy voice") voice many times, especially when TC was a baby.

as for breastfeeding, i'm glad it's working out for you. i lasted less than one week. it hurt so much and i coulnd't take it. my boobs were as big as footballs! and i'm not a big girl either! i did pump and freeze the milk, but breastfeeding just wasn't for me. don't let anyone dictate to you what they think is right or wrong when you feed your baby. you do what's comfortable for you.

and yes, rob is HAWTTT, fk yes! like i'll ever meet him, ha ha.

word ver:

C said...

Awww! Thanks, girlfriend! :) I've been thinking of you a lot in the past week. I'll send you off an e-mail soon-ish so we can catch up :)

C said...

"I remember holding Autumn as a baby and just sitting quietly and breathing her, in trying to make a memory."

Yes! That's exactly what it is like! Trying to breathe her in and make that moment last forever. Sounds weird, but so true! That's exactly how I feel :)

C said...

Thanks, girlfriend! :) Can't wait for you to meet Little One. When's the next time you'll be back in Canada? Planning any trips back home anytime soon?

Maybe the next time you're up, Little One won't be breastfeeding anymore. You know what that means! Mojitos by the water :) LOL! Oh, and Hubby and KenB manning the BBQ while Little One and Chance play.

C said...

I can't wait to show you the portraits! R and J are soooo talented!

Little One does have such BIG eyes! She's very alert and makes the funniest faces. She's just starting to really become aware of things around her. It's so funny to just sit there and watch her. Sounds so lame, but I can just watch her for HOURS! LOL!

C said...

I have to admit that after I got my tattoo, I wanted to get MORE! They are quite addictive!!! I think done tastefully, tattoos are like body art. Some can be very beautiful and they can tell a story too.

Karen MEG said...

C: I've tagged you for a motherhood meme that's travelling around the world... when you get a chance, would love to hear your "newer' perspective. Hugs.

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