Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Reacquainted With Toronto

After almost five years of being away from Toronto, I find my return rather interesting. The circumstances which brought me back to the city of my birth were unexpected. Who would have thought that my daughter would be born in Toronto too? Certainly not me, since we live six hours by car from Toronto!Photo of our little one taken minutes after her birth. It's amazing to see how different she looks now! She looks completely different!
Four days after she was born. Her bilirubin numbers went up a bit and she was put under the lights for her jaundice. Like her cute little shades? I love the little eye lashes the night nurse drew on them. They have wayyyyy too much fun in the NICU! :) I love my adorable, little, flying, sun tanning, code pink baby girl.

I guess being away for so long had me forget what it was like to commute in rush hour. The buses and subway cars are always crammed with people. Yesterday was the Santa Claus Parade, so University Street was closed. The parade passed right in front of Mt. Sinai Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital. We had the perfect view. I have photos, but forgot to upload them.

Being back in "the city" was sort of a shock to me. I felt like a fish out of water, which is funny because I'm a city girl. I forgot what it was like to have to transfer to a different subway line or have people bump into me and not think twice about it. In the "country" people are much friendlier. It's taking some getting used to being back in Toronto.

The Eaton Center is a short walk from the hospital and I could very well take a break from being in the NICU and go shopping or for a walk. The sad thing is that I don't have time! I'd LOVE to see my friends, go to the movies, go out to different restaurants, go shopping, and just do things I can't do on the Island. Toronto is full of things to do. Sadly, between pumping and spending time with the baby, I have very little time to even breathe! I'm just plain exhausted.

I did go to a Thai restaurant the other night (my first night discharged from the hospital) with Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood, RenRen and Sharmander. I'll post a restaurant review in a few days. I'll try not to make this all about the baby in case you're getting tired of reading about her :)

I really, really miss my husband and though I know he needs to be on the Island because of the farm and other jobs, I do wish he were here to help me through this tough time. The baby is doing really well. She's stable and getting stronger by the day. She's starting to gain some weight and she is digesting my milk now. She looks so different from the way she looked when she was born. I cannot believe tomorrow she will be one week old! It seems like I gave birth to her just yesterday! Crazy!

Counting the days until she can come home and we can be with Hubby on the Island. I know I need to take things day by day, but it's hard to not think about having to be here for the next twelve weeks. I never imagined having a preemie, but she really is a little miracle. I did well today. I only cried four times! :)


Cherry said...

"I did well today. I only cried four times! :)"
Aww, that makes me want to cry for you!

How crazy that there was a Santa Claus Parade already. Simply too early for that!

Will you be posting new pictures of the little one? (you know, when you stop and take a breath and then upload some?) You are stopping and breathing aren't you? Right now, let's do it together. Innnnnnnn..... Ouuuuuuuuuttttt. good.

As for the all baby all the time on the blog. How could anyone expect you to write about anything else. This blog is for you. You write what you want to write about. If you need a break for the baby update then you take a break, but we all care about you and your thoughts and if those thoughts are all about the baby (which I assume they are), then write away! You have no idea how I am personally interested in hearing about your experience. Share,Share away!

So have you gotten any foods you couldn't get while on the island or while you were pregnant? Sushi... have you had sushi? or can you not have sushi while breastfeeding? What about Poutine? I know you don't do the fried often, but its Cheese! and that's good right? ok, so its fries, cheese and gravy, but that's got to be all good.

I'm very glad that you have friends and family with you right now. Even though they aren't your hubby, they are good shoulders to cry on too.

C said...

Oh man! Can I tell you how I TOTALLY wish you were here right now?! :) You made me feel so much better from that comment you just left.

Okay, I lied. I think I cried more than just four times! LOL! I was having an anxiety attack on the phone with Hubby tonight. I tend to almost hyperventilate when I get to the point where my crying makes me gasp for air. It's pretty sad actually.

I think most of it is that I just had a baby, I'm very hormonal, I'm super exhausted, I'm worried about the baby, I miss my husband...

As for the food...I have been craving spicy food and sushi, which I've been told I still can't eat even though I'm not pregnant anymore! Someone told me I can't eat certain foods because I'm breast feeding (well, pumping and with the intention of breast feeding in a few weeks...or whenever she gets off her CPAP).

I'll definitely be posting some new photos soon.

Not to sound cheesy, but I luv ya Cherry! Thanks for being such a great pal :) XOXO

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you Chris! And your little one, too. Looking forward to seeing you and meeting your little miss sunshine. EA

Veronica said...

Who told you that you can't eat certain stuff?

C said...

I was about to call you! I miss your visits at the hospital! I'm suffering withdrawal! LOL! You came to see us almost every day before the baby was born. S got to see the baby when she was a day or two old. Give me a shout or text and you can see her. You know where I am :) I'm there for most of the day. If I'm not in the NICU, I'm in the breast pumping room. The nurses know where I am if you can't find me.

C said...

A friend told me that I can't eat sushi or large fish. Apparently we have to be careful of the mercury levels found in large fish. I guess I should do my own research though. I was going on what she had to say since she's had two kids and is a dietitian.

C said...

Thanks for the e-mail! LOL! That was too funny! A case of mistaken identity, eh? :)

Talk to you soon! I wonder if we'll be back home for Christmas? I somehow doubt it, but a girl can wish/hope, can't she? ;) XOXO

Dina said...

c- i really do want to come down and see you and the baby. Please let me know when i can- i don't want to impose :)
You are such a strong lady and are doing so well! I am so proud of you and want you to know that everything you're feeling is completely normal. If you weren't emotional i'd wonder what was wrong!

Rosie : ) said...

The eating what you want thing is true ~ to a certain degree. You mustn't eat fish that could possibly have mercury levels in them, she is right. But as for spicy foods, sweet foods, salty foods...It will go a bit in your milk, but it will make the baby accustomed to eating different foods too {giving her tastebuds a few options ;) }

The rule of thumb for breast milk is that anythign you ingest will peak about 1/2 hour after you eat it. so if you need to take medication, you would pump/breastfeed your baby, and take the medication right after you were done. This would assure you are putting the medication the longest time between feedings. Generally, you pump every 2-3 hours? If you want to eat spicy foods, you can do this. Eat right after you pumped, and the spiciness of the foods will be in your milk, but not quite as strong.

Another thing you can do is to pump and throw it out. I've had that happen too. My daughter really hated the pumped milk that tasted like garlic. :) We had to throw out a few batches of milk. It's not fun because you are working so hard to pump, but it is an option. :)

C, I really hope you have a good support network over there. I cannot imagine what you are going through, and you know I am only a phone call away. We miss you, and the kids are very excited about your baby. Miss CoAdjutress was just talking about how she was happy your little girl was doing well. :)

you need to catch up on your sleep a bit. If it is at all possible to doze during the afternoon, it might not be a bad idea to schedule it. Your body needs to mend, and get stronger in order to take care of your baby, too. Your milk productin will be better if you are less stressed and tired... Many things are better with sleep. {Yeah, I know, I'm one to talk, I've been sleep-deprived for the past 12 years. :P } Take care of Mom, and baby will be better for it, right? :)

Luv ya, and know we are thinking of you. xoxo

Karen MEG said...

Oh, C, post about baby girl 24/7, all posts, all the time if you'd like. I never tire of hearing about her... she is your world now, you need to shout it out!

You ARE right in the heart of it all, but I can tell how exhausted you must be. That pumping, oh boy, that's more than a full time job alone. So glad to hear that she's digesting your milk now.

I can't wait to come down and see you soon.

Jeanna said...

It's cool you were both born in Toronto. Please try to take it easy.
Thai food!

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm a hyperventilator too. I feel for you. You've already got one week down almost! How is that??? I think you'll get into a groove and settle a bit. Stop and breathe every once in awhile and remember, through all of this, you have your beautiful daughter and so many people that love you. You know we are standing in a circle of love around you :) xoxo

BeachMama said...

Oh how sweet she is. I for one don't mind hearing all about Babies, especially one so special. I am sure the commuting back and forth from the hosptial is tough, you will get a routine going though and by the time you are used to it, it will be time to go home :).

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

You are now a city girl who moves to the country, falls in love, marries a farmer... your love becomes visible in your little miracle and you will be a city girl for awhile and then move to the happily-ever-after of the country!

I am so happy to hear all the things you're doing and seeing... and the photos are just precious. Your positive energy is doing so very much for your baby, Hubby, yourself and your very life!

Sending tons of love!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Oh, I had a big smile on my face until the part about you crying. I want to give you a big hug!

I'm totally not tired of reading about your little gem. Keep it comin'!

Hey, maybe you could take an evening and go see the Twilight movie now, if you're so inclined. Once baby comes home, there won't be any movies for a long while!

Actually, if you're going to be there for 12 weeks, if I were you, I would try to schedule a bit of 'me time' every week. Something to look forward to. Like maybe every Friday afternoon, or Saturday, or one evening after you leave, whatever. Do something with friends, or even alone, to get out of the dumps, you know? It's so important for you to stay strong and healthy, and part of that is taking care of your own well being.

So get your fill, hug up that baby whenever you get the chance, but get out and have a treat once in awhile too. k?

Erin said...

I hope you can find some you time soon! Even with all that's going on, it's so important to disconnect the pump for a bit and just breathe. Though I've just begin reading your blog, I think your love and dedication to that beautiful little girl is amazing.

Veronica said...

You can't east sushi while pregnant because of the rist of Listeria, a form of (very mild) food poisoning that can cross the placenta and make the baby sick.

In people who aren't pregnant and who don't have any immune issues, Listeria doesn't cause any symptoms and doesn't make you sick. It can also be found in soft cheese, store bought salads and deli meats, along with raw fish.

So sushi would be fine to eat. Listeria doesn't cross through into your milk.

Veronica said...

I'll get off my high horse now, sorry.

It's just that people telling you to not eat certain things while breastfeeding really annoys me, because it makes everything SO much more complicated than it needs to be. Most babies tolerate everything in the mum's diet really well and apparently, breastfed babies end up a little less fussy later on because they have already been exposed to tastes through your milk.

That said, if your doctor or the nurses tell you to maybe avoid something in particular, I wouldn't say that was silly at all. It took a long time for me to be able to drink coffee again!

C said...

Thanks, everyone :)
You are all right. I know I need to take care of me too and that the baby will be better off if Mom is rested and healthy. I just find it so hard to not be with her all the time. I guess I kind of feel guilty if I leave the hospital early or get there a bit later.

I'm sort of finding myself falling into a schedule and it seems to be working...but I know I'm not getting enough rest and I do need some "me time". I'm hoping that maybe on weekends I can do stuff with friends and then spend time with the baby or something like that. We'll see.

Thanks again for all your support :) Love you guys! XO

I WILL eventually get over to your blogs and comment as often as I did before all of this happened.

Momisodes said...

Aww, only 4 times? *hugs*

She looks amazing! She really is so sweet. And I love the lashes. She looks great tanning under those bili lights.

I'm sure all of the pumping and commuting is exhausting. I hope you're resting up and refueling when possible. I'm counting down the days right here with you.

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