Sunday, November 23, 2008

Odds 'n Ends

1) The Little One is now 1080g! She's 100g past her birth weight. She's drinking 11cc milk every 2 hrs. Full feed is 14 cc, so by tomorrow if she's tolerating full feed she will get her IV line taken out of her! Yay!

2) Hubby is trying to get down to Toronto this weekend to see us. I miss him soooo much.

3) This week seems to have gotten better for me. I think I'm starting to get used to my new "routine". I wake up at 5AM, pump, have breakfast, leave at 6:45 to take the bus and subway to the hospital, pump, change the little one's diaper, take her temperature, spend time with her, sing to her, pump, talk to some of the other moms in the NICU, take a little break, pump, have lunch, change the little one's diaper, take her temperature, talk to the doctors about the little one, pump, spend time with the little one, do one last diaper change and temperature check and commute again.

4) I think I'm still in a bit of shock that I just had a baby almost two weeks ago. Everything happened so fast, it was almost as if I didn't have time to process what just happened. I was pregnant, I had a baby sooner than we expected her to arrive and all of a sudden I'm commuting back and forth from my aunt and uncle's house to the hospital every day to be with my baby.

5) I can't believe I actually NaBlo'd every day so far. It seems pretty crazy of me to post every day for the month of November despite all the craziness that has just happened in the past few weeks!

6) I PROMISE to get over to everyone's blogs and do some serious catching up soon. I also promise to try to send out Thank You cards for all the presents everyone has sent the baby and reply to e-mails and Facebook messages soon. Thank you for continuing to visit and leave wonderful comments...even though I've been such a delinquent blog buddy, friend, sister, aunt, daughter, etc. I'm hoping that soon I will regain semblance of normalcy in my life again.

7) I cannot believe the little one will be 2 weeks old and 30 weeks "corrected age" on Tuesday! Wow. Hopefully she will be big and strong enough to go home before she reaches "term". Then again, "term" is only 10 more weeks from now. I guess I'll survive. Whatever is best for the baby, right?


Anonymous said...

I am so glad little one is doing was great to see you and her on Friday, she is beautiful and you are doing so well!!

Don't spend a moment thinking about visiting our blogs...we are all just glad to keep hearing from you....but don't worry about that either. Just take care of yourself and the LO!

Cherry said...

I look forward to your daily posts and don't rely on my feedreader telling me you have posted. I just check periodically through the day.

I have been shocked amazed and have felt really lucky that you have continued up with NaBloPoMo this year even with all of the exciting and scary events of this month. You have allowed us to be apart of your experience. I so wish I could have been there to help pass the days of your bed rest. I think you'll be very glad that you have all of your entries and writings. Very few people would have the energy to write their thoughts down, but it really is important to be able to process what is happening in your life plus you'll be able to look back and really reflect.

Yay for a visit from Hubby! C, you really are so strong for getting through this without him, and he is strong for doing what he has to do to support the family. You two are great and wonderful parents!

BTW - I have stuff to send you but was waiting for you and Little one to go home. Let me know (in your own sweet time) if you'd rather me send you stuff to Toronto.


mrinz said...

Your husband will notice a big difference in Little One when he visits this weekend. Even I can see how she has grown and is getting chubbier.
Don't worry about my blog - I am suffering from writers block these days. Too excited about my upcoming trip offshore next week - I am going to the Chatham Islands for a week. They are a NZ territory west of NZ.

Veronica said...

Fingers crossed that your hubby makes it down! You are doing so well coping without him there to hug you.

louann said...

Its so great to hear such great news. Before you know it, you'll be bringing her home already!! =)

Dina said...

i look forward to your updates on the baby and of course on how you're doing as well. I can't believe you have been blogging but can imagine it is good therapy to write it all down. I kept a journal for years (way before the internet though) and found it so helpful to express what i was feeling at tht moment.

I plan to see you and and LO really soon. I know i keep saying this but i promise that i'll make the trip downtown ASAP!

BTW- i can't believe you actually have caught up on a bunch of blogs and even left comments!! you rock!

J at said...

I would be shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, if they made you wait until she was full term. I'm guessing you have to wait until she gains a few more pounds, and is about 7 1/2 - 8 months corrected age, then she'll be footloose and fancy free. :)

humpsNbump said...

So glad to hear that everything is doing well with the little bundle of joy, and her two parents.

Autumn's Mom said...

It's amazing that two weeks have gone by already. I hope hubby gets back for a visit. I'm sure he's missin you girls like crazy. Keep sane missy :)

Jane - Mom Generations said...

I LOVE reading about Little One... it makes my entire day! I am happy that a schedule has helped your days. You will find it so much easier when you are home. I like the term "corrected age"... Little One may be using that when she's in her 20's and 30's and 40's just for fun! You really, truly are a natural Mommy... a loving, caring, funny, devoted, perfect Mommy. Little One is a very fortunate little girl!

caninecologne said...

it's great to hear how well your daughter is doing. her pictures in your previous post are beautiful. i'm also amazed that you have time to blog, given your busy schedule! take good care of your self and of course, the baby!!!

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