Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What a difference a week makes!

Gah! My baby girl is two weeks old! TWO WEEKS?!?! Where on earth did the time go? I can't believe I was put on complete bed rest on October 16th and I was hospitalized on October 28th. It feels like I've just blinked my eyes and all of a sudden she's here and she's two weeks old (errrm...30 weeks "corrected age")!

What a difference a week makes. Today during "cuddle time", I got to hold her for an hour WITHOUT her CPAP on! YES! I was shocked that the nurse tried her on "low flow" today! I didn't think she would be ready yet, but she did pretty well. I only held her for an hour because I didn't want to exhaust her. She looks so cute without her CPAP mask on!The Little One is now past her full feed. She's at 16 cc of milk every 2 hrs. She's got no more IV lines in her. The only things she has are her NG tube, CPAP and some sensors to monitor her heart rate, oxygen level/saturation, and respiration.Hubby's aunt came to meet the Little One today. We then went out for lunch and spent some time together before she headed back. It was so nice to see her. I'm so glad she got to meet our girlie! She also made the most adorable baby quilt for her.

I left the hospital early tonight. I was going to stay for a parent group class, but decided I needed sleep more. See? I'm following the advice all of you have been giving me :) I'm trying to get some rest. Honestly, I remember leaving the hospital and before I knew it, I was getting off the bus and walking to the place where I'm staying. I don't remember the subway ride, the bus ride, and everything in between. How crazy is that? Have you ever been so tired that you completely blanked out and when you woke up you were where you were supposed to be in the end? Gah! I think I need more sleep!

Toronto subway stations at rush hour and all the people rushing about, stern-faced and unsmiling make me think of a famous quote by H.D. Thoreau. "THE MASS OF MEN LEAD LIVES OF QUIET DESPERATION." Thoreau comments that most men are slaves to their work and enslaved to those for whom they work. I felt so out of place. Hard to believe I used to be like that when I worked in Toronto. Always in a rush to go somewhere...and when I gazed at my reflection in the subway window, it made me sad to see my unsmiling face. I looked so tired all the time.


Veronica said...

Wow, a week has made a huge difference!

And she is definitely very advanced to be allowed off her CPAP already! You should be very proud.

Ted said...

What a sweet little girl you have, and I'm glad you went home a little early, and went to lunch. :) You'll have more to give of yourself to her, if you take good care.

She looks so delicious, I kind of want to eat her. Is that wrong? ;)

Momisodes said...

Oh C. I'm glad you're no longer part of that rush hour crowd.

Your baby girl looks awesome! That is wonderful she's on full feeds, every 2 hours. She is certainly a cutie pie.

I just adore the shot of you holding her. Such a precious time.

Wishing her continued positive progress and rest for you as well.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

ACK! C, that was me, J, on my husband's account. Don't worry, he won't eat your baby.

C said...

I know! Amazing! I am in awe at how much she has changed! She seems to change every day!

I was a bit nervous when the nurse said she wanted to put her on low flow for an hour. I was like, "Ummmmm...I don't know if you should take her off her CPAP just yet!!!" Gah! But she did well. Maybe they'll try her on low flow a bit more now.

C said...

I was actually going to e-mail you with some NICU questions :) I'll catch up with you soon. Oh, yes...the bonding time is the best. I love how she wraps her tiny little hand around my finger. She is so precious. Okay, I'd better stop before I start crying! LOL!

C said...

LOL! I was a little surprised when I read that Ted wanted to eat my baby! ;p Too funny!

Crazy how she is growing so fast! I keep thinking that all these changes that are happening every day are things that she would have been doing INSIDE me for the next few weeks...and we get to see it happen LIVE. Isn't that crazy? I'm so amazed.

caninecologne said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! The pictures are wonderful and it's nice to see her face without the mask and tubes. She has really grown somuch over the past 2 weeks.

I hope that you are doing all right! You must be exhausted.

Take care C! By the way, the movie was great! Can't wait for "New Moon"!

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Cherry said...

Oh C, that cuddle time picture looks like a very happy smiling face! No worries about the subway... no one looks happy on the subway! Oh the joys of the commute.

That's so great that your little one is already getting so strong. She will be home before you know it. Like J said yesterday, I bet she'll be home before her EDD.

Uncivil said...

She looks so good C and you are right....a week has made so much difference!I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures and progression of your little love bird.
Gosh, it won't be long and she'll be down on the farm chasin' Chance and the kitties around the house!

Kim said...

Hey Christeine, I have just spent the past 2 hours reading your blog. WOW! You guys have been through so much these past 2 weeks and it looks like you are doing great, regardless of anything else. I seriously think you should publish your blog into a book after because there are a lot of women out there who can use your hope and inspiration to help and inspire themsleves. I am now a follower of your blog!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Little One is as beautiful as her Mommy! And yes, I have been that tired... please be careful. You have a perfect little darling counting on you!

How very sad that people just cannot seem to grasp the living-in-the-moment piece of life. The moments are the miracles... not only the whole thing strung together. The next time you see the girl in the subway reflection... smile at her. She will smile back, I guarantee it! And all of your "tired" will turn into joy at that very moment.

C said...

Thank you :) Hopefully you guys can come visit us this summer :) BTW, I am sooooooo looking forward to seeing the movie! I think we'll see it when Fancy goes on her maternity leave.

Word verification: thyslorp

C said...

By the sounds of it, hopefully she'll be hope before her EDD! February 3 seems soooo far away! She's doing great. She's now on 16 cc of milk, and is getting some iron and Trivisol supplements to help boost the growth process. The iron is for the iron stores she would have had to get in the third trimester, but instead she was already out of me and never got her iron stores to use up.

The doctors told me she is doing great. I feel really reassured today :) Then again, that's TODAY. Tomorrow she can have a good day or a bad day.

C said...

Thank you for coming back to the blog and leaving me comments even though I've been a horrible blog friend these past two weeks. I've been kinda...preoccupied ;) Once the dust settles, I'll be able to pop on over and leave you guys comments again :)

BTW, Chance is doing great (I miss my pup!) but the sad news is that Trouble died while I was in the hospital :( I'm too upset to talk about it right now but will probably post about it. I miss my kitty :( Trouble was such a sweet cat.

C said...

Really? :) 2 hrs?? Thank you so much for reading my little 'ol blog :) I promise to check yours out asap.

Funny about the book thing. A few other people have mentioned that to me too before. If ever I do something like that, I think it would be just to have a little something for the baby to look back on when she's older :)

C said...

Thank you so much. Have I told ever told you that I'm so thankful that you've been my ray of sunshine throughout this whole TTC, pregnancy, birth, after birth thing? Thank you XOXO

C said...

Okay, I'm a dummy! I didn't realize it was YOU! I just checked out your profile (didn't know you had Blogger) and cannot believe Brandon is 7 years old already! OMG...I remember going to his 1st birthday party! That was AGES ago!!! Time flies! Hugs to you and the gang and hopefully see you sometime soon.

caninecologne said...

hi c - i'm so sorry to hear about your cat.

louann said...

C, Robyn is looking great! So are you =)

Karen MEG said...

Oh such a sweet, sweet face!!!

TTC is just gross, I know it. It's not fun feeling like a sardine, no wonder so many people look sour LOL! (I did the commute through school, ugh)

LOL about J's comment, I thought it was neat that her hubby was commenting on the baby too :)

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