Saturday, November 01, 2008

Totally Unexpected

This baby definitely likes to keep us on our toes (errr...actually, he/she is keeping me off my feet). Needless to say, this is totally not the way I had envisioned my first pregnancy being. The past few days especially have been somewhat of a blur to me.

The doctors at the hospital in "the closest big city" to our island informed me that my cervix was dangerously thin and it was imperative that I immediately be air lifted from their hospital to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. They were worried I might go into labour and at 26 weeks, they wanted to make sure I was at a NICU that was prepared for babies that young. I needed to be in the best place possible with the medical team and technology that I'd need to care for a baby that young. For them, that perfect place was Mount Sinai.

Junior went for his/her very first plane ride. I'd never had to be on a stretcher or ride in I think I was more worked up than anything and ended up falling asleep from all the exhaustion and craziness that when I opened my eyes and looked out the window, the first thing I saw was the CN Tower. An ambulance met the plane at the HQ and brought me to the hospital.

Hubby wasn't with me and he had to drive the 6 hours from the Island. That first night was the hardest. I was in tears, mostly from worrying about the possibility of giving birth so early. The nurses were great in getting me to calm down and not hyperventilate. I know my being so worked up and stressed wasn't good for the baby, but it's hard to control all those emotions and all the anxiety.

I've been on strict hospital bed rest for 3 days and I have to keep telling myself that this is a good thing that I'm here. It's for the baby. The baby is in the greatest place right now with a medical team that specializes in delivering premature babies.

I have also been lucky that my SIL (Hubby's youngest sister) came up the first morning I was there. She totally made my day. That first night was so scary and lonely. When one is left alone with one's thoughts, it isn't always a good thing! I kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong...all the health problems Junior could have, etc.

Not only did Hubby's sister stay with me for the day, but Gavie's Gal rushed to the hospital with her little one in tow! I spoke with her in the morning to tell her I was in Toronto and she came and visited me. That was a really wonderful distraction. I really love Gavie's Gal and am lucky to have her as a friend. I can't believe we've been friends since 2000. So much has happened since then and now she's got two beautiful babies and I've got Junior on the way!

The good thing about being back in Toronto is that some my friends and family are here. There's something different and special about the friends you've had for years and years and the new friends that you've made. I think there's that history and years of shared experiences. I love my new friends, but there's just something about the friends you've had for years. Does that sound weird?

Yesterday, Hubby's youngest sis was able to sit in on the ultrasound with me and hear the baby's heartbeat. I was shocked to see that Junior had gained 3 oz in a matter of two days! At our ultrasound on Tuesday, Junior was 1 lb. 9 oz. Yesterday, he/she was 1 lb. 12 oz. Crazy! I guess that's a good thing since if he/she will be arriving soon, he/she needs to pack on some weight! The baby looks great, but it was discovered that my cervix is now open. Open cervix=not good. Open cervix=baby can come very, very soon!

The doctor from pediatrics came to talk to me about what to expect from here on. Junior will definitely be a preemie. There's no way with my cervix being the way it is right now that I will carry to term. I may have 2 to 4 weeks if I'm lucky. So far, my mucus plug is still intact and my water hasn't broken. I haven't had contractions. This is a good thing. I'm just sitting here waiting.
Today took me by surprise. Hubby finally arrived! All of a sudden everything seemed better. Weird how him just being here was reassuring enough. The doctors spoke to us a bit more about preemies and what to expect. It really is scary to think of what health issues preemies can have.

Hubby's youngest sis stayed for a bit and then my uncle popped by to drop off some things my aunt had bought for me. My long time friend, AvoidEverything and his wife came to visit me too. It was so great to see them. AvoidEverything and I have been friends since we were in college. We met when we were 17 and he and I have seen each other through the best and worst of times! We were militant enviro freaks, artsy vegetarian Liberal Arts students...and just plain wacky. I'm so glad we've been friends for so long! I sometimes laugh when I think of all the crazy things we used to do when we were in college. He was always like a big brother to me. Oh, and I absolutely adore his wife. SillyLizard is quite the breath of fresh air. I love that girl!

Another thing that made my day was that Fancy Pantsy Momma visited me too. I love talking to her. If you read her blog, you'll know why! She's always so well-informed on topics of all kinds and she gives great advice. I just love her. It was reeeeeeeeeeally great to see her. The last time I saw her was at my bridal shower! BTW, Fancy looks absolutely stunning. I'm so glad I got to see her and her 7 month baby belly! She's due in December! So exciting!

My cousin and his girlfriend also dropped by for a visit. It felt really good to see my family again! The great thing about being in Toronto is that I've got a great support network here with all my friends and family. The only part that isn't great is the circumstances we're under. Ideally, I'd like to be in Toronto to spend time with my family and friends, catch a few films, go shopping, eat at all my favourite restaurants (oh, how I miss Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Middle Eastern, Korean and Caribbean food)!!! Oh, well! Junior has other plans for us :) I'll just sit back, lay low and pretend I'm at a spa for the next few weeks. Well, Mount Sinai is sort of like the Ritz Carlton of hospitals ;)

The final surprise of the day was seeing two of my mom's sisters enter my hospital room around supper time! I was so shocked to see that they had flown in from Montreal to see me! That really brightened up my day. I cried because it really showed me how lucky I am to have such wonderful family and friends. I'm fortunate to have people in my life who would worry about us so much and come out to spend time with us. One of my aunts said that she was sick with worry about the baby and me, and with my Mom being in the Philippines, she felt badly that I didn't have my Mom with me. She was pacing around her house for the past few days and when my other aunt said, "I'm going to Toronto to see Chrissy. Want to come?", my aunt immediately packed her bags and they were here the next day.

I still get the occasional bouts of weepiness. Mostly because I am a bit worried about Junior being born so soon. I also hate to think of having to leave the baby in hospital after I give birth. I'll be released, but Junior will have to be kept here for a while. That just tears me up. Another thing that concerns me is having to deliver the baby without Hubby being here. It's a 6 hr drive from the Island to Toronto and if I go into labour, will he have enough time to get here and be in the delivery room to witness the birth of his first child and be my support/labour coach? I know I'm in the best care here, but I still worry about a lot of things regarding delivering a very premature baby. Preemies are just so small and so frail.

Anyway, we'll worry about those things when we get there.


Veronica said...

You have no idea how hard I am crossing my fingers for another 4 weeks for you. Another 4 weeks would be just fantastic.

And I have a story about prem babies. My BFF had her son at 27 weeks. Yes, he did spend a bit of time in the hospital after he was born (10 weeks) but he is 3.5 now and you would never guess he was prem. He walked before his 1st birthday (non-adjusted age) and he was talking at 15 months. Now I know not everything goes like that, but I thought you might like to hear a success story, especially as you are so close to 27 weeks.

All my thoughts are with you. Hospital sucks, but it's the safest place to be.

Cherry said...

Hurray for wireless and laptops! I was so glad for you to have wireless at home and it's a special bonus to have it in the hospital too!

Being there really is the best place for you to be right now. Keep those legs shut. Grow baby grow!

Thinking of you always.

Jeanna said...

So glad to hear from you, C. I'll be checking in with you often, so blog away. I don't think I've read like you do since high school.
Hang in their, hon.'

C said...

Thanks for sharing that story with me :) That is really encouraging and reassuring. The nurse just told me that a woman on this floor just had a baby at 23 weeks and the baby is doing really well. That totally amazed me.

As much as I hate being in hospital, I know that this is where Junior and I need to be. The docs here know what they're doing and this is what they are specialized in.

We'll try to hang in here for a few more weeks :) Thanks so much for your support! XO

C said...

Thanks so much!! :) Your messages and comments really brighten up my day.

How crazy is it that one of the first things that upset me about being in hospital was that I still have that box of things at home that I wanted to send you and J!??! GRRR! I've got stuff for Canine, Ms.Mamma and Jeanna too! I wonder if Hubby can address the boxes and send them off?

C said...

Thanks for checking in on me :) I freaked when I didn't think I'd get internet access while in hospital. Can you imagine being here for WEEKS with no internet?

As for the reading... The funny thing is that I hadn't been able to pick up a book in ages because I never had time. I used to read A LOT, but then things got busy and I read a novel or two a year and the only other books I was able to read were all work related (grammar books, linguistics, phonetics, etc). Now that I'm on bed rest, I've just been reading like crazy!! I've read the first three books of the Twilight Saga. One more to go!

Rosie : ) said...

I wish I coudl have visited you too, but at least I know you had some good friends and family who were by your side. :)

Junior seems to be so willing to meet Mom and Dad, but hopefully the hospital bedrest will help him hang on for a bit longer.

Our thoughts are with you. :)

C said...

Thanks so much, amiga! :) I'll be really happy if Junior hangs in there until week 32 at least. That's only 6 weeks from now. We can do that, right? :) I at least want to get past the 20's. The longer the better/safer/healthier!

Junior, stay put! LOL!

BeachMama said...

Chrissy, you are doing so well! You have been in my prayers and I pray that Jr defies the Doctors and stays in longer then they think. So glad you have family in Toronto and you will be able to be close to Junior after the arrival.

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