Thursday, November 27, 2008

One more sleep

...until Hubby comes to Toronto to spend the weekend with us!!! I am so excited! These past few weeks have been the longest I've ever been away from Hubby. I really hate being away from him for so long :(

The last time Hubby saw the Little One was when she was born two weeks ago. I've been sending him photos and he's been reading the blog (and not commenting!), so he can see her growth that way. He will be really surprised when he sees her in person though! She just keeps changing every day!

It's hard to believe she went from this:
to this in just two weeks!
Here's Mrs. Hollywood visiting the babe.

Incidentally, Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood, RenRen and Sharmander took me out on my first night out of the hospital. I was so bummed when I was discharged from the hospital and I was in tears because I had to leave my newborn baby, but these guys (some of my favourite people in the world!) took me out for Thai food. I look horrible here. They just busted me out of the hospital and I was really upset that I had to leave my baby there.
We went to Salad King. I ordered the pataya chicken. It was delicious. Loaded with lots of fresh veggies, and just the right amount of lime. The restaurant was BUSY! Usually when a restaurant is packed and the waiting list is long, it signals that the food is good, right? Well, the food was really good. The presentation was a bit messy though. There were grains of rice stuck to the outside of my rice bowl. I didn't care that it was a sloppy presentation though. The food was really good!
My cousin (whom I'm staying with while I'm in Toronto for the duration of the Little One's NICU stay), my two brothers (Middle Bro and Baby Bro), my SIL (Lele) and my 19 month old nephew came to meet the Little One last weekend.

It was a joyful reunion. I'm so happy my brothers drove from K-town to Toronto to visit us. It was really special.
My beautiful SIL is expecting twin girls! Her EDD was two weeks after our Little One's EDD. She was due Feb. 21 and I was due Feb. 3. However, because she is having twins, she will most likely have them earlier than anticipated...not as early as the Little One though! That was crazy early!
After spending the day at the hospital with the baby, I went out for a meal with my brothers, my SIL, my nephew and three of my cousins. We were going to go for Chinese food, but the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed. We ended up at...another Thai place. The Garden Restaurant was not very packed. Okay, it was empty. The server was friendly and the portion sizes were really big. I think it would have been a good idea to each order something and share our dishes.

I ordered the pad thai, because I'm boring like that. I was craving it, and I must say that it feels really good to finally be able to eat real food again! There's just so much hospital food a girl can stomach :)

Oh, you are probably curious to hear about the Little One's progress. Today she weighs 1100 g! She seems to be gaining about 10 g a day. She was 34 cm long at birth and now is 39 cm. She grew 5 cm in two weeks! The doctors wanted to try her off her CPAP for TWO hours today. I got to hold her for two hours while she was on low flow and she did great! She seems to tolerate it well. At one point when the doctor came around to examine her, the Little One knocked the prongs for her low flow out of her nose and I freaked. I thought she wouldn't be able to breathe! The doctor laughed and said she was fine. I looked at the monitor and the Little One was "satting high" even without the low flow! That means her oxygen saturation level was 99-100% even without having the air from the low flow.

She is doing really well. She loves sleeping on Mommy's chest and listening to French songs. She sucks on one of her hands and with the other she wraps her tiny little fingers around mine. She alternates between sleeping and trying to look up to see me. Of course, I don't think she can really see cleary yet but she seems to like to try to look up at me.

It's interesting to see her changing and growing every day. She looks so different each morning. Today she looks much chunkier! Imagine...all of these changes I get to witness each day are things that she'd be doing inside my womb if she were still in there!!! Crazy and amazing!


Veronica said...


Wait, I'm meant to be commenting aren't I? Sorry It's been a really long time since I ate at a restaurant.

10g a day is so good! She's growing up so fast.

Kim said...

I can't even imagine having to leave my newborn baby at the hospital when I've been discharged! It must be very very hard on you. But you are doing the right thing. It's good to be there for your daughter but it was nice that you went out with close friends too, just to give a little break from hospitals and hospital food. It gives you more strength too, especially when you have people like you do who support you and are there for you. She's doing very well, I can see why you're so proud of your little trooper!

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm so happy she's doing so well :) I hope your reunion with hubby is a special one this weekend. xoxo to you all.

Cherry said...

Oh Dude! I'm so going to have Pad Thai today now after that post! I wish I could make it, but all of the ingredients that go into it are just too much fuss and it's much easier to go to our favorite place who makes it so well. Oh, or maybe sushi. I can't get enough sushi.

Hurray for Hubby's visit. I am so heart broken for you both that he can't be with you through this time, but someone's gotta tend to things back home. It must be hard for him to know you and the little one are so far away. He's going to be so shocked at how much she has changed AND he gets to hold her! These visits will be very important so he can do a little bonding as well.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I love following along with these updates, I'm sure your hubby enjoys it too!~

Ted said...

I'm glad you got to have yummy Thai food TWICE. Excellent.

And YAY that she was able to be off of oxygen and still breathe! That's amazing! She's such a trooper!

J at said...

Silly blogger thinks I'm Ted again. You can always tell when I'm using his computer, huh?

Have a wonderful time with Hubby this weekend! Go out for a nice dinner, just you too, and grab a photo of him holding your baby!

J at said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
humpsNbump said...

I love, love, love the Thai food at Salad King. Definitely more about the taste than the presentation. But I dive into that food so fast that it doesn't even matter.

Great to hear that the little one is doing so well. Her weight gain and strength of her lungs sounds so good!

Have a great time with the DH this weekend!

~ humps

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