Friday, November 14, 2008

C was discharged from hospital today. Baby is getting stronger every day. C is finding it hard to be away from baby. C will catch up on her bloging soon.

from C's husband.


A Watkins Man! said...

And I trust that C's husband is holding up well also. I remember that when my first was born I was nothing but nerves for the first few days. To make it worse I still had the travelling job at that time and had to head out on the road again far too soon. Cheers to you my friend, and if you want a little advice... get some sleep now while you still can and by the way... CONGRATULATIONS!

mrinz said...

Thank you for keeping us up with the news during what must be a very stressful time for you both.

Love to all three of you.


Veronica said...

Thankyou for letting us know.

Although I can imagine that it is just as hard for you to be away from your baby too!

karenmeg1 said...

Thanks for the update John... it must be so difficult for you to leave the little one, for both of you.
She is a little sweetheart, congrats again to you.

C said...

A Watkins Man:
Hi! I have to thank Hubby for posting for me. I was just not up to it.

Hubby's been crazy busy too. I'm sure this isn't easy for him being so far from his wife and new baby. I don't think it's even really registered for him yet that he's got a little daughter. Everything happened so fast!

We certainly miss him. The little one will get to be with her dad in two weeks hopefully. It's so hard to be so far apart.

Hopefully when things settle down and we're back on the Island, you guys can get to meet the little one :) Does Watkins have any good baby products? ;)

C said...

I'm still thinking of the phone call I received from you the week before I was air lifted by air ambulance to Toronto. It was such a great surprise and very needed :) Who would have thought that two weeks later there would be a tiny baby here?

C said...

Veronica & Karen:
Thanks for thinking of us. I know it must be hard for hubby too. I talk to him every day (sometimes multiple times a day) and I usually end up breaking down in tears. I know he's here with us in spirit and he would love nothing more than to be with us, but someone's got to work right now so that the baby will be taken care of when she arrives at home. It's just hard to imagine not having him with me for such a long time. I've never been away from hubby for an extremely lengthy period of time.

Karen, now that I'll be in TO for a while, we should make some plans to get together again :) I think I could use the distraction. Hubby thinks it would be good to not spend ALL my hours at the hospital.

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