Monday, November 03, 2008

Sometimes She Cries

How funny is it that the first song that popped into my head when all my visitors left my hospital room last night was this one?

I was in luuuuuuuuuuv with Jani Lane and the rest of Warrant when I was a teenager, remember?! Don't laugh! I honestly thought Jani was the hottest guy on the planet! What was I thinking?! Too funny :)

Many people have been asking me how I'm doing, how the baby is doing, how bed rest is going, how everyone at the hospital is treating me, and how I've been able to have the energy or desire to blog at a time like this. To be honest, blogging has actually been a good distraction. I still haven't had much time to be online much other than to write a quick post or send an e-mail or two. Hopefully once I've established a routine or schedule, I'll be able to do more online. I still haven't had a chance to visit any of my favourite blogs yet. I'll be doing a lot of catching up this week though since most of my visitors will be at work during the weekdays.

I've had visitors pretty much all weekend. The nurses are pretty lenient with visitors coming and going all throughout the day. I think it's because the floor I'm on is a high risk floor where all of the patients are expectant moms who are going to deliver preemies (many of the moms are 23 to 32 weeks pregnant), are having complications with their pregnancies, are delivering multiples, etc. I think they realize how important it is for us to have our support network right now. The nurses and staff are all really great. My night nurse couldn't find a spare cot or comfortable chair for Hubby to sleep in (they were all in use) so she told him to crawl into bed with me.

There are a few things I am struggling with right now:

1) When all my visitors go home and I'm left alone to my own devices, I tend to over think things. I tend to dwell on all the possible health issues Junior may or may not end up having since he or she will definitely be a preemie. I worry about potential blindness, intestinal problems, neurological issues, developmental problems, respiratory problems...

2) I also worry about going into labour with Hubby being 6 hrs away by car. Will he be able to make it in time for the birth if I go into labour soon? Will he miss the birth of his first child? Who will I have as my support/labour coach? Mrs. Hollywood and Mr. Hollywood were here yesterday and it as decided that if Hubby couldn't make it in time, Mrs. Hollywood would be there. She can get to Mount Sinai Hospital in 20 mins from where she works.

3) I really, REALLY miss my husband. He was here on the weekend and will try to get to Toronto as much as he can. It's quite the commute from the Island though. I don't imagine he'll be able to make it every weekend.

Canine Cologne gave me a great idea. I think I'll start posting about the hospital food while I'm here. The food is actually decent here. It's far better than the food at the hospital they air lifted me from. At least with all the craziness happening with Junior and this pregnancy, I don't think I'll be short on what to blog about for NaBloPoMo! Don't worry, I won't post only about my time in the hospital and what's going on with Junior every day for the month of November! I'll try to give you some variety :)

If you're doing the NaBloPoMo challenge too, let me know and I'll check you out!

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P.S. Does anyone know how on earth we can add friends on NaBloPoMo? I'm stumped! Rosie, Starshine, Veronica and Trish, I tried to add you but can't figure out how to.


Rosie : ) said...

I'm trying to do the posting every day this month too. sundays tend to be hard though, because it is our family day. We'll see how I do soon enough. ;)

Is there any way hubby can book a "general" ticket for a plane? Does the island have a direct flight to Toronto? If you end up going into labour, he could hopefully hop on a plane and get there in time. For him to drive down could be dangerous, he could be a wreck!

Tell Junior that he has to wait a bit, and maybe even to wait until hubby is there on the weekend. ;)

I do have to admit that when hubby was out of town, and we were close to our due date, the babies seemed to wait until he was back home. I hope Junior/Juniorette has that same instinct. And if hubby would happen to miss the birth, at least you have a great back-up plan. :)

Karen MEG said...

Oh C, it's been a busy weekend here and I just got to your blog...I guess a WAAAAAY busier and unfortunately busier weekend for you... I can't believe what's gone on for you in the last couple of days!!!!

It is great that you're in the specialized hospital now, in very capable hands with people who are experts and used to these types of situations.

Junior, please, please, please stay in mommy's tummy for as long as you can!!! And I so hope it works out that John will be there when Junior is born. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Thank goodness for NaBloPoMo...and I'll e:mail you. I'll try to come for a visit with the girlie if you're up to it...

C said...

Thank you for the phone call! You totally surprised me! I know you've been crazy busy over there. BTW, checked out your recent photo sessions! Niiiiiice!!!

The Island has an airport, but it's mainly for personal planes. Hubby and I don't have a plane of our own. The closest airport is the one in "the next big city" close to the Island.

I'm hoping Junior waits for his/her Daddy too before he/she decides to make his/her appearance!

I almost found out the sex of the baby at the ultrasound the other day, but I resisted temptation! We'll find out soon enough anyway :)

You're doing the NaBlo too? :) I find it easier in the beginning of the month to post every day but last year I got stumped mid-month and found it hard to come up with things to blog about. It truly was a challenge :)

P.S. The word verification is: dyingst! Weird! LOL!

C said...

Hey, you! :) I was going to call/e-mail you to let you know I was here. Dina and Fancy both visited on the weekend. I still haven't had a chance to get in touch with Danielle. Mount Sinai blocked Facebook so I can't Facebook anyone. Grrr! LOL!

My aunt (the one you do Body Jam with) was here yesterday. She said that she'd tell you I was here.

Would be nice to see you and the Girlie! Too bad it's under these circumstances and not a shopping spree/lunch date thingy!!! ;) xo

Jeanna said...

Warrant? Isn't that the t-shirt the nerd from Beavis and Butthead wears?

caninecologne said...

to jeanna -
actually, the shirt had 'winger' on it. it was worn by stuart, the nerdy guy who was always tormented by 'beavis and butthead'.

hi C!!! Loving that hospital food? hey, if it's actually good, then you are lucky. most of it is bland and awful. i'm glad you are well enough to post - but don't strain yourself ok? :)

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Oh... how it is so difficult to keep all the worry out of your head... and everyone telling you to NOT worry about things you can't control... and then knowing all this is true... but here comes the worry again.

I guess songs and books and visits and calls and bloggers and blog posts can be wonderful distractions... is there any way to get Junior to start singing and reading and answering calls and maybe even blogging to get his/her mind off wanting to meet Mommy and Daddy for awhile!?

Thinking of you... praying so hard... each day is one more closer to your little miracle.

C said...

LOL! I knew you would say something along the lines of that! :) Too funny!
I was never a Beavis and Butthead fan...even though they liked Metal! ;p

When I checked out the link to the Jani Lane website this morning after I linked it to my blog, I was shocked to see how dorky he looks now that I'm no longer 17! I don't know why, but I was in luuuuuuuuuv with Jani Lane back in the glamrock days. Must have been the big hair and the tight pants.

Word verification= bowption

C said...

Wow! You ARE the queen of all things cool! I cannot believe you picked that Warrant/Winger t-shirt thing out! Very impressive!!!

As for loving the hospital food...Can't say that I LOVE it, but at Mount Sinai, they certainly make an effort to give lots of variety and different flavours. I'll start posting hospital meals on my daily posts this month. Today's lunch was vegetarian Dahl. I had grilled salmon last night. This is wayyyyyy better than the crappy food they served at the other hospital! They didn't have any veggies or fruits and the food food! ;p

Though I find the food here "good", I won't discourage any of my friends or family to sneak me in some Thai or Japanese food! LOL! I know pregnant women can't eat sushi, but at this point, I'll even settle for a "California roll"!

C said...

Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! :) Your comments and encouraging words are always so appreciated!

I was just thinking of all the stories we'll have to tell Junior when he/she gets older! The journey to getting Junior into the world has been quite the eventful one!

caninecologne said...

hi C! I totally LOVED Beavis and Butthead back in the 90's! they were so hilarious! i loved how they deconstructed music videos by relegating their status to "that sucks" or "that rules" while grunting/laughing nervously! heh heh heh. heh heh.

ok, your blog friends must think i'm so immature!:)

word verification -
(hey, that almost sounds like a word that Beavis & Butthead would make fun of)

Jane - Mom Generations said...

Oh, how I wish I was close enough to visit you! I'm so glad you have had a lot of activity in your room to keep you distracted, but I know those moments when you're alone with your thoughts must be so difficult. You are in the best possible place you can be, though, and you have TONS of people thinking of you and Junior at all times. C, we are with you every step of the way, despite the physical distance. MUCH, MUCH love!!

Jeanna said...

Warrant, that still cracks me up. I remember it more as a punchline than a band.
Rock on, sister.

C said...

Ohhhhhh...okay! I guess I didn't hate them THAT much. It's just that they reminded me a lot of some of my guy friends. My guy friends would wear rocker t-shirts and tight jeans and laugh like Beavis and Butthead. How many times did my friends use the phrase "Do you want some TP for your bung hole?" as they snorted with laughter!?! Ummm...yeah.

The deconstruction of music videos WAS funny though!

Did I tell you how ticked off I am with Bella?!?!?! LOL! She's driving me nuts! Now, THAT'S immature (getting mad at a fictional character because she is so annoying and makes stupid decisions).

C said...

Oh, I soooooooo wish you lived closer too! Thank you so much for being such a great pal and for all your positive thoughts. You girls are the greatest :)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! I'd send you a present on FB, but the hospital has banned the use of FB. An e-mail will do, right? :) xoxo

C said...

What did you used to listen to back in the 90's? You weren't a glamrock gal at all?

Yeah, now that I look back, Warrant IS kinda funny. I still can't believe I thought they were HAWT!!!

Starshine said...

There is a glitch in the system that is keeping anyone from friending each other. They are trying to work the kinks out. Hopefully it will be resolved soon, since NaBloPoMo is in full swing! I'm participating this year!

C said...

Thanks for the heads up! I was getting frustrated with not being able to "add" friends. Happy NaBloPoMo-ing! I'll be checking you out! xoxo

Veronica said...

Wheee! I found you on NaBlo and left a comment so I don't lose you again. Hehe.

Over thinking things isn't good, but I do it too. Fingers crossed for weeks more bedrest.

Don Mills Diva said...

I'm just catching up on my reading and this was such a surprise! It must be a relly stressful time for you but I'm impressed by how upbeat you sound. I think you know you'll be in good hands for when Junior does arrive and, of course, he's getting stronger and stronger every day...

Glad to hear the food's not all bad - at least now you can catch up on horrible reality tv guilt-free!

Uncivil said...

Hey C
Glad to see you have your computer access at the hospital.
I was a disco duck from the late 70's early 80's!
Never got into the metal uless you count Def Leppard.

louann said...

Still wishing I lived close by C. I'd love to keep you company in the hospital. Hang in there C.


C said...

Yay! Happy NaBlo-ing! ;p BTW, that food blog of yours is fantastic! You amaze me. I don't know how you manage two blogs actively! I have trouble keeping just the one! ;)

The word verification for this comment is: scraters!

C said...

I was debating on whether or not I should order cable here at the hospital. I've got a TV in my room with one free channel. I think it's "the parent" channel or something. Hubby was watching it when he was here and said he learned about car seats, preemies, breast feeding, etc.

I think if I order more channels, it's $15 for the first day and each additional day is $10. That kind of adds up. For now I think I'll see if I can catch some shows online.

C said...

Yeah, I think I'd lose my mind if I were stuck here in bed for weeks with no internet! Which makes me think...what did I do BEFORE I had internet?? Hmmmm...

I think I was in college when the internet was starting to get more and more popular. I remember having dial up and it took FOREVER to get online and whenever the phone rang, I'd get booted off! Wow, how times have changed! I even remember hearing the modem dial up and make that horrible static noise when trying to connect. LOL!

Disco Duck, eh? I'd LOVE to see photos! You're going to have to blog about the disco days!

P.S. I don't think I'd classify Def Leppard in the heavy metal category, though I've seen them listed in that genre of music before. They weren't that heavy. I was a Def Leppard fan too. I even have a few t-shirts! LOL! Speaking of T-shirts, I have an awesome Axl Rose one! I was in love with him...and Guns 'N Roses! LOL!

C said...

Awwww! Lou! You are soooo sweet! K, I'm off to check you out and to see how YOUR pregnancy is going! I'm going to try to post a non-baby/non-hospital/non-pregnancy post for tomorrow!! I'll give you guys a break from having to read this stuff all the time! ;)

Trish said...

Hugs to you Chrissy - I hope Hubby is there for Junior's arrival ...not for a long time.

Yay, another NaBloPoMo'er!

It's okay if you don't have time to check me out.

I think it is great you can still blog and connect with us all.

C said...

I actually tried to comment on your blog several times yesterday, but for some reason Blogger wouldn't let me! GRRR!

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