Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Over

November has come to a close and so has NaBloPoMo. Thinking about this past month, I think I was crazy to even attempt to write a blog post every day for this month! In some ways, it has been a good distraction though and it has really helped me "deal" with things on this end. It's been therapeutic...cathartic even.

In a way I'm relieved that November is over, but I'm saddened at the same time. I'm sad that I didn't really get to enjoy the last trimester of my pregnancy. The last trimester is when the baby is supposed to do the last of her growing and developing inside the womb. Instead, she was born way too soon. I suppose Little One has got some pretty big plans of her own. She seems to want to do things quickly and on her schedule :) Being born twelve weeks early and keeping her parents on their toes for most of the pregnancy makes me think that she's going to keep us very, very busy! ;)

November in review:
* I was enjoying my pregnancy, but it was discovered that my cervix was already effaced at 24 weeks pregnant.
* I was on complete bed rest for the last few weeks of my very short pregnancy (from week 24 to 28).
* I was hospitalized and remained on strict bed rest in the hospital.
* I was air-lifted by air ambulance to Toronto.
* I had to be without my husband for the weeks that I was in hospital with visits only every other week (if lucky).
* On the up side, my friends and family in Toronto came to visit me and spend time with me while I was in the hospital. I even had family from Montreal and Kingston come visit.
* I was told I'd probably have my baby two weeks into my hospital stay, but we were going to try to keep that baby inside me for as many weeks as we could. We were aiming for week 32 or 34!
* I ended up going in to labour two weeks into my hospital stay. Darn! My OB-GYN was right!
* My baby just flew out of me and pretty much delivered herself. Seriously, there were no doctors in the room when she was born! Boy, did they ever come running in fast as soon as the Code Pink was called though!
* My baby girl was born very prematurely and it has been an emotional roller coaster for me. With Hubby 6 hrs away and baby in the NICU, it's been emotionally draining.
* Things are looking bright now. The Little One is very stable, tolerating feeds, tolerating breathing room air (she's even saturating at 100% most of the time), she's gaining weight and developing quite the personality already. She gained 40 g overnight and now weighs 1150 g.
* Oh, and my beloved feline baby, Trouble died in my absence. Totally heart-wrenching! I never expected to be in Toronto, delivering a baby 12 weeks early, having to be hospitalized, having my baby in the NICU for the next few months AND have my beloved pet die. *sigh*In retrospect, the first two weeks of Little One's life have been very hard for me. Though it has been the happiest time of my life, it's also been the scariest, saddest, loneliest. Even if you're in a city surrounded by people all the time, one can still manage to feel lonely. Now that I've gotten used to my new routine and know that the baby is stable, very strong and doing really well, I feel more comfortable and confident in how things are going. Life in the NICU is really good. She's in the best care possible and she's doing what she is supposed to be doing...growing and developing. The nurses and doctors at Mount Sinai are amazing. I'm feeling really good about the way things are progressing.

November seems to have just whizzed by. It went by so fast that everything is so much of a blur to me. At first it seemed like what was supposed to have been the happiest day of my life had turned out to be the most traumatic day of my life. Having my first baby wasn't supposed to be like that. Well, that's how it happened and I'm sure one day when the Little One is older, she'll enjoy hearing all about her birth story. Luckily her Mommy was able to capture it all on the blog. November is over, but this is just the beginning of our new life with the Little One.Though I probably won't be able to write daily posts on the blog, I will continue to give updates on the baby when I can and I will try my best to visit (and comment) on all my favourite blogs. Thanks again, everyone! XOXO


J at said...

You are a total blogging ROCK STAR for blogging every day for NaBloPoMo. We appreciate it, especially in these early scary weeks. So great to see her doing so very well.

I was hoping that this helped you, the distraction and a chance to vent and get some support as well. :)

Palm Springs Savant said...

You should be proud of yourself for having done it everyday, with what you've had going on. For gosh sakes you had a baby and you still managed it!

well done.

Veronica said...

November has been a HUGE month for you!

louann said...

Reading your run down of events tired me out. I can't believe how much you've been through and how much you've had to endure. But you got through it and you will get through whatever is still in store for you =) I know you will!

humpsNbump said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story on this blog. I can't believe that you wrote a post everyday! My hero.

Best of luck with the baby and please update us often.

~ humps

Judy Martin said...

What a beautiful baby. What a brave mother. Congratulations on getting through such a roller coaster of a month. It's just the beginning I think. I look forward to watching this little girl grow up and to watching her mother grow in. Thanks for sharing. You'v allowed yourself to be vulnerable and we all want to take care of you and your babe.

Rosie : ) said...

It must be nice to have this month behind you! Now you know your little one is safe, happy and fighting strong. :) I hope hubby doesn't have too much trouble visiting you, the snowstorm season has caught us full force up North. :(

Keeping you in our thoughts as always. xoxo

Starshine said...

I love that family photo of you three! Hang in there, friend. You're doing great, and J is right: You are a total blogging ROCK STAR!!! I still can't believe you posted on the day you gave birth!

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm glad we could share this past month with you. I look forward to visiting your blog every single day. I think you deserve the award for most determined NaBloPoMo blogger. xoxo kisses to that little bundle of love :)

merinz said...

Well done Chrissy - you have risen to the challenge(s) that November has brought.

Looking forward to updates.

Cherry said...

Every night I have taken my laptop to bed so I can read your daily post. Selfishly, I will miss the frequent updates. I'm glad that writing down your thoughts from the day has helped you though this very stressful time.


Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I'd have to agree that you're a total BLOG STAR for blogging every day! I guess the beautiful thing is that you DID capture each moment of each day of Little One's arrival into this wonderful world. The events of this November 2008 are nothing short of miraculous... and you have Little One as proof! Now get a little rest... and you'll see that before you blink your eyes, you'll be blogging about December being over!

VE said...

Congrats all around for you girl! And for the whole family! Now go get some sleep...

If you do have a chance, stop by to my Tue Dec 2nd post...I need support of all my blogger friends!

Karen MEG said...

As J said, total blogging rock star and then some... I cannot believe how you were able to keep up, it was some of the most awesome and emotional writing, C.

I know this isn't how you would have liked to start out with your first baby, but your attitude is great, it is yours, John's and baby's story, and it plays out so wonderfully here. This is a story that she will be fascinated to read about when she's older. As other moms will tell you, the first few months are ALWAYS a blur, no matter what the circumstances of the birth. Seriously. And you wouldn't know it from your blog posts at all.

LOVE that photo of your little family. She is getting bigger and bigger every time we see her, so precious. I enjoy getting updates from your aunt too ... she's so proud of you and the baby.

Now take that rest, it's well deserved.

C said...

Awww, thanks :) When I think of me posting every day for NaBloPoMo, I think, "OMG! Was I crazy!?!??!" In a way, I'm glad I did though. Everything about November was such a blur that when I get time (if I ever get time!) I will sit down and read what I was going through. I still haven't really processed all of what happened yet! Crazy.

Thank you. Pretty insane! I still can't believe I posted the day I went into labour and right after I delivered her! LOL!

It sure was! I swear, there were a few times when I honestly did not know if I would survive November! Too much happened way too soon and all at the same time. There's just so much a person can take! :) What a roller coaster ride it's been so far! This is only the beginning! Wow.

C said...

I know! I'm tired just thinking about it! Thanks for the support Louann. I will try my best to get over to everyone's blogs soon. Can't wait to hear how YOU'RE doing! XOXO

OMG...We were trying to set up a time to meet up! I can't believe you saw me just DAYS before I had the baby! Remember I even told you I was holding on until week 32 or 34? Then BAM! I had her at week 28!

Anyway, my head is totally not screwed on right these days! Let's make some plans via Twitter or e-mail. I guess I can no longer blame it on "pregnancy brain". I wonder if I can blame it on "post-pregnancy brain"? LOL!

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