Tuesday, December 02, 2008

3 Weeks Already

I cannot believe my Little Sunshine is three weeks old already! I guess I should say "31 weeks" since technically she was supposed to be inside me for nine more weeks! She's doing great. She now weighs 1250 g. She's almost 3 lbs, which in preemie talk is really great progress! She's also getting stronger and more alert. She opens her eyes and looks around, though she's probably only seeing blurry shadows still and can only really see at close range (8 ~ 12 inches in distance, according to the nurse). One of my friends was visiting the Little One in the NICU today and was amazed at how strong she is. She was lifting her body off her little "bed" and pretty much got out of her little "nest" that the nurse made to contain her. Our little girlie likes to show off when she has visitors!

She is breathing room air and the doctors want to try her off of her CPAP and go to low flow air now. They think she can handle it because she is tolerating it well right now. We take her out for 2 hrs a day on low flow and I hold her for those two hours and I sing to her. She loves her low flow! She saturates at 98%~100% when she's on it. I guess not having that cumbersome CPAP mask on would bother me too! Plus, she looks much cuter without her CPAP on! You can actually see her face without it!

I still cannot believe I gave birth to her three weeks ago. She has made so much progress already. I cannot believe her strength and determination. This little baby just amazes me. Continue to grow, Little One! :)


Veronica said...

Look at how chubby she's getting! She is gorgeous.

Cherry said...

I have a feeling she's going to continue this rapid rate of growth and change even after she goes home with you. Keep up on the pictures so you always have something to help remember yesterday.

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

This is my favorite passage about motherhood:

The character and history of each child may be a new and poetic experience to the parent, if she will let it.
Margaret Fuller, 1844

LITTLE ONE IS ALREADY A NEW AND POETIC EXPERIENCE... BECAUSE YOU LET HER BE. You are a beautiful, beautiful Mommy and Little One is enveloped in your miracle of love and life. And we out here experience this poetry each time your words touch us.

C said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks she's getting chubby! LOL! Every day I see her, she looks different to me! She looks so big compared to how she looked three weeks ago!

Today she weighs 1250 g and when she was born she weighed 980 g. I know it's not much, but in the NICU we were all doing the dance of joy! Haha!

It's amazing how my new sense of "normal" seems so crazy to others. Having a preemie is quite the experience. Lots of scary ups and downs. Fortunately for us, mostly ups :)

I'm heading over to yours soon-ish! XO

C said...

That's the neat thing about having a blog, isn't it? You can go back and relive certain events in your life. I have a feeling one day when I reread all of November's happenings, I'll say "OMG. I cannot believe all of that happened!"

C said...

Hello to one of my favourite people in the world! This comment was beautiful. Thank you so much :)

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Wow, C, she looks GREAT! I'm so glad she's doing so well. :) Kisses and hugs to you both.

caninecologne said...

she looks so sweet sleeping...

i'm glad to hear that she is progressing so well. she's growing so fast isn't she?

word verification:

humpsNbump said...

This has to be one of the cutest baby pictures I have ever seen. So proud of you both.

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm glad every once in a while you throw in how many lbs she is...cuz I'm not good with the math! LOL She's such a darling. I'm glad everything is progressing smoothly.

Skye said...

Go baby go!

Drop me a line when you get a chance:

skye at blogher dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try and visit you tomorrow (Thursday) but, If my client actually shows up as planned, I won't be able to. If I don't see you, what say you give me a call so Elisabeth can take you out for (Or make you) dinner this weekend? We're irritating busybodies so if you want to spend the night and need to get up early, yu won't put us out. In fact, you'll be validating our existence.


Trish said...

C she is the most adorable little girl in the blogsophere.
Oh my stars she is so big now and doing so well.

louann said...

Soon she's going to be a month old!!! How great is that! =)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of her!!! Continue growing baby girl so we can all meet you soon!

Fruitful Vine said...

I'm glad that she is progressing well and she will continue to do that by God's grace. Have a blessed day my dear.

C said...

She does look like she's growing and "filling in" :) She's gotten really long too! She's such a good baby. She is super active and cries only when the nurses or doctors wake her up or disrupt her.

I think this is one of my fave photos of her. I love the little smile (okay, smirk!) she has on her face. She's so sweet.
BTW, word verification= billet! An actual word!!

Thank you, my friend! :) BTW, hope to catch up with you soon. XO

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