Thursday, December 18, 2008

33 Things

...because it's my 33rd birthday.

1. I'm happily married to a wonderful man.
2. I miss my husband.
3. I have had to be away from my husband since I gave birth to our daughter five weeks ago. I was on bed rest since October 16, and our baby was born on November 11...and I'm still in Toronto and haven't been home to the Island yet.
4. Our daughter was born prematurely. It was a big surprise for us all!
5. She's doing great! Hopefully she will be able to leave the hospital soon!
6. OMG! I'm a mommy now!
7. My mom is here from the Philippines. She's here to meet her granddaughter and to spend my birthday with me.
8. My mom and I are very close. She's one of my best friends.
9. We also know which buttons to press that will drive each other batty! :)
10. I have a very keen sense of smell.
11. Sometimes that's a good thing. Sometimes it isn't. Pungent smells make my gag reflex kick in...even when I'm not pregnant!
12. I love the smell of freshly baked bread...right out of the oven!
13. I'm not a bread person. I don't like eating bread and I don't really care for sandwiches.
14. I'm a city girl. I was born in Toronto and raised in Montreal.
15. I love being in the city, but only for a weekend or a week.
16. I hate crowds and traffic.
17. I'm claustrophobic.
18. I cannot take the elevator if there are more than two or three other people in it. I really get anxious.
19. I leave the house really early (insanely early) just so I can avoid traveling with lots of people on the bus or subway.
20. I love to bake.
21. I bake some pretty amazing cheesecakes (that sounded so vain! Sorry!)
22. I'm not a dessert person. I love baking but don't like eating baked goods. Weird, eh?
23. Family is the most important thing to me.
24. I'm really close to my family (not geographically though).
25. My friends are very important to me.
26. I used to be a very shy and timid kid.
27. You wouldn't think of that now, since I make friends really easily.
28. I'm really friendly and outgoing.
29. I smile a lot.
30. That's not always a good thing, because the strangest people randomly come up to me and talk to me.
31. I've been followed by a weird guy on the subway because he thought I was really nice and friendly. Gah!
32. I used to think 30 was old.
33. Now I know it's just the beginning :)


Dina said...

ohhh i get the first comment :) Yeah for me!!
Hope you have a happy birthday and i'm so happy your mom is here now!!!
YOU are the friendliest person i know!! Friends with everyone and never an enemy in sight! THAT is one of the many things i love about you!!

Anonymous said...

Happiest of Birthdays!!!
Your first as a mom...very special!
Hope your day is great

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm glad your mom's is there with you. That's the best birthday present!! Happy Happy Birthday. 30 is just the beginning!!! xoxo

D'Rae said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Ellie said...

Happy birthday Christine!! Have a great day!!


Rosie : ) said...

Hope your day was filled with great things!

Veronica said...

Happy Birthday!

caninecologne said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!!! Yay, your mom is back early from the PI! How exciting for her to see the baby for the first time. I hope you and your family enjoy your very special day!!!

word ver:
ha ha

Cherry said...

Happy Birthday C!

I hope you had a very lovely day today spent with the 3 generations.

merinz said...

Like the others - I am so glad that you have your Mum back. Its a special time for you both!

Starshine said...

Happy birthday, and have a great time with the three generations of ladies in your family all together!

C. K. said...

Happy birthday, honey.

C said...

Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes!!! It was indeed the perfect day...minus the fact that my husband was not with me :(

P.S. Word ver: "tuties" HAHAHA! :)

louann said...

Happy happy happy Birthday C!

Sorry for the late greetings (I've been away from blogland for quite some time).

I hope you have a blessed year ahead of you =)

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