Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visions of Sugar Plums

...danced in her head while Mommy and the other NICU and Level 2 parents at the hospital had a holiday dinner of turkey with all the fixings. The wonderful people at the Linden Fund put on the dinner and gave gifts for the babies. We got to meet parents who have had babies in the NICU at Mount Sinai Hospital as well. Their stories were encouraging and seeing their little ones running all over the room and down the hospital halls, was magical. I am glad I attended the dinner. It was also nice being able to relax and chat with some of the other parents I've become friends with over the past five weeks. Five weeks already???

Among the 'veteran' parents were the parents of Isla. They wrote a book about her story. They chronicled each day of her very long stay in hospital, right down to the wonderful day when they were able to take her home! You can view Isla's Story here. Little One had her first photo with Santa Claus. She slept through the entire thing. I considered waking her up and taking her out of her isolette, but I decided to let her snooze :)

Some of the presents Little One received courtesy of the Linden Fund and of one of the grandmothers of a former NICU baby. Bless that grandmother's heart. As her donation to Mount Sinai's NICU, she knit little preemie hats for all the babies and made little button down shirts and matching blankets for them.

The Linden Fund also gave us all a tiny preemie Santa's hat (which Little One will be wearing on Christmas!) and some cards with images to help stimulate and help with the development of vision for infants.
Contrary to popular belief, babies don't go for the soft pastel colours that we often buy to decorate their rooms. In one of the parents' classes I attended, the nurse told us that those yellow ducky, pink bunny, blue sheep kind of images are not as eye catching to very young babies and are more for the adults' aesthetic value.
We were informed that babies see better in black and white at first. Black and white, and geometrical shapes are easier for babies to see. Later on, as their vision develops, they are more attracted to primary colours. I learn something new every day :)
Hmph! I kind of like the soft, pastel bunnies and sheep! :)


Anonymous said...

interesting about the black and white geometrical shapes and primary colors. i wonder where the idea came about for having baby stuff in light, soft, pastel colors? whenever i see soft pinks, light yellows, baby blues, and mint green i think baby stuff.

Dina said...

i remember when E was born, i bought him a black and white stimulas mobile because it was better for him...he hated that thing and cried every time i hung it on his crib. Once we put up a colorful musical mobile he was happy...i guess what is better for them isn't always what they like!! Ya never know!
The holiday dinner sounds lovely. I'm glad you had a chance to relax and enjoy a nice evening!!

Rosie : ) said...

My kids never liked the black and white, geometrical shapes either. They much preferred softer things, gentle shapes.

Veronica said...

Amy liked faces and people, not so much with the toys. Then, once she hit about 10w old she loved a clown mobile that a friend had made out of brightly coloured felt.

C said...

I thought it was interesting too! I prefer the soft colours though! Tee hee! I can see how babies would love the bright primary colours.

C said...

I remember you telling me about E crying when he saw the black and white mobile and being happy with the bright, colourful one!

One of the moms got her preemie this great mobile from Babies R Us that I want to get for Little One. It's really bright and colourful and the animals are facing downward so the baby can see them...not like most mobiles where you can see the shapes from the side. The nurse kept telling us that we have to get things that will stimulate the baby...so the baby has to be able to see the shapes from where the baby is (on his/her back looking up). Makes sense :)

The nurse who taught the class also said that because our preemies are just now learning to focus their eyes, the pictures we were given (geometrical b&w and primary colour shapes) help them focus. I wonder what kinds of things Little One will prefer to look at. Right now, she likes to watch the nurses or me when we bathe her. She just looks at us and patiently waits as we give her a bath. She's such a funny girlie.

C said...

Yeah, I that's what I thought! I figured most babies would like that. The nurse just said that when they are very young (like how young Little One is) the geometrical shapes help with eye/vision development because babies cannot really see very well at this age yet. I have a feeling that like your kids, LO will probably prefer looking at things that are softer too later on. Her room has been decorated in soft tones and the art work on her walls are in soft colours.

C said...

That's interesting! I heard that babies like looking at faces.

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