Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Babe

I've received several messages via e-mail, the blog, Facebook and phone requesting some updated photos of the baby.

She's doing really well. She was taken off her CPAP last week and lasted 22 hrs and 20 min on her own (on low-flow). Can't wait for her to get rid of her NG tube. I don't mind the sensors that monitor her heart rate, respiration and oxygen saturation. I can't wait for her to get off her CPAP and NG tube though! She is soooo much cuter without all those things all over her little face :)She started getting tired from working so hard on her own and I asked if she could be put back on her CPAP. I know. She's much cuter without that mask on, but I just worried that she was working too hard and that she'd exhaust herself. While she is doing amazingly well, I wouldn't want her to take two steps forward and ten steps back. She was looking very tachypneic to me and I just got really worried. Perhaps I am turning into one of those moms. I don't think I'm obsessed or paranoid though. I just worry about her. She's my baby. She was put back on CPAP for the past few days and will try to go off of it again tomorrow. Low-flow as tolerated. Keeping my fingers crossed!She's getting pretty chunky! Check out the rolls, creases and dimples in her arms and legs! Ooooh! That triple chin is just so yummy! I want to kiss her all over!Big yawn!
Got Milk?
I'm running out of places to store Little One's milk. I've got to freeze it and make sure she has enough at the hospital for when I'm not there, but the nurses say she has PLENTY of milk to last her a few weeks...even with her increase in intake. She is now consuming 22 cc of milk every two hours and weighs almost 4 lbs! She was 980 g at birth, so she's packing on the weight right now. The freezer at the place I'm staying at is also filled with milk. Oh, what to do when you've got a milk surplus and you don't want to waste any of it because it's liquid gold for your baby?
What big eyes you've got!!
Sweet pea! Getting really chubby!


merinz said...

LOVE the pics Chrissy. She is getting so chubby! it is good news to hear that she is doing so well. Hope that you are finding time to relax and enjoy the upcoming birthday.

hotmommy said...

she is really sweet chris! she's getting really chubby for sure!

time, date, place for teh bday dinner? lemme know!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

Oh. My. Word. Little One is the most precious little darling ever! I am so in love with her... I could just look at her photos all day! Keep them coming... please!!

Veronica said...

Yay for an excess of liquid milk! She is gorgeous.

Cherry said...

What a difference a month makes! Goodness would you look at all of that gorgeous chub! Already 4 pounds? She is so going home soon!

When do they think she'll be strong enough to breastfeed? I see they moved the NG tube... :-)

Build up those lungs Little One! Your Mama wants to take you home to your daddy!

Dina said...

she is so beautiful!! She looks more like you than i originally thought!!

That is SOME AWESOME supply of milk you've got!! I'm sure none of it will go to waste :) (and i totally know how you feel about not wanting to waste any of it-it's such hard work pumping!!)

Hope to see you soon!!

Anonymous said...

She looks great, she is getting so big.

Awesome that you are getting so much milk. I wonder if you could cut down on your overnight pumping by a session??

Anonymous said...

Yay pictures! She is such a sweet little thing, C. Congratulations! Send me your phone number!

Autumn's Mom said...

She's precious. It's great to see her with her eyes so open! xoxo for her...and for you!

Starshine said...

She's adorable, C! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!


Anonymous said...

Christine, she is just beautiful and I love the chubby arms she has. She does look a lot like you, more and more I would say.
Looking forward to meeting her soon. Your mom must be getting sooo excited to meet her!
take care

C said...

Thank you, my friend :) Well, the relaxing part has not come easy. I wish I could get some more sleep in! The birthday part...Mrs. Hollywood and some friends of mine and I are going out for dinner on Friday. My first real outing since I was hospitalized and since I had the baby.

Hot Mommy:
She is, isn't she!? I'll e-mail you the details! XO

Awwww! Thanks! :) I think so too :) I cannot get enough of her! Soooo yummy! I just want to kiss her all the time! I love my chunky monkey!

C said...

Thanks, V!
I'm running out of places to store the excess milk though! The nurse suggested asking friends if I could store milk in their freezers and I laughed. Imagine having my milk in freezers all over Toronto? LOL! Gah!

I sooooooo hope she can come home soon! She is doing sooooo well and I cannot wait for us to be home with hubby and start our life as a family TOGETHER.

She actually looked a lot like Hubby the other week, and today I think she looks like me. It's funny how she changes all the time! I really wonder what she'll look like later on! :)
P.S. Hope to see you soooooon!! XO

C said...

That is a GREAT idea! If I skip a pumping at night then I can get more sleep!! You don't suppose it will do any bad if I skipped, do you? The only reason I keep doing it every 2 hrs is so my supply won't go down. I don't seem to be having problems that way, so I wonder if it'll be okay to skip?

I wanted to talk to you about suggestions for car seats. I'll try to get in touch with you sometime this week :) XO

Sending you an e-mail after this! Are you "home" now? I guess you must be since tonight was supposed to be the concert, right? Anyway, can't wait for you to meet Little One! When you return for Reading Week, come on over!!!

I love the photos with her eyes open too! She's got really pretty eyes and they're sooo big! She's very alert. I know she can't see much right now, but she does see. Oh, she had her first eye exam the other week and did well. She has another one next week.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy, I think if you went to every 3 hours at night or skipped 1 session anight it would be okay. You have tonnes of excess milk, and meanwhile will be nursing her from the breast more and more I assume. You may want to double-check with the Lactation Consultant at the hospital, but I really doubt you need to be pumping every 2 hours all night long to keep up your supply at this point. Not that I'd cut out much...

As for the car-seat, I know when my friend was looking for one for her Preemie, she was deciding between the Graco Snug-ride and the Peg Perego Viaggio...she found those two went the smallest. The Snugride is a great I'd look at that.

J at said...

I wonder if you could donate your extra milk? You might ask if there's another baby in need at the hospital. :)

She's looking AMAZING, and if you need to be one of those moms, you go ahead. Anyone with a baby in NICU is totally entitled.

Don't worry, when things get more normal, you'll relax. It just takes awhile.

J at said...

(Although I suggest that you make sure to save plenty of extra milk in case you catch cold or flu...but if there's extra...)

Anonymous said...

Donating milk is hardto arrange in Canada.In the States there are arrangments that can be made, but not here.

It is probably better to have the extramilk anyways, though you can absolutely BF through a cold or flu. Zoë never took a bottle and I bf her for 28 months, so we BF through plenty of illnesses! If you give bottles at home,you'll be glad to have it. If you don't, you can use it for mixing with solids.

C. K. said...

Ooooooooooh - she's so beautiful!!!

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