Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things I've Learned

...since my daughter was born one month ago!!! I cannot believe it's been one whole month since I gave birth! The weeks just flew by.Hard to believe she went from this tiny 2 lb, 3 oz preemie exactly one month ago to this 3.5 lb chub chub today. Yes, you've seen this photo on the blog already, but I had to take my "Infant and Children's CPR Course" today and didn't have time to take a photo of her :( Plus, I just think she looks so sweet in this photo!Happy one month birthday, Little One! :)

1) It's amazing how much of my emotional state is directly influenced by how the baby is doing. When she's doing well, I'm ecstatic and my spirits are high. When she goes through challenges most preemies go through, I find myself in tears, stressed, very emotional...and just a mess.

2) My life is pretty much ruled by being with Little One and pumping breast milk every 2~3 hours. I constantly find myself trying to figure out how certain appointments or activities will interfere with my pumping time and baby time. My birthday is next week and I'm supposed to go out for dinner with a few people, but as much as I'm looking forward to that, I am also thinking, "Gah! How am I going to fit in pumping if I'm out for dinner?" ;)

3) I never knew I'd have the capacity to love one person this much. I've invested all my time, energy and love into my daughter and everything seemed to come so naturally. Not that I thought it wouldn't, but I'm amazed at how different everything is for me right now. She is my priority. It's not about me first anymore. Not that I ever really put myself before anyone else. I've never really been that way, but now there is someone who needs to be put before me even more. Also, it's not about my husband anymore (sorry, Hubby! I love you!). My first thoughts in the morning when I wake up are of Little One and my last thoughts at night when I go to bed are of Little One.

4) Little One definitely is a miracle baby. She was born twelve weeks too soon, but somehow managed to be a strong and determined baby whose only major issue is that she needs time to grow more and get stronger so she can develop and leave the hospital and come home! There are so many other things that could have gone wrong (and I dread thinking of all the possibilities), but this kid really amazed me. She's a precious little miracle.

5) Talking to others and getting your feelings out really helps a lot.

6) Taking time out is also important. Going for a walk, having lunch with a friend or some good 'ol retail therapy is sometimes a good way of getting your mind off of all the stress, anxiety, fear, and worry you have of your baby being preterm. Hubby, if you are reading this, don't worry. When I meant retail therapy, I didn't mean that I bought anything extravagant. I just bought a few items of NON-MATERNITY clothing since all of my maternity clothes are falling off me and I don't have any of my pre-pregnancy clothes with me :) Tee hee!

7) You learn to "know" your baby. You become familiar with her patterns and what is normal for her. You learn all these neat and special things about this tiny when she scrunches up her face, strains her body, turns beet red and makes a grunting noise, she's most probably pooping. At least that's what Little One does when I'm holding her! I also know that she KNOWS when feeding time is. Every twenty minutes right before feeding time, she gets really active. She stretches and moves around like crazy. She opens her eyes and is really alert. Food is coming!

8) After a few weeks in the NICU, I've learned not to be obsessed with the monitors and computers by the baby's bedside so much because sometimes it's not the baby that has the problem. Sometimes the sensors are kicked off by the baby or sometimes there are techinical/mechanical problems. It's not always accurate. I've learned to ignore certain alarms/bells. I've learned to look at the baby first. If the baby is pink, active and breathing, she's fine. If the nurses don't seem distressed, then you shouldn't be.

9) I miss my husband and can't wait to be back home and start our life as a family with the baby.

10) There will be many bumps and hiccups along the way.

11) Mount Sinai is an amazing hospital. The medical staff is fantastic and there are a lot of programs, groups and classes for parents with babies in the NICU and Level 2 nursery. Seriously, I feel so fortunate that Little One is getting the care she needs at Mount Sinai. We are at the best place for her right now.

12) Sick Kids Hospital is right across the street. Toronto General is also across the street and Princess Margaret Hospital is right beside Mount Sinai.

13) Sick Kids Hospital is a happy place for kids. When I went to visit a friend's child there, I thought it would be sad to see all those sick kids... but it really is a happy place. It's decorated in such a lively, kid-friendly way. There's even a train that runs on a track that goes around the cafeteria! It's a very happy place to be. I love that it's kid-centered.

14) Taking an "Infant and Children's CPR Course" really is so important. I feel so much more confident for when we take Little One home. I took my St. John's Ambulance course years ago but never took a refresher course. The SJA course also just touched on what to do in case you are dealing with an infant or a child, but this CPR course I took was all about CPR for infants and children. I think I'll write a post about it sometime soon.

15) Sleep is such a valuable thing...and I'm not getting nearly enough of it!!! :)


caninecologne said...

wow, has it been one month already? that is amazing that your daughter has grown so fast.

i'm so happy to read/hear that she's doing so well - what a fiesty little girl! :)

your life truly changes once you have a baby!

word ver: distwi
ha ha

Sreisaat said...

Hi Chrissy.
I'm happy to know the Little One is doing well. I think there's a smile on her face in the second photo. She knows she's loved by everyone around her.

japanmanpete said...

Good stuff! So very pleased to read that you lot are doing well. Little One is indeed precious.

Now, you get some sleep!


japanmanpete said...

One last thing:
Word ver (since you and Canine Cologne seem to be obsessed with them!) =caropsy.

louann said...

Motherhood is unexplainable.
We become mothers and we are never ever the same again. Ever.

patti mck said...

One month already?! Wow. Where has the time gone?? I'm so glad to hear that things are going smoothly for you and Little One, she's definately a tough little girl!! (Watch out boys!!)
Anyway, keep doing what you're doing and GET SOME SLEEP!! We all love you and want the best for you and your family.


Rosie : ) said...

How great that time is going fast for you ~ sooner than you think, you'll be home with your cutie. :)

We think about you lots here too!

TellingMom and Brood xoxo

J at said...

You talking about how much weight she's gained got me wondering, is she on track for her gestational age, or has being 'outside' affected her weight? It seems to me that everyone says babies in utero gain a lot of weight in the last month of pregnancy, so I'd be curious to see if she jumps up to 7 or 8 lbs at around her due date or not. I just wonder, you know?

Seems like she's taught you so many valuable lessons. It is interesting how your world shifts a little on its axes when you have a baby, isn't it? Like it's still your world, but it's just DIFFERENT. I once had someone tell me, "I didn't know you had a child", and I was SHOCKED. I mean, I thought it was written above my head in blinking lights or something, you know?

I'm so glad she's doing well, and as always, I'm looking forward to the time when all of this is but a memory to tell horror stories about, how lonely and scary it could be, while you're all cozy at home around the fire with hot chocolate and good friends/family. :) Soon!

(Word ver: funmed - doesn't that sound like recreational drugs? Hey, this is a family blog!)

C said...

I know! Pretty crazy, eh? I cannot believe how much my life has changed in such a short time.

I will try to call you sometime this weekend or next week. Miss our conversations! It's always such a blast to talk to you!

Word ver: grerahal

Hi!!! I am soooooo sorry I haven't been over to yours lately. I will soon. Promise :) Thank you for thinking of us. I also think she has a little smile on her face in that photo. She's a very smiley baby. I think she has a lot of gas! LOL! ;)

C said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts. I have been trying to get in more sleep. Sooo hard though!

Carospy sounds like some kind of medical term or disease...or a bit like "car autopsy"! Ha!

You are soooooo right!

How are you doing? How's bebe #3? You're due soon!!!

C said...

Thank you so much for thinking of us. It means a lot :)

Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? Our babies will sort of be similar in age (even though Little One was born early)!

I MISS YOU...and the Telling Mom brood!!! Give those kiddies a hug for me! We love them ALL!
Est-ce-que vous avez mon numero de telephone? J'ai mon cell avec moi. Hmmm...Est-ce que cell phone est masculin ou feminin? Telephone est feminin, alors cell phone est feminin aussi? LOL! Oh, what crazy things I think of when I haven't eaten yet because I've been too busy with the baby!!! Okay, I need to go get something in my tummy. I'm getting headachy! ;)

C said...

You know, I was thinking the same thing. She's growing so fast and this is what she'd be doing INSIDE me right now. I have been wondering what she'll weigh and how she'll look like once she reaches her "due date". Crazy!!! :)

Funmed! Hahaha! :) That does make me think of recreational drugs!

Dina said...

i cannot believe it's been a month already either!!

She is doing so well and looks fantastic. I still can't wait to meet her in person! Soon, i promise!

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

One month and you already know that Little One has been in your life forever... she was just waiting for the perfect time. She was there... sending you on a path to meet her. She was there... loving you from a place that we call a miracle. Now Little One's love is visible and your life is enhanced more than you can even explain. Mommy. This is what it is... !!

Karen MEG said...

Wow, one month!!! C, you've been dealing with this so amazingly well! What a great mama you are (there was never a doubt that you would be, though).

I love the photos you're posting ... hubs was looking at them with me today and noticed just how tiny she is... but to me she's just getting bigger all the time!!

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