Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yin and Yang

My Dad always told me that you can never appreciate the good unless you experience the bad. He said that there is a balance in the world and we need both the good and the bad to achieve this balance.

This is so true of what I have been going through these past few weeks since my baby was born. There have been so many ups and downs, set backs and achievements. Whenever I think Little One is doing amazingly, a hiccup or a bump in the road comes up. Little One is doing really well though and the doctors say that they think she is a very strong and determined baby. She'll be fine. She just needs time to grow and develop. After all, she's still supposed to be inside Mommy's womb for another nine weeks!

When I'm not with her at the hospital, I call the NICU at night. Okay, sometimes I call multiple times a night. If I'm up at 2AM to pump milk for her, I call. The nurses are amazing and say that they are there for the parents and know what we are going through. Phone calls at all hours of the day/night are great because it puts our minds at ease and the nurses are up all day/night with our babies anyway.

When I called tonight, I was shocked that Little One gained 110 g!!! Okay, I know that may not sound like an astronomical number, but in preemie talk, that is huge progress! She tends to gain on average 10 ~ 20 g a night. The most she's gained was 60 g in one night. Hearing that she gained 110 g nearly made my jaw drop! I'm so happy! My little chub chub now weighs 1380 g! That's just over 3 lbs!!! This is BIG news! (doing the happy dance here)

Incidentally, I had to check out the conversion from grams to pounds since I'm only familiar with pounds. Argh. I hate having to do all the conversions. I've never been good at math!

Having a baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is definitely an emotional roller coaster ride. Each day is full of surprises. Some good, and sometimes some not so good. It's also physically and mentally draining. The one thing that's for sure is that you always worry about your baby's condition and hope and pray that things either improve or keep going well. For the most part, Little One has been "coasting" through the weeks without a hitch...but in the past week she's had a few episodes that to me were scary. Apparently, (or so the doctors tell me) many preemies rarely get by without a hitch. Little One has been very fortunate that she's had no major issues. Whatever she is going through is normal for a baby her gestational age.
Just an aside: I cannot believe the holidays are just around the corner! It's December ALREADY?!?!?! I gave birth three weeks ago??? Where on earth did November go? My birthday is coming up, then Christmas, then New Year's...and then it'll be 2009. I still cannot believe Little One was supposed to be born in 2009 but she changed her birth year to 2008! Gah! I haven't even thought of the holidays yet. I don't know if I'll get around to sending out Christmas cards this year. I haven't had time to get Christmas presents for anyone either. *sigh* Right now my life is pretty much all about the baby.


J at said...

A beautiful healthy girl is all any of us want, so you're off the hook. Next year, it'll be cute little baby outfits for her Christmas gifts!

I love that picture. She looks like she's dreaming of floating in a calm lake on an inner tube, soaking up the sun!

Cherry said...

Hello! 3 pound gift right there! She's just my size. Thank you!

Ok, so I must ask. How often do they weigh the Little One? Do they wait until she's done her business?
That girl wants to go home, so she's trying to get to her go home weight as soon as she can. She's got a whole world outside of the NICU to explore and he's aiming to do it yesterday.

Thank you for the updates!

Autumn's Mom said...

You know what? you can post a cute pic of Lil Missy here on your blog with a Merry Christmas caption and DONE. You're welcome.

Have a restful weekend sweetie.

Rosie : ) said...

"Right now my life is pretty much all about the baby. "

It better be! :)

She looks so cute stretching out on that picture.

C said...

Thank you :) She does look so peaceful when she sleeps. She doesn't stay still for long though. This kid is a mover! She's really squirmy! She was like that in the womb too! Constantly moving!

P.S. Word verification = bronte! How cool is that?! I love the Bronte sisters!

C said...

I know! :) I was shocked when I found out she now weighs 3 lbs! That's major! LOL! She gets weighed every night after they change her and give her a bath.

I got to bathe her today and weigh her. After I gave her a bath and she was all nice and clean, she peed on me!!! LOL!

They usually wait until she's done her business. My girlie has this little trick she likes to play on her Mama though. Whenever I change her poopy diaper, she poops again! Then I have to change it again...and she poops again! It usually takes me three tries to finally get her into a clean diaper without her pooping again!

C said...

Ooooh! I LOVE that! That is BRILLIANT! I think I'll do that! LOL! "Merry Christmas. DONE. You're welcome!" LOL!

C said...

It is so unbelievable how much she has changed. She looks different EVERY DAY!! I love this photo and the one on the previous post. She looks like a little angel. Ooooh, boy! You and Jamie are going to have to snap a zillion photos of the Little One for us! LOL! :) XO

jan said...

I know we all enjoy so much your thoughts and feeling during this time. I appreciate your sharing them with us.

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