Thursday, November 13, 2008

Because You Asked For It!

PHOTOS!!! I know...finally!!!Soooooooo tiny but a real fighter! :) 2 lbs, 3 oz and 34 cm long!
Not too long after she "flew out" (literally) of Mommy!

Holding Daddy's hand. Check out the proud Papa!

Things have been a bit crazy over here in the last 48 hours. I cannot believe our baby is 2 days old already. On her first day, she was taken off her respirator because she was breathing on her own pretty well. She's on a CPAP but that's a step up from the respirator! Now, on her second day she had her arterial line taken off! She continues to amaze everyone :)
She's a feisty little one too! Apparently, she's like her Mama. Not only is she feisty, but she's a crier! She doesn't like it when the nurses in the NICU change her diaper or listen to her heartbeat with the stethoscope.
Oh! Here's something funny! Remember how I said that she had a full head of black hair? It's now brown and wavy! Her eyebrows have also changed from black to blonde! How funny is that!? The nurse said, "Your daughter is really fair" (meaning her hair colour). I was shocked when I saw how much she has changed in just two days!
Something exciting happened today. Let me first tell you that today was sort of a roller coaster ride for me. It started off with the frustration of breast pumping, then the excitement of seeing my little one. Then I had a big scare. I was going to pump again and then see my baby after I took a shower. I'm telling you, I'm either in the NICU with the baby or I'm pumping. That's my life right now. Anyway, while in the shower I noticed something "hanging out" of me. It freaked me out and I hit the "call button" in the shower. The nurses rushed in to get me and at that point I didn't care who saw me naked and soaking wet. I had something hanging out of me! SCARY!
It turned out to be "retained placenta"...and not just a tiny piece of it! The doctor came in to examine me and extract the remaining placenta. I'm so glad they didn't discharge me from the hospital yesterday. Imagine if that had happened while I was already released from the hospital and nowhere near any nurses or doctors???
I am now on an IV (again) just for 24 hrs. They put me on antibiotics so I don't get an infection. What a crazy day.
Now for the exciting part! I GOT TO HOLD MY BABY TODAY!!! For the first time, they let me have skin to skin contact with our little one! For the past two days it's been just touching but today I got to actually hold her! They put her on my chest and she was so calm and peaceful. She is such a little sweetie. I am so in love!
I honestly don't know how I would have made it through the day without my SIL. She drove down to Toronto from "the Island" the day the little one was born and has been here for moral support. She has to go home soon (obviously, since she has to go back to work and she also has a husband and two daughters). Seriously, without her today I think I would have had an even harder time. Breast pumping frustrations, the baby having to be in the NICU for a few months, Hubby being so far away and not with us throughout this challenging time, the whole retained placenta scare, not knowing how I will cope over the next months that the baby will have to be in the NICU...It's a lot to handle. Throw in some of those hormones from having just delivered a baby and that makes one crazy emotional cocktail! *sigh*
I know I'll get through this...One day at a time.


C. K. said...


OMG, I feel like I'm going to cry!!!!

I love you, John, and baby! Congratulations!!!

mrinz said...

The roller coaster ride continues!

Have you decided on a name for your wee one yet?

Love the photos!! She is so tiny and sweet!

Veronica said...

She is absolutely gorgeous.

Good luck with the pumping, if you can keep it up until she can nurse it makes night wakings so much easier! And yay for getting to hold her skin to skin. That must have been amazing.

C said...

That makes two of us :) Miss you and love you too!

We decided on a name for her before she was born :) Actually, we knew what we were going to name her long before we even knew we were expecting. For the blog though, I'm still trying to figure out a nickname for her. I don't really want to use her real name on here. Any nickname suggestions for her on the blog?

Thank you for your never ending support :) So encouraging. I'm kind of sad that she was born so soon. I was just getting used to all the kicks and movement and enjoying her being inside. It scared me that she was born so early, but she seems to be doing great :) She's such a little trooper!

Starshine said...

I'm so happy that your baby is doing so well and that you finally got to hold her!

What a scare you had in the shower. I'm so glad you were still at the hospital. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. I am so glad she is doing well and that you got to hold her! What a scare with your placenta, thankfully they got it out, and I guess you got another day in the Hospital as well, which is not a bad thing right now.

Trish said...

I am crying ...what a ride and what a prize you got. She is so adorable.

The pumping gets easier once your milk comes in ... have you heard about a pumping bra ?
And are you using a double pump Chris ?

No-one told me till after I stopped pumping for my twins and then J ( was 5 months old).It is so you can have hands free to read or whatever - blog LOL - grab an old bra and cut holes to suit the pump - careful not to put too much pressure on breasts. Maybe google it.
Pity - I am dying to know her name too.
*wink* Can you password protect it on babies online ? (it's a free baby milestones journal)

Trish said...

Oh I forgot to say how precious that first hold would have been - I know I almost cried in I am now remembering.

D'Rae said...

She is so darling! What a precious baby girl! I too am dying to know what her name is!

So glad you were in the hospital for that scare! I can't imagine how it would have been had you not been there.

Still continuing to pray for you and your family, for strength to get through this trying time and also for the little one, that she continues to grow and flourish.

Dina said...

wow just never ends with the scary surprises for you!

i am so happy you got to hold your little one. She is so darling!! i cannot wait to meet her.

Thanks so much for posting photos.


J at said...

There's a local columnist here who writes about his granddaughter, and he uses the name 'Alice' for Alice in Wonderland. :) Maybe you could pick a favorite childrens' book character for her, for on the blog?

I'm so happy that she's doing so well, and that you got to hold her. Your situation made me think of when I was born, so I was reading my mom's blog...boy, things were different back then. My mom didn't get to hold me forever (I think almost two weeks!) and it was very hard on her.

Regarding the pumping, yes, it will get better when your milk comes in fully. And boy, get ready for some discomfort when that happens, too! I hope you're in the hospital for it, so they can help you. Should be any minute now, I'm thinking. ;)

Regarding your shower scare, ACK! That would have freaked me the hell out! Glad you were at the hospital, and that they're taking good care of you.

I'm sending my best wishes to you glad you get to hold your baby now. You will be the center of her universe for awhile, and she yours. Sigh. (I kinda miss that part of it sometimes, though it would be strange in a 12 year old!)

karenmeg1 said...

Awwwwww, baby girlie is the cutest little thing. Ian is just gushing over her pictures on the screen... (not enough to want another baby, but we LOVES babies around here).

Good for you for taking care of yourself too, there C, that's super important now too.

Yeah, J has a really good point about when your milk comes in ... gahhhhhh!!!! No one told me about that the first time around and I thought I was gonna explode, literally!

I'll put my thinking cap on for a nickname for little miss here...

Rosie : ) said...

We are thinking of you! What a gorgeous little girl. :)

I'm so happy you got to hold your little angel. :)

Jamie said...

John, C,

I am really happy things are going great with the both of you. John, you look so proud there holding her little hand. There is nothing better in this world then knowing you created a new life. I can't wait to meet the little one.


Autumn's Mom said...

Aww pictures!!! I'm so glad you got to hold her C. How lovely. Holy crap what a scare in the shower. YIKES. Glad everything is ok. One day at a time. Sometimes, it's one hour at a time. I like J's idea about choosing a name of your favorite children's charactor for the baby here on the blog :)

Cherry said...

Oh! Retained Placenta. My friend went through that but she was at home. Scared her crazy! So glad you were at the hospital already.

How are YOU doing? Are you healing up well?

I can only imagine the frustrations with pumping. Has your milk come in... too personal huh? ok nevermind.

Tiny cute thing! Thank you so much for sharing photos! My husband's cousin's wife is a NICU nurse and she gave us a tour of where she works. Poor Eric couldn't take it, while I was totally fascinated and just wanted to smile at the little cute faces. Eric couldn't get past the tubes and wires.

How exciting that you got to hold her! I'm sorry hubby wasn't there for that. Wow, she is really a fighter. And that skin to skin contact will make her so much stronger. cutey patuty.

jan said...

I've never seen a baby so tiny or even pictures. This has been a real education. What a lot of courage life is demanding of you right now.

Deb said...

she is beautful! I am so happy for you. And I am glad you got the placenta thing taken care of. lol. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay pictures! I can't believe how small her tiny hands are when she's holding Daddy's finger. Amazing. She's just beautiful, C! EA

Sharon - Mom Generations said...

I am smiling through great big tears! The joy is just overflowing to SEE your little baby birdie! She looks HUGE to me... and so healthy... such beautiful color in her cheeks!

I don't know if I ever told you this... but Audrey was 5 weeks early. Of course that was only 5 weeks, but it was 30 1/2 years ago... so 5 weeks was pretty emotional for us. She weighed 4 lbs, 9 oz. and spent 2 weeks in the little emergency unit they had back then at my hospital. I tried to nurse her... I tried to pump... but she would only drink formula from a teeny tiny bottle... so I just gave in to her! When my milk really came in... well, you've heard the stories! All these decades later, you would never know that Audrey arrived so early...

I am thinking about all of you! I am praying giant prayers for your little darling and her continued strength. She sounds like a little fighter... smart and sassy... just like her mommy!

You will blink your eyes and it will be time to bring her home... enjoy each each each moment now. Try to rest. And just embrace the love and the miracle of your precious daughter!

Much love... Sharon

caninecologne said...

Your daughter is adorable!!! So cute! So tiny! I had a great time chatting with you last night - my goodness, after all you've been through. i am just glad that you and the baby are all right!!!

Justagirl said...

Awww!!!! Congratulations! I've been reading your blog for awhile. Looks like things are slowly getting better and better. The baby is so cute!

lisaschaos said...

Crazy roller coaster of a ride you're having. But your little girl is PRE-CIOUS! :)

Cherry said...

Ohh! I like Sharon's nickname for her Baby Birdie or just Birdie! :-)

HUGS! Hope you are getting some rest out of the hospital tonight!

Uncivil said...

She is so precious. Reminds me of my little niece Ameron when she was in NICU over 16 years ago.
It's like witnessing a miracle everytime I see a newborn.

Jeanna said...

Wow, my cousin had a premie that tiny and today she is a happy, healthy kid and a real wild child.
Amazing photos, thanks!

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