Friday, November 07, 2008

Because I Have Nothing Better To Do With My Time

...other than be a couch bed potato. Get it? Mmmmkay, so I'm not that funny after all.

Since I have to be on hospital bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy, I've had ample time to do things I probably wouldn't have otherwise had the chance to do...Watch movies, complete seasons of certain TV shows, surf the internet for lengthy periods of time, take naps, and read books! It's not as glamorous as it sounds, people :)

Anyway, I've got some reviews to share:

I had been meaning to watch Juno for the longest time, but for some reason never got around to seeing it. I don't really know what I was expecting from the movie, but I was pleasantly (and oddly) surprised.

The story is of Juno, a sixteen year old high school girl, who for some reason decides to have sex with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker and ends up getting pregnant. The film follows the months and seasons of her pregnancy. She decides that she cannot go through with an abortion and ends up finding a young couple who are desperate to adopt her baby.

The movie is a cute and quirky one. The characters are quite likable. Though I did like the fact that Juno McGuff was a very independent thinker and full of crazy quirks, I had a rough time with the language. I know that sounds weird. I think it's because the entire movie had Juno and her friends using "teenage" language and slang. This is going to sound really snooty of me, but being an English teacher, I had a hard time with this. It's not that I didn't understand the slang, it's just that it irks me when...ah, never mind! ;)

All in all a very enjoyable film.

I had no idea that this movie was going to be a tear jerker! Will Smith really amazes me. I remember back when he was that goofy, happy-go-lucky guy on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I questioned whether he'd be pretty much type-casted as a goofy character in all his movies, but he really did turn out to be a very talented and versatile actor. He can play serious roles as well as he can do comedy. Impressive.

The movie is about Chris Gardner and his pursuit of happiness. I was surprised to see that the movie was based on the true story of a sometimes homeless bone density scanner salesman turned stockbroker.

Chris deals with the hardships of homelessness, debt, caring for his son with very little money to live on, and his son's mother leaving him.

Big Love (TV series)
My friend, T lent me Season One of the HBO TV show about the Henricksons, a Salt Lake City, Utah polygamist family. The family consists of Bill, his three wives (Barb, Nicki and Margene) and their combined family of seven children. We get a glimpse into their lives as they try to live their lifestyle while struggling to keep it a secret.
I only watched episodes one and two today and can honestly say that I am addicted to the show. I don't know why I'm just so fascinated by this fictional Mormon fundamentalist family's polygamist lifestyle. I was surprised shocked that there were so many sex scenes in the episodes! Not that I'm a prude or anything, but I just wasn't expecting it! How many times did I see Bill Paxton's butt?!

I have to say that Chloe Sevigny kind of freaks me out. She's just such an odd character.

Canine Cologne, Fancy Pantsy Momma, and Deb are the ones who are guilty of creating a Twilight addict. I've read the first three books and have one more to go to complete the series. I read devoured the three books in less than four days. Crazy, considering the books are pretty hefty! Eclipse is over 600 pages, but the story is so good that you don't want to put it down.

So far, my favourite out of the series. Twilight is the first book in Stephenie Meyer's vampire/fantasy/romance series for young adults. The story follows the life of Bella Swan, a teenage girl who falls in love with an incredibly handsome, mysterious boy at her school, who happens to be a vampire. Edward is a rare breed though. He is one of very few vampires who drink the blood of animals instead of humans.

Bella's life is put in danger when she falls in love with her "vegetarian vampire". The scent of her blood is far too strong and too attractive to other vampires and a clan of three vampires set out to drink her blood.

What I enjoyed about this book was the love story of Bella and Edward. This is the book that got me ROBsessed...thanks to Canine! I think I've turned into one of those obsessed fans!

New Moon
Probably my least favourite of the books so far. Edward and the rest of his family (the Cullens) leave Forks because Edward is afraid he is constantly putting Bella's life in danger. In Edward's absense, a heartbroken and depressed Bella befriends Jacob Black. Jacob happens to be a werewolf...a mortal enemy of the vampires.

A lot of exciting and interesting situations develop, but I don't want to spoil the story for you if you haven't already read the book.

I think the reason I didn't really enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the first book was because I was constantly wondering "When is Edward coming back???". He was absent from much of the second book. It was mostly about Bella and Jacob.

I got really annoyed with Bella (which is funny, because I do realize that she's a fictional character!). I suppose Stephenie Meyer did a great job in seeing the story from a teenage girl's point of view though.

An army of newborn vampires threatens Bella's safety. The Cullen family make it their duty to keep Bella safe. All the while, Bella struggles between choosing her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob.
Some interesting events take place (again, I'm not going to ruin the plot for you), but the third book left me still rather annoyed with Bella. You'll see why if you read the story.

I'm looking forward to reading the last book. I truly hope I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first. The books are written for young adults, but has become quite popular with *ahem* "older" readers like myself ;) The writing style is light and the story is "gripping". It keeps you wanting more and that would explain why it's not hard to read an entire book in one day.

What I'm even more excited about is this...
The movie is coming out soon! Too bad I'm on hospital bed rest! :( Anyone want to go see it and illegally record it on video for me?

Of course I'm kidding!!! I'd never ask anyone to do that!


Dina said...

i saw both Juno and the pursuit of happyness.
LOVED the latter but wasn't that thrilled with the former! i guess i was expecting hugely great things from Juno given all the hype and when i finally saw if i didn't get what the big deal was. Although the acting was well done and the story cute i just didn't love it like i thought i would!
POH was awesome and i am so happy that it is a true story!

Deb said...

Love all your reviews! Juno is so refreshing and fun with a good lesson on life. Pursuit of Happiness is great...and yes, a total tear jerker! someone should have warned you and your hormones. :)

oh, goodness, twilight, edward, bella, and rob...I am so with you on all of these!! and yes, the second book is my least favorite too! probably for the same reasons. and yes, bella is VERY irritating in books 2 & 3...and you just wait until book will be livid at one point!!!

I am buying my tickets today to see the movie when it comes out on the 21st...I would so record it and send you a bootleg copy...but, I am kind of a rule follower. Sorry. :)

Enjoy your readings and movie watching. I can't wait until I hear what you have to say about book 4. yay!

C said...

Yes, I enjoyed Juno but I think I was expecting a bit more since the movie was so hyped up. Everyone was raving about the movie that my expectations were kind of high. It was a good movie though. Cute, quirky...I wouldn't say it was excellent though.

Ellen Page is a cutie.

C said...

Soooo true! No one told me how much of a tear jerker TPOH was! Plus, with pregnancy and hormones...even more so! LOL!

Oh, I am so glad you feel the same way about Bella! I was beginning to feel like a freak for getting so mad at a fictional character! Seriously, she had me wanting to shake her silly at some points in books 2 and 3!

You mean she gets even more irritating in book 4? Gah. Frustrating! Then again, she is a teenage girl! LOL! :)

Waiting for Hubby to come visit me. Hopefully he'll remember to bring the 4th book for me. After I finish that one, I'm going to read the manuscript online from Edward's point of view. Have you read that one yet?

C said...

Oh, ditto on the being a rule follower! :) I would be too scared to even think of illegally recording a movie at the cinema! Plus, there's that whole issue about having morals too. *sigh*

Autumn's Mom said...

Juno was great. A friend was taking Autumn to see Twilight and she's buying our tickets today. I've decided to go. Hope to read the book before then. Autumn really enjoyed them, I think the first and last the best. Be careful what you say on may end up with a bootleg copy of the movie!! hahaha I won't tell.

C said...

LOL @ the bootleg movie thing! :)
I know. I'd better be careful of what I say on here! ;p

I am sooooooooooooooo jealous that you guys are seeing the movie!!! I still cannot believe that I'm in Toronto and I can't even go out and do anything! Grrr.

Oh, well. It's all worth it in the end...RIGHT? :)

LOL! Word verification= euranis! Sounds awfully close to "your anus" to me. Sorry, that was bad. I think I've been on bed rest and left alone too long! LOL! ;p

japanmanpete said...

That little one of yours really knows how to keep you on your toes!

Good to hear you are in good spirits, mate.

I have not seen any of those films you mentioned. Shawshank Redemption is on my top ten list. I haven't seen anything new in a while since it is expensive at the pictures in Japan.

Keep well.

caninecologne said...

Hi C!
i loved Juno. I just watched it a few months ago. Loved the dialogue too. one of my friends said that I reminded him of Juno. I said, "What, that I'm a chick that would be dumb enough to get Uh, no, actually it's the way she talks and the music that she likes"...."Ohhh...". Well, I consider that a compliment. I guess I have that quirky air about me. i liked the obscure references to music and film in there as well.

Loved Juno's best friend too, Olivia Thirlby. "Hey do you think the baby will scratch your vadge with it's nails on the way out?" (or something). ha ha. sorry I had to throw that in there!

Sorry but Jason Bateman's character - kinda creepy!!! remember him as the Ricker's best friend on Silver Spoons? ha ha.

Being the fangirl that I am, I ALREADY bought my tickets online for "Twilight". Like, last Friday when they were first available. Yeah. I've got the 10 am showing on Friday 11/21 to watch with my gay boyfriend, then a night showing the next day with a girl friend. I'm also going to go on Sunday with yet another friend (but she's got the tickets for that). already know what's going to happen, having seen all the behind the scenes clips on various websites/youtube, etc. Plus I read the script - it's pretty faithful to the book, but there is no way to make the movie exactly like the book. it would actually be kind of boring because Bella can get kind of monotonous at times. I don't mind watching it more than once. I pay attention to details and a 2nd and 3rd viewing will only aid my eidetic memory.

EURANIS - FUNNY AS HELL!!!!! (insert Beavis and Butthead laughter here)

the word verification is:

C said...

I love that! You go to "the pictures"!?!?! Here, we say that we go to "the movies".

C said...

Before I forget, the verification word for this one is: feminista. Isn't that funny?!

When I wrote "euranis"/your anus, I totally let out a Beavis and Butthead laugh. The poor pregnant lady in the next bed must be so annoyed with me.

Yeah, I thought Juno was a cool girl. I liked that she was really into music. Her knowledge of music was pretty impressive. Jason Bateman's character totally freaked me out though.

At one point, I thought that he was going to make a pass at her or something. You know, in that scene where they were dancing together? Creepy, creepy guy.

HAHA! Juno's BFF was too funny! I let out a chuckle when she said that thing about the baby scratching its way out of her vadge.

Know what's even funnier? I've been around moms at the hospital for a week now, and I've learned something REALLY interesting. Moms have no qualms about talking about even the most disgusting things! Like "Oh man! I just squirted milk!" or "My nips are so huge now!". At first, I was like...OMG!!! Funny how one's inhibitions go right out the window when expecting. I mean, all the talk I've heard about vajayjays this week...unreal!!! LOL!

caninecologne said...

i forgot to put "knocked up" in my quote....(as in a girl dumb enough to be knocked up).

how areyou holding up?

i finally got "The Tudors" first season. actually am borrowing it from a friend. can't wait to watch it. did you know that henry cavill was stephenie meyer's first choice to play Edward? But he was too old by the time auditions came. he's not so bad looking but Rob will do just fine, thank you.

lisaschaos said...

I love Juno! So funny! I know total bed rest is not as fun as it sounds. All this past week I have been in bed with a cold and while I can get up I don't feel like getting up and it's SO boring! But I have read three books and emptied my DVR. :)

C said...

LOL! The word verification is: hupped. I don't know why that just made me laugh.

Henry Cavill, eh? I dunno, man. I'm glad the role went to Rob! He's soooooooo hawwwwwwt! LOL! Can I tell you how many times I've scoured YouTube for more Rob videos? K, sounds kinda stalker-ish, but I'm harmless. I swear! LOL!

Let me know how you like "The Tudors".

I'm doing okay, considering all the stuff going on. Trying to be good and stay in bed and off my feet. The only place I'm allowed to go is to the bathroom, which isn't much fun at all. Otherwise, trying to keep positive. Imagine all the stories I'll have to tell Junior when he or she gets older! LOL!

C said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better now! Which three books did you read?

caninecologne said...

hi c - jonathan rhys-meyers is also in the tudors. he's so "Pretty" but he has that crazed cracked out look in his eyes. scary. henry cavill needsto stay in period pieces - kidding.

i thought it was kind of fkd up that they had the Asian girl speak in broken English..."All babies want to get borned! All babies want to get borned!". Was that awful accent and grammar really necessary? I just wished they could just show an Asian person on film speaking normally and not all stereotypical broken English. you know in real life, that actress probably had to swallow her pride to take that crappy role. okay, i'm fortunetelling there, but i'm just saying.

if you ever get the chance, borrow (or try to get) the DVD boxed set of "Freaks & Geeks" - awesome series that only lasted one season.

word verification - slychi

almost like 'lychee' the fruit. kinda reminds me of an old George Carlin standup bit about combining words. example - a "feminine spray" called "SPRUNT".

Jeanna said...

OMG, I was just dragging me sorry arse to the computer to say "hi" and reccommend some books for you and "Twilight" was at the top of the list. And there you go and list more than I ever could anway. I was going to add "A Lion Among Men" even though I just picked it up yesterday and haven't cracked it open.
Nice movie reviews, I agree with your deductions. Haven't seen Bill Paxton's butt, I mean show.
Also Love:
The Riches
Made In Canada (as you know)
The Shield
Mad Men
for series you may not have seen or seen all of. Maybe I should send you a copy of Jodi's book, it's on Amazon now and I've been meaning to get a few copies. I'm such lazy $#&*.
Word verification is "thrica."

J at said...

I LOVED Juno. I didn't hear the hype, so I didn't know what to expect. I didn't see The Pursuit of Happiness.

Regarding Big Love, if you think you're addicted now, wait until you get to season 2! ACK!

Regarding the vadge comment, um, I felt like that happened. Shhh, don't tell Maya. She'd freak.

Regarding Weeds, I loved that show, it's so smart and well written...and yet, it pisses me off. Here's a beautiful smart woman who cannot think of one other way to make money (or, hello, DOWNSIZE from the house with the jacuzzi, etc.) than to sell drugs? I had trouble getting past that point, and I'm almost as liberal as they come. If you can get past that, it's a very good show. Great dialogue, great twists and turns.

J at said...

This is J's daughter Maya.

First of all, hi! I hear a lot about you and my mom's other online friends, but then again, I guess we're even, because I talk about my online friends a lot, as well.

I hadn't seen the trailer that you put up for Twilight before, and I was exited that there's a new one, except, it was a little overdramatic. Hehe... :D

I loved all the books, Twilight and Breaking Dawn being my favorites.

And, I, as well, didn't like New Moon very much, although it was okay. I wanted to stab Jacob repeatedly with a butter knife, so as to prolong the death process.

Have you gotten to when the character of Leah has been introduced? I thought that Leah and Jacob would end up together, eventually, but that's just my opinion (plus I'm backed by my friends Robyn and Madison, who I talked to a lot during my friend Micheala's birthday party. Oh! And, Emmy and Maya... yes, it's weird that I have a friend named Maya, are at the same point as you in the book, and I gave them a major spoiler, which I won't repeat again, at the risk of being virtually hit.)

So... yeah. I was exited by your blog post, and really, really, really, reeeeaaaalllyyyy... want to see Twilight now. Moreso than before.

Sorry that this is so long, and bye. :)

Cherry said...

Ok I just have to say that I had never heard of the Twilight series until you wrote about them. I know, I live under a rock.
I'm a big fan of any book that gets kids as excited about reading as these apparently have.

Oh, and I loved Juno. LOVED IT! And I haven't seen the Will Smith movie. And we were watching Big Love, got really hooked at first, but Eric would be strangely stressed watching it so we stopped. Apparently Roman reminds him of his grandfather in a way. Freaky! Oh and I just wanted to slap Nicki... just wait, you'll see what I mean if you don't feel that way already.

Word Verification - ounagi
Sounds like Unagi! Mmmm BBQ Eel. I miss Sushi!

C said...

Yeah, I noticed that they totally stereotyped that Asian girl too. I remember feeling kinda upset hearing her say "All babes want to get borned". That's so FOB. Not all Asians speak with broken English. I wonder if her role in the movie was a FOB role. I guess so, since if her role were of an Asian-American girl they wouldn't have made her speak with such a horrible accent and that crazy broken English.

I think that bothered me because a few times I've had experiences where people would tell me "Wow! Your English is really good!". Ummm...My response? "Well, I hope it is! I'm Canadian! WTF did you expect?!?!!" Sorry. I just get really offended when people see that I look Asian and assume I don't speak or understand English. I'm an ESL instructor damn it! LOL!

slychi! Nice! My word verification is reworgui!

C said...

Hi J's daughter,Maya!
Thanks for popping by and saying hello!

I really enjoyed the first book, but really, really got annoyed with Bella in the second and third books. The whole back and forth between Edward and Jacob was frustrating.

Funny you mentioned that whole Leah thing. I also thought Leah and Jacob would get together! That would make sense, right? Well, I guess sometimes not everything in life makes sense. Plus, this is just a book. I think I've gotten so wrapped up in the books. They're just so good that it's hard not to get consumed! Even though I complain about how annoyed I am with Bella and Jacob, I'm still addicted.

I am so excited about the movie. It looks like it will be really good. The only thing I'm sad about is that I won't get to see it when it comes out at the movie theaters! I'm on bed rest! :(

I hope YOU enjoy the movie. Are you going to see it with your mom? If so, I think it would be a neat idea if the two of you posted movie reviews! One from her point of view and one from yours! That would be interesting!

Take care, have a good weekend, and say hi to that amazing mom of yours for me!

C said...

Cool word verification! That DOES sound like "unagi"! LOL! Actually, that's one of the only Japanese things I cannot eat! LOL! I was in Japan with a group of my mature students (a bunch of housewives who wanted to study English) and they took me to a traditional Japanese restaurant. They made me try unagi and I tried to be polite and choke it down. I ended up gagging and barfing it into my napkin. I don't know why. I think it was the texture.


Roman reminds Eric of his grandfather? That IS freaky! That man gives me the creeps. As for's amazing how a fictional character can make someone so mad! LOL! She really, really bothers me. I was watching a few more episodes last night before bed and I kept saying, "Gosh! She really bothers me!" and "I really can't stand that girl!" or "What a freakin' weirdo!" LOL!

Has hospital bed rest gotten to me that much? I mean, first I get annoyed with Bella from "Twilight" and now I really can't stand Nicki from "Big Love"! They're just fictional characters, for goodness sakes! *sigh*

Deb said...

you betcha i read "midnight sun"...the UNFINISHED manuscript of twilight from edwards pov. it is amazing. it is kind of strange reading the same book from a different perspective. but i love edward's pov...and i have a sneaky feeling you will too. i wish stephenie would finish it!!!

C said...

That's so funny! Oh, and thanks for the list! I LOVE Mad Men...although I've only caught a few episodes of it. I think I've only seen 4 or 5. It's on way too late at night and I have a hard time keeping my eyes open after 10PM these days. Being pregnant makes me sleepy all the time! LOL!

kirida said...

I loved Juno and I'm with you on Twilight. However, I though Breaking Dawn was my least favorite of the series. I felt SM really gave up on the details and as someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, I cringed at many moments.

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