Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Little Hero

It's hard to believe that I was still pregnant twelve days ago! I just can't believe that our little one came almost three months earlier than expected. I guess she has big plans of her own.
Photo taken moments after I delivered our little one.

Part of me feels a little sad that she didn't get to stay inside me for longer. The other part of me is glad to know that she is okay and that she is growing strong and healthy. She's now 1060 g and drinking 9 cc of milk every 2 hrs!

Our little one seems to be in a rush for everything. She was eager to meet her mom and dad :) Now that she's here, I can't imagine my life without her. I never knew how emotional I would get just being a parent.

Every moment I spend with her, I think of what a trooper she is. She is so strong and so full of fight. I keep praying that she continues to have the strength she does to grow so that she can come home with us.Maybe it's just me, but I can really see a difference in how she looks now and how she looked just last week! She seems to change every day. She is becoming a little chub chub. I love how her arms, legs, belly, and cheeks seem to be plumping up. I love everything about her.

Her little cry when she's upset just melts my heart. I love how she makes little sucking movements with her mouth when she sleeps. I can never tire of watching her stretch her arms and legs while she sleeps. She is so adorable when she lets out a big yawn.

Today I got to hold her for over an hour. She did well breathing room air. She had her CPAP on, but didn't need much help breathing. She slept on my chest while I sang to her.

I am so in love with my little girlie. I never knew I had the capacity to love this much. Of course, I love Hubby sooooooooo very much, but the love I have for the little one is so hard to describe. It's something so powerful that it makes me cry just thinking of how much I love her.


Autumn's Mom said...

Aww Look how much she's growing and changing :) She's lovely just like her mama. xoxo Thanks for sharing the pics. Keep up your strength missy. Hope you are doing well.

Cherry said...

ohh! I see creases and that means more chub!

I love that you are getting to hold her more now. Those are very special moments.

J at said...

I'm so glad you got to hold her for so long today! That's wonderful, and so healthy and healing for both of you. :)

I remember loving to watch Maya make nursing motions with her little mouth. Cutie.

Thank you for showing us your beautiful girl.

Veronica said...

Don't worry hun, I know exactly how you feel. I love Nathan, but to describe my love for Amy? Just about impossible.

She is gorgeous and definitely getting fatter!

BeachMama said...

Oh my she is growing so fast! And you look fabulous. I hate to tell you this, but the crying because you love your child so much, well it never really goes away. I still do it five years later. I will just have to make sure that when he is older, I hide my crying a little more ;)

jan said...

I still cry when I think how much I love my children and they are bigger than I am now. It never goes away...

Calfkeeper said...

Yep. You never know the joy and PAIN of love until you are a parent. It's not something you can understand until you go through it.

All the best to you and the little one. She's gorgeous!

Karen MEG said...

Oh C, she is getting big and growing so well!!!! That's amazing that you got to hold her for an hour today... she's just beautiful.

You look great in your photo just after delivery, BTW.

There is NOTHING that can compare to a mother's love for her child. It is just different, all encompassing, almost physical, very difficult to describe. And it's natural to be sad that she didn't wait a little longer before she came out. But she's impatient, that's all, just wants to take on that world!!!

And Anna is right, the tears are just getting started. Maybe you should get some stock in Kleenex ;)

C said...

Thank you sooooo much! She IS growing and changing right before my eyes. Pretty crazy!

I'm doing well, but just really exhausted! I hear that I won't be getting much sleep from now on though! ;) LOL!

C said...

Tee hee! The creases are adorable though, aren't they? I love the chub!

Yes, the holding part is the highlight of my day. She is such a sweet baby.

C said...

So true about the holding being healthy and healing for mom and baby. The nurses really encourage "skin to skin", but in the beginning I was so afraid to hold her because she is so little. Now I can't get enough!

C said...

:) Isn't it amazing how much love one can have for another human being? There's just something so powerful and special about the love a mother has for her baby/babies.

C said...

Beach Mama:
Oh, I am so glad you said that the feeling is normal! I just tear up thinking of her, being near her, holding her. It's such an overwhelming feeling to have that little person in your arms and know that she's YOUR baby. It's amazing! She was IN me and now I'm holding her! Crazy!

I'm constantly in tears and it's not from being sad or missing's more tears of happiness, shock and amazement. I'm in awe of every little thing she does.

C said...

I think I now know what my mom was referring to when she told me "Just wait until you have kids of your own and then you'll know what I mean".

C said...

Calf Keeper:
You are so right :) I still can't get over how much one can feel for another person. My daughter is my life right now (of course, so is Hubby!). Hard to believe she arrived nearly two weeks ago. My life has been forever changed.

C said...

I soooooooo understand what you said. It's so true!

BTW, my aunt said she saw you again at the gym. Whenever you're not too busy, you and Little G can hop on over to the NICU and visit us. You know where we'll be ;) LOL! We'll be here for a while!

louann said...

I'm so proud of you C! You are a great Mom. I think its awesome how much of a "fighter" she is!

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