Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kinda boring really

I promise that I'll post something non-pregnancy related for tomorrow's NaBloPoMo. I know all the updates on bed rest, Junior, my pregnancy, my hospital experience, and my crazy pregnant state of mind must be getting pretty old by now :)Telling Mom fiddled around with my banner and came up with the above. Too cute :) Thanks for making me smile, Rosie!

Here's the latest scoop:

*I had an ultrasound today. I'll be getting one every week to see how things are going "inside". Junior looks great! I cannot believe how much he or she has grown! A few weeks ago, his or her limbs looked like little sticks, and today they look like they have plumped up quite a bit!

*The baby is head down. His or her bum is on my right side and the feet are up high. This explains the strong kicks high in the belly that sort of catch me by surprise sometimes. It's the coolest sensation to feel your baby kick like mad. It's not so great when you're trying to sleep and all of a sudden get winded by a sucker punch in the gut! At the same time, each kick I feel is reassuring that baby is active and strong.
The above photo was from an e-mail I received. This is not my belly. The source was not indicated and it wasn't copyrighted. I just thought it was funny. Sometimes when the baby kicks, it feels like I've got a little alien inside me. In the past two days, I have actually seen the movement. I think it's a little foot that pokes at my belly, but I can't be sure. Obviously, it doesn't look like the photo, but it's still quite amusing. It's more like a little wave or ripple effect.

*I saw an amazingly clear image of Junior's face during the ultrasound! Oh my goodness! I'm in love already! Toooooo cute!!!

*I've been at Mount Sinai Hospital for a week and I've already had three roommates.

*I've got a really funny yet embarrassing story I'd like to blog about, but I want to find out if there is any way that I can "password protect" the post first so not everyone can read it. Does anyone know if Blogger allows for "password protected" posts?

*We're 27 weeks pregnant. That means we made it another week!

*The cervix is still effaced. Basically, the goal now is to keep the baby in for as long as possible. There isn't much else anyone can do. Bed rest it is then!

*No one knows why the cervix is effaced. Sometimes it just happens. My new roomie is 24 weeks pregnant with twins (one boy and one girl). Not only is her cervix effaced, but she has also lost her mucus plug and has had some bleeding. I was surprised at how many pregnancy issues there are out there and how many women there are who don't have perfect pregnancies. I always thought that one just got pregnant and then popped out a baby 9 months later. Complications? What's that? Oh, I am so naive.

*I never ever intended to post anything too personal about my life. I don't even use people's real names on the blog. However, this time I felt the need to share. The blog has been a way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, concerns, and worries. It has also helped me by having the support of those who do read my blog. I also hope that in a way, the baby/hospital/bed rest/preemie posts help others going through the same thing.
Thanks everyone!


C's Hubby said...

Congrats on making it one week at Mt. Sinai.
I love hearing all the news.

Karen MEG said...

I'm glad that you're sharing C; I actually found once I got a little more personal, my writing got a bit more passionate, especially about the intensely personal stuff.

You're doing great, hang in there, such a trooper! And I've heard about parents and their baby pix, but this is just ridiculous with Jr LOL (just kidding, I think that's so great that you're getting frequent updates!!)

Looking 4ward to seeing you real soon, 'kay?

C said...

Hi honey! I guess you don't need to call me tonight since you got the update from the blog! :) Just kidding! Why haven't you called me yet? It's after 8PM!

You missed the ultrasound today. I got to see Junior's FACE! Incredible how much one can see from the ultrasound!

Talk to you soon. Love you! XO

C said...

So you think I should continue sharing? :)

Thanks for your kind words, Karen and for your encouragement! I can't wait to see you, Liam and Little G! XO

Momisodes said...

Congrats for reaching 27 weeks! I am so glad to hear that baby looks great and is fattening up a little in there :) I'm also glad to hear he/she is head down.

You're doing awesome C! Hang in there. I'm still thinking and praying for you both every day.

Veronica said...

Yay for ultrasounds! I think blogger does password protected posts, but am not sure. Will have a look on my old blog and see if I can figure it out and let you know.

Nope, I don't think you can. Silly Blogger.

J at said...

ACK! That picture freaked me out! It was too cute, but I'm guessing it's fake. Sigh.

When I was pregnant with Maya, she used to kick me right in the cervix, at least, that's how it felt. It HURT! And I was so scared that she would kick her way out of there. Scary. I had the easiest pregnancy ever, and still, it was scary and it sucked.

Sounds like your baby is coming soon. Hold on as long as you can, and then trust that things will be ok. ACK! I'm thinking of you honey.

By the way, I was way premature, almost 43 years ago, and though I had a rough start and my mom did some crying, I turned out FINE. :)

mrinz said...

Hang on in there Chrissy - you are doing so well!

There is a kinship with other women when you are all cooped up in hospital isn't there.

I am still friends with a woman who was in the next bed to me for nearly two weeks in hospital and that was 28 years ago!

C said...

Awww :) Thanks for being such a pal! Your encouragement and positive thoughts have been really great. Thanks so much!
Like you said before, every extra week in there counts! :)

C said...

I cannot believe how many ultrasounds this baby is getting! Before I was on bed rest, I had 5 ultrasounds (one a month) and now that I'll be bed rest bound, I'll be having one every WEEK! I'm not complaining though! I just LOVE seeing the little one! So exciting! :)

C said...

How premature were you when you were born? Thanks for sharing that with me. It makes me feel A LOT better...because we all know how well YOU turned out! ;)

It DOES sound like the baby is getting ready to come, doesn't it? Head down (and he or she has been like that for over a week now and hasn't flipped over), cervix thinning...AND (okay, this is going to sound gross to some) I've discovered the mucus stuff has come already! GAH! I'm hoping if I keep my feet up and my legs closed, this baby won't pop out any time soon! HAHA@ Okay, I laugh and joke about it now, but it's still kind of scary!

C said...

I remember you mentioning being friends with the woman you shared your hospital room with. That is really special. You are so right about the kinship between women who are in the hospital together.

I've got two other moms in particular who come see me every day because they can walk around and I can't. They have made my stay so much easier. I think just the social interaction helps! I've had three roommates so far. All were very nice. My current one is Vietnamese and doesn't speak a word of English. Being an ESL teacher, I suppose I can make the effort and try to interact with her. I have spoken to her a bit, but to be honest, I'm much too drained to make the effort. Sounds bad, doesn't it? It feels like "work" to me.

Maybe later today I'll try to engage in conversation with her. It must be hard to be on hospital bed rest and have no one to talk to, PLUS have a language barrier. That must feel pretty isolated.

lisaschaos said...

Well C, you are the first person for me to know with complications. :) You're just lucky! :)

Jeanna said...

You realize I'll be having nightmares from that photo for a month.
I love this word ver.
I may start a blog by that name. Or a short story. Ha, who am I kidding.

J at said...

Hey C, I don't know how premature I was, because my mom wasn't sure when I was conceived. I think I was due in early/mid Feburary, and I was born on New Years Eve. Back then, I was crazy early, and much too small to survive. I was 5lbs, 3oz, and my aunt overheard some nurses in the hallway saying how sad it was that I was going to die!!! Of course, she didn't tell my mom she had heard that until I was about 2.

By modern standards, I was hardly premature at all. I did have some trouble eating and breathing, but I didn't have the steroids, and you know what? I didn't get to go home right away, but I did get to go home, and yeah, I'm fine. And I'm just as big and strong as anyone else around me. So there. ;)

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