Monday, November 10, 2008


Many of you already know that we were worried about Junior being born prematurely. On Thursday, I was experiencing a bit of cramping and a lot of mucus. I know this probably way TMI, but my panties were drenched with fluid. I didn't think it was my water breaking, because from all the movies I've seen, when a woman's water breaks, it gushes! There was no gushing.

Anyway, I mentioned my concerns to the doctor and she checked me out. Immediately from the speculum, she said I had to go to "Labour and Delivery". There was a lot of mucus and of course, my cervix was already a bit open. She was worried that the baby might get an infection. It would be dangerous for Mom and Baby if this happened. Gah! We're a few days short of 28 weeks! We couldn't possibly be having the baby NOW!

Off to L&D we went. Thankfully, Hubby was with me over the weekend. I said maybe it was a blessing that he was able to make it this weekend. He almost didn't come!

While in L&D, I had a battery of tests done (Ultrasounds, blood work, and even an amniocentesis)! I'm scared of needles and always dreaded having to get an amniocentesis. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though.

The docs in L&D wanted to avoid having to induce me. They wanted to see if there was indeed an infection inside the fluid surrounding the baby. If Baby was in danger, then they'd deliver early. If not, they'd treat the infection and try to keep Baby inside for as long as they could and monitor us closely.

I was in L&D for over 24 hours. No signs of infection inside or around Junior's 'living area' and Junior looks fantastic. This little guy (or girl) is really active and strong. We were hooked up to the fetal monitor all night just in case something went wrong and Junior's condition all of a sudden took a nosedive.

To answer your questions, we almost delivered the baby yesterday. Can you imagine???Thankfully we get to keep the little bambino inside for a bit longer.

Just to make sure there is no infection, I'll be on IV for the next seven days. *sigh* I had one night of being hooked up on an IV and it was brutal. Hubby had to help me with everything! Yes, even with going to the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Gross blog sis.
But thankfully both you and Junior are doing well, man has this ever been a crazy ride for you guys eh?

Lele, Kenny and I are thinking of you guys and we send ALL of our love =)

Miss you and call if you're bored.


PS Thanks JM aka Big Papi for being there for my sis. You don't know how much that means to me.

Veronica said...

You have got no idea how relieved I am to hear that you are still pregnant and that you are both okay.


Anonymous said...

Great news Christine that things are working had us all scared there for a bit.
Take care

caninecologne said...

hi C! Thank God that you and ior are okay! i was so worried. then i got your emails earlier and I was wondering, hey, did she have the baby or what? why is she even emailing me? ha ha.

but seriously, i was riveted for any news about your condition and it's a big relief that you and the baby are okay (hopefully your husband too!).

Hang in there!!!!! I'm rooting for you and the baby!

ps - i thought this was interesting:
President Elect Obama is also reading the Twilight Series (it's on MTV's blog) with his daughter (presumably the older one, Malia, who's 10). I would hope it's not 7 year old Sasha! Personally, I think 10 is a little young to be reading those books!

caninecologne said...

oops. it should say "Junior" not "ior"

J at said...

OH, what a relief! We've been on pins and needles out here in California.

Good luck hon, we're thinking of you.

Cherry said...

YAY! I'm so relieve. So the amnio was clear? Did they run any of the genetic tests on the fluid since they had already collected it? You don't have to tell us of course, I'm just curious. :-)

How scary. We've all been thinking of you guys and waiting for an update. I'm very glad that hubby was there this weekend.


Thanks for thinking of us and keeping us updated. Honestly I'm amazed but very grateful for the updates!

C said...

Hey, bro! Thank you :) It has been a pretty crazy ride so far! This said, whenever I feel the little one moving and kicking inside me or hear the heartbeat, I momentarily forget all the other stuff :)

Thanks for the love and thanks for checking out the blog. Today's post WAS gross, eh? LOL!

P.S. Don't tell Ma and Pa I have a blog, k?

C said...

Thank you! Me toooooooo! What a pretty scary 24+ hrs it has been!

Thanks :) I can't explain how scared I was! I'm so glad Hubby was able to be here. I was pretty much in hysterics...though I know that probably wasn't the best thing!

Ellie said...

Christine I have been on pins and needles waiting to hear news, and I know have ladies from church adding you and junior to their prayer lists. I am glad that things are okay and Junior is still tucked in tight. Ugh, I totally remember having an IV for 3 days when I had Devin ( antibiotics for an emergency D&C after his birth) and it was awful. So loads of sympathy for you for enduring that!!
Big hugs for you!

C said...

LOL! I realized after I replied to your e-mail that you might have been wondering what on earth was going on! "Did she have the baby??", "Why is she e-mailing me if she was in Labour and Delivery?" LOL!

Wow! Cool that Obama is reading "Twilight"! I think 10 is a bit young though. I'm going to let my niece read it when I'm done, but she's already 13. I think that's an okay age for the seies. I used to read "Sweet Valley High" when I was her age. Then I read "Flowers in the Attic" and other V.C. Andrews books. Years later, I was obsessed with Anne Rice books!

C said...

Thanks so much for thinking of us. Means a lot! XO

Apart from this stinkin' IV in my arm, I'm doing okay :) I'm just happy that Junior is great :)That was scary. Imagine...I almost had a baby yesterday! Yikes! 12 weeks too soon!

Anonymous said...

Phew, I am so glad Junior is still
growing safely inside you where he or she is best off for now!!

C said...

Yes, they ran all the tests for the amnio and everything regarding the baby was great! No infections in the amniotic sac, there was still a lot of fluid. It looked intact, but there could have been a small leak, hence the wet panties (sorry, TMI!)!

I'm actually surprised Hubby and I have been able to keep updating the blog! It's NaBloPoMo and I don't want to miss a day! LOL! I know...I'm crazy! ;)

C said...

How did you cope with being on IV for 3 days? I'm dreading the next 7 days! *groan*

Now I'm on IV, wearing a hospital gown AND compression stockings! Nice! LOL!

Thank you for thinking of us! xoxo

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm glad you are still updating. My nails are down to their NUBS. Stay heathly. You've got a big ol support system out here in CA. xoxo

C said...

Thank you! What a relief it was that the doc weighed both sides and decided to see what happens if the baby is left inside. He warned us of the risks for both and we agreed on keeping baby "in". What scary decisions to make!

C said...

Thank you! Big hugs to you guys. Your support is so appreciacted!

mrinz said...

Wow - up and down - what a roller coaster ride you guys are on!
Good to hear that all is well.

Don Mills Diva said...

Oh my God!

I was sure Junior would have been born when I saw you in my feeder.

It's great they can keep him/ her in a little longer...

Rosie : ) said...

Woah, Junior tried to surprise you! Well, thankfully he/she is still happily in there, growing and getting stronger for Mom. :)

Now I think it's time I went and dyed my hair, I think I gianed a few grey hairs over this last bit of excitment. ;)

Jeanna said...

Whew. Nice photos, must have been fun to take, I can just see you looking at the IV.

caninecologne said...

hi c! yes, keep the baby in for as long as you can. i hope you are feeling okay despite all that's happened. re: your husband had to do everything----hey, that's what they're there for. you are a lucky girl. that's true love right there!

fyi - i just started "Dead Until Dark" (2001) by Charlaine Harris. It's "The Southern Vampire Series" that HBO's new show "True Blood" is based on(about vampires - i don't have HBO so I haven't seen it yet - will wait for the DVD or watch it on instead). There are 8 books so far and the next one comes out next year. Depending on if I like this first book, I might just borrow/buy the rest of the books.

It's set in the South and Vampires are part of regular society. They drink synthetic human blood made in Japan. The main character, barmaid Sookie Stackhouse can read minds - except for a handsome vampire that comes into her workplace one day. I'm halfway done and so far, it's pretty good. The book isn't "chaste" either. In the TV show, Sookie is played by Anna Paquin, yes - the little girl in "The Piano" (aka the Harvey Keitel gets Nekkid movie - ugh). Sorry, but the vampire is played by some really fugly dude. Rob Pattinson he is NOT.

word verification:

keep us all posted on your progress!

Dina said...

THANK GOD everything is okay. I have been thinking about you constantly for the past 24 hours.

Sounds like JR knows where he/she is best off for now!!

Anonymous said...

so glad to hear everything is ok!! I'm sure you heard that it snowed on 'the Island' today! and it stayed on the ground, but more importantly Junior stayed in.. go little one! yay!


Karen MEG said...

I've been on pins and needles and hesitant to call you yesterday... what a relief!!!

Girl, you are bringing me too much excitement these days!!!

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