Thursday, March 26, 2009

There Goes My Heart

For the past few days, I’ve been admiring the deer in our back field. They are so beautiful and so graceful. What majestic creatures they are.

This morning, while we were having breakfast, Hubby ran to the living room window and then reached for the binoculars. “We’ve got wolves”, he said in a low voice. “Let me see! Let me see!” I rushed over to the big picture window with Little One in my arms.

Sure enough, two LARGE wolves were scouting the field. I was mesmerized. Being a city girl, this isn’t something I see often. WOLVES! Not only that, but wolves in our field! The wolves were beautiful though. They wouldn’t do any harm to us. We’re the ones who have encroached on nature’s environment and the animals are doing what they’re supposed to do. Plus, wolves don’t want to be around us any more than we want to be around them. I could deal with that…admiring them from a distance (and from behind a glass window)!

This afternoon, while I was nursing my hungry little milk monster, something made me turn toward the window. I looked out and saw about a dozen deer gliding across the field. They were prancing so elegantly, almost like they were dancing across the snow laced ground. Their white tails swayed up and down as they pranced.

Then I thought, “Why are they running?” I immediately thought Chance was being curious and chasing deer again. It wasn’t the pup though. One of the wolves from this morning was hot on the deer’s trail. I stood in horror as I watched what looked like something from a National Geographic documentary. The deer began to split up. They no longer ran together. Some went toward the bush and some scattered to the left field. The wolf continued its chase.

There was a lump in my throat as I watched from my living room window. I know that this is all part of nature. It’s survival of the fittest. I also realize that we do need natural predators to control the population of certain species. Wolves would go for the weaker animals or the sick, right? It doesn’t make it any easier for a faint-hearted city girl like me.*Photo of the deer in our back field- taken by me.*


Anonymous said...

OMG that's so cool! and heartbreaking at the same time! There are tons of dear here also, and last year there was a baby black bear! BUT WOLVES! I'm sure they were quite magistic! Hope little one is doing well. I love seeing how BIG she's getting. Tata for now...

Shannon said...

I do love having deer in the yard. If I saw a wolf I would get my gun for some target practice!! Pretty or not, they are cold hearted killers! I hope your deer made out o.k.

Cherry said...

You are certainly not in the city anymore!
Very exciting day!

C said...

The first year I moved to the Island I saw a black bear. Actually, I saw two. The second one I saw was probably a yearling. I was driving my mom somewhere and on the side of the road there was this funny looking dog. Ummm...that dog was actually a bear! LOL! My mom and I were both like, "Wow! That's the weirdest looking dog I've ever seen!" Oh's a bear! LOL! Can you tell we never saw a bear before (except on TV or the zoo!)?

C said...

Do you have a gun? Hubby does, as many of the farmers here do (to protect their livestock). I don't like the idea of having a gun in the house. I don't think he's used his gun since we've been married. If so, he hasn't told me! I'm such a wuss. I get woozy when the hunters are here for hunting season.

I need a thicker skin to be a farmer's wife. I cried my eyes out when one of the heifers and her calf died in childbirth last year. I even bawled my eyes out when my cat (Trouble) got caught on the fence and died :( I also cried when my dad's Jack Russell killed and ate my prize German Beauty (show pigeon). My dad no longer has that dog.

C said...

LOL! For some reason when you just said that I thought of "You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!" ;p

When Hubby came in for supper, I told him about what I saw. He said, "Wow! You're really lucky! Not many people get to SEE that happen!"

I guess wolves hunting deer happens all the time. We just don't see it much. I wouldn't say I was lucky though. It was really sad. I wonder if the wolves got lucky?

Here's a secret. Whenever the hunters come for hunting season, I always secretly pray that they don't get anything! ;p

Veronica said...

OH wow! I would love to be living where you are just for the wolves!

Jeanna said...

Eek, not even coyotes, eh? There are many of those sorry critters around here. I guess you're outta the city now, woman.

C said...

Hubby tells me they were Timber Wolves. They really are beautiful...from a distance!

C said...

LOL! You are so right. I meant to say earlier that "we're not in Kansas anymore, TOTO" and not Dorothy! Hey, The Wizard of Oz was on last night. Funny! I love that movie.

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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