Friday, May 29, 2009

Before I Became a Mom

Before I became a Mom...

I never understood what my Mommy friends meant when they said "We have to work around the baby's nap time".

I never realized how truly wonderful it could feel to have your little one wrap their tiny hands around your finger.

I never knew how exhausting it could be having a newborn.

I never knew that babies have different cries for their different needs.

I never knew how frustrating it can be to not know what your baby wants even after she/he has been changed and fed.

I never knew that all the frustration in the world could melt away once your baby looks at you and gives you a big, drool-faced smile.

I never knew how sweet babies' breath smelled.

I never realized how stinky baby poop could be!

I never knew the thrill of witnessing baby's "firsts"! From discovering her own hands to realizing she has a voice (and that she can use it!) finding out she can roll from her tummy to her back.

I never knew that the laughter and coos of your child sounded like music to one's ears. True magic.

I never thought I'd get all choked up just because my baby is growing up.
I never realized how much love I could have for another human being (other than my husband).
I never knew how all encompassing, all consuming the love one has for their baby can be.

Her sweet smile just melts all the problems in the world away.
She loves to snuggle in her Maman Kangourou.

Her legs are non-stop moving! When she hears music, she just kicks away! She's always drooling. She's smiling more and more. Her "vocabulary" (by which, we mean the sounds, cries and coos she makes) multiplies by the day. Her hands are getting busy! Before, she was touching, swatting, and hitting things, but it seemed almost accidental. Now it seems as though she is much more aware of the world around her.She's also starting to get a bit clingy and a little demanding, but nonetheless cute. I'm in constant awe of her. She's growing by leaps and bounds. She went from a 2 lb, 3 oz preemie six months ago to a 9 lb, 8 oz girlie! Just this May she has really discovered her hands and she has gained almost 2 lbs this month. She's still being nursed, and is getting a bottle of breastmilk which Daddy gives her. She now takes about 10 to 12 oz of milk in the bottle! Is that crazy or what?!?!

Remember this photo from her first few days back in November 2008?

What a difference a few months can make!

*Updated to include: Before I became a Mom, I never realized the importance of watching every single word that comes out of my mouth! At my cousin's wedding in Montreal, I was changing Little One's diaper and boy, was it ever a stinker! It was a diaper explosion and I gasped, "Oh! $h!t!". My adorable two year old nephew looked up from what he was doing and casually said, "Oh, shirt. Oh, shirt." I looked up at my SIL in shock and luckily, my cousin was really quick and said, "Hey, Kenny! What colour is your shirt?". LOL! Nice save. Before I became a Mom, I never realized how much kids soak in when you speak. *sigh*


Esther said...


t said...

Wow! She is growing so much! I cannot believe she went from something so tiny to how big she is now! She truly is a miracle, Chris!

C said...

Thanks :) See you this week! xo

C said...

I know! Pretty crazy! I was talking to my SIL (the one in Barrie) tonight and we were both shocked that LO's already HALF A YEAR old!!! Okay, I think I'm going to cry now. LOL!

Veronica said...

Wow, that time has just flown.

J at said...

Is she taking any rice cereal yet? I only ask because you say the poop smells...seems like things got a LOT stinkier after Maya started solids.

I never knew how sweet it could be to curl up for a cuddle and a nap with your baby...just cuddled with my 13 year old today, though no nap.

I'm so glad you can be there full time for her, and that she is doing so well, and that her daddy is getting to give her a bottle every day. I don't know the current thought, but back in the late 90s when Maya was a baby, they said one or two bottles a day was a great idea, so baby would be used to the case you get sick, or want to go out without her, or whatever the reason might be. When I went back to work, I think Ted gave her 3 bottles a day while I was gone, and then when I stopped working and was home for a few more months, she easily went back to mostly breastfeeding. Nice to teach them to be adaptable.

Before I became a mom, I never realized how much I could love a little person, and how the offer of going out with friends after work would make me think, "Um, but what if I'm not home before she goes to bed?", and then making excuses to get home to kiss and cuddle her one last time before sleepys. My friends without kids didn't understand...until they had kids of their own.

Palm Springs Savant said...

how incredibly sweet and touching. thanks for sharing all that, it is really beautiful C

C said...

I know :( *sniff* *sniff*

C said...

Yikes! No solids yet. You mean it smells WORSE when they eat solids? Gah!!! I've got a pretty sensitive nose, and I think her poop is stinky already! LOL! not looking forward to stinkier poop! I wonder if I could strictly breastfeed her for a year? LOL! Or do they NEED solids in their first year?

C said...

Awww :) Thanks! xo

Eve said...

I love reading your new discoveries. It's so true, and I don't think it changes with each child I'm in wonderment of how they grow and change so fast, and melt my heart.
So sweet.
Thanks for the reminder of how lucky we are.

J at said...

I think they need solids before that. Like maybe starting soon, at around 6 months. Ask your pediatrician. LO might be on a different schedule due to her 'adjusted age'. I had to start Maya on rice cereal at 4 months or so, because producing enough milk was wearing me out. I was getting bloody noses and light headed. Bad. But she did great, and has survived to tell the tale. ;)

And yeah, the smell gets a LOT worse, esp as their diet varies into meats and veggies. Blech.

C said...

Thank you :) I love reading your comments! I also love your blog :) Your kids are so lucky to have you as their Mama!

C said...

You're right about waiting until her 6 months adjusted age. Preemies can have issues with their "guts" being able to work properly, so we have to wait. I'm cool with that though! LOL! The Neonatologist also mentioned not rushing her and that breast milk is good for her right now. Man, at the rate LO is eating these days, I wonder how I'm going to keep up with her demand for milk though! LOL! I have been told that it's all about supply and demand and that I should be able to produce enough for her needs, but the kid is only 6 months old (3.5 months corrected) and is downing a 12 oz bottle of breast milk in one go (when Hubby feeds her). Gah!

Jinxy said...

What a beautiful post C!

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