Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Friday- Funnies, Give Away, and Maman Kangourou!

Just to end off another wonderful week with some laughs, here's my adorable nephew playing with my daughter's "elbow". Too cute!

Mom Central is having an awesome give away. Remember playing with Fisher Price's Little People when you were a kid? I do! Ahhh...the memories! :) Well, Mom Central is celebrating Fisher Price's Little People's 50th birthday by giving away two Play 'n Go farms! To enter, click here!

One last note before I head out...

My cousin and his wife gave us (Little One and me) this fabulous Maman Kangourou! My cousin's wife has one and she carries her twins in it (not both twins at the same time, but I think there's a way that you can carry twins in the carrier if you wanted to). Okay, this is not the greatest photo of me, but I just wanted to show you what the Maman Kangourou looks like.

Maman Kangourou is amazing! I've got a Baby Bjorn and a Peanut Shell and use them both with Little One. For some reason, Little One seems to prefer the Maman Kangourou. I think it's because she's snuggled so close to me when she's in it. I think it's so funny how she can sleep in the carrier as I vacuum and do dishes!

For some interesting reading material on babywearing and its advantages, read this.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
C and Little One xoxo
P.S. We just got back from Montreal and were en route again yesterday. This time it was a 2+hr drive to the closest "big city" to the Island for Little One's neonatal follow-up. Our little preemie now weighs 9 lbs, 1 0z and is doing fabulously! :)


Jinxy said...

Your nephew is super cute.

The wrap looks really nice. I have a Moby wrap and Lily finally seems to like it. I think for the same reason LO likes your. Total snuggle time.

Wow 9 lbs! She's gaining so much that's great.

hotmommy said...

she's so cute chris!

caninecologne said...

hi c!
those photos of your daughter are so adorable! she's growing so fast!

and i know this is a separate post, but those are fab wedding photos!

hope u got my email - i got your care package about a week ago! the bear claws are already gone. the mixed nuts are delicious! TC loves the little notebook/pen and keychain too. thanks so much for the goodies! :)

louann said...

The wrap looks so comfy and easy to use.

My baby hates the sling. What do I do??

C said...

Thanks! :) I miss my nephew already and we've only been back home for not even a week!

I've heard rave reviews for the Moby wrap. Is it easy to use?

C said...

Awww! Thanks :) I cannot believe she's already half a year old! Gah! Time flies! :(

C said...

I got your e-mail! Thanks! I haven't had a chance to reply yet. I've been meaning to reply but something always comes up! Then I figured it would be easier to just call! LOL!

The bear claws are good, eh? :) I think I need to head back to the Chocolate Works to pick up more! ;p

I don't know if you noticed, but the nuts are from Montreal.

Oh, also don't know if you noticed, but in my post before this one, Little One is wearing the 100% Baby Girl onesie you sent her! It finally fits her!! ;p Thanks for that! She looks so cute in it!

C said...

What kind of sling do you have? I have a Peanut Shell sling and LO has her moments of liking it and not liking it. I didn't use the sling for the longest time because LO was so little. When she was big enough, she kind of liked it more than she liked the Bjorn. I figured she liked the positioning better. It was like she was being cradled.

Now that we have the Maman Kangourou, she seems to like it more. We now have three different baby carriers and I think I'll just alternate between the three. The Maman Kangourou and the Peanut Shell are great for hanging out with her in it, but the Bjorn I find is easiest to go for LONG walks with her in and to do housework and outdoor chores with her in. Just my opinion though. LOVE the Maman Kangourou wrap though! Love it!

C said...

I was just wondering...Have you tried any different positions with the sling? LO didn't like it at first, but I tried positioning her several different ways until I found a position she liked.

caninecologne said...

hi c - yes, i was wondering why that onesie looked so familiar! it's amazing that she fits in it now!!! so cute!!!

word ver:

by the way RPpattz in a TUX is just too much! he should be in a tux ALL THE TIME!!! Hawt!

C said...

I LOVE all the adorable clothes you sent Little One! That onesie is one of my faves! She looks so cute in it! Her Tita Canine has great taste!! ;p

BTW, "RPpattz in a TUX is just too much! he should be in a tux ALL THE TIME!!! Hawt!" = True...but OUT of a tux ALL THE TIME would be nice too! ;p Okay, I realize this is a G-Rated blog, but still! He's soooooooooo hawwwwwwwt!

Word ver: immutier

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