Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pirates Are Coming! The Pirates Are Coming!

I must warn you that I am about to reveal just how big of a nerd I really am. The Pirates of Penzance is going to be performed at Burns Wharf Theater! I am soooooooooooo excited!!! Not only is it one of my favourite operettas, but my lovely and talented friend, E is playing the role of Mabel! Okay, I'm so excited about seeing Pirates that I've been singing songs from the musical for the past two weeks!

I had my first taste of Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas at the tender age of seven. Well, sort of. I was in highschool when I first fell in love with HMS Pinafore, Pirates of Penzance, and The Mikado, but I was seven when I saw The Pirate Movie.

The Pirate Movie was loosely based on G&S's Pirates of Penzance. Okay, it was a zany adaptation of the operetta! With a tagline like "Buckle Your Swash and Jolly Your Roger for the Funniest Rock 'N Rollickin' Adventure Ever!", how could you not laugh?

The 1982 film starred Kristy McNichol as Mabel and Christopher Atkins as Frederic. The movie has Atkins in a pirate actor role and during one of his performances, he meets a group of girls. McNichol is a rather shy girl and not as confident as the rest of the girls in the group. Frederic (Atkins) invites Mabel (McNichol) for a ride on his boat, but her "friends" go with the stud muffin of an actor and leave without her. She tries to catch up with the group but falls into the water and ends up unconscious. She begins to dream about the attractive young lad she met. This is where the movie follows the storyline of Pirates of Penzance. Well, not quite the same storyline, but I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen the operetta.

It's a witty, charming, funny musical. I had a huge crush on Christopher Atkins when I was a kid. You probably know him more as Richard, Brooke Shields' love interest in the 1980s movie The Blue Lagoon. Isn't he dreamy? ;) Oh! I just noticed that in both The Blue Lagoon and The Pirate Movie he is shirtless and super tanned! Coincidence? I think not!

If I had to liken the depth of my infatuation with Christopher Atkins when I was a kid to anyone I currently have a crush on (errrmmm...besides my husband!), I'd say I liked Christopher Atkins as much as I like Robert Pattinson! ;p

*sigh* My husband is shaking his head and laughing as I type. I believe he thinks I'm insane.


caninecologne said...

hi c! oh my gosh, the guy from the blue lagoon! ha ha!!

omg, check out robsessed for shirtless rob's "reveal and reunion" scene in italy! let's just say that his trips to the gym have paid off! can you say chiseled? can you say six-pack?

sorry, i'm revealing my inner fangirl on your blog! ha ha ha! squee!

speaking of robsessed, that pic of Rpattz you posted is from the "Sex Drive" (a crappy movie released by Summit) premiere. He had that wild sex hair going on.

word ver:

that's so funny

C said...

Haha! Reveal away! I still blame you for my ROBsession! ;p Love the wild hair! Haha! Heck, I even loved him as Cedric Diggory, remember?! Gah! He was only a young lad back then and I thought he was hot in Harry Potter! THAT is embarrassing! Now look at how popular he is though!

Are you excited about "Little Ashes"?!?!?!

Word ver: acquide
I like "uncomb" better! Too funny!

Dina said...

Blue Lagoon was one of my faves as a kid. I thought it was super racey back then!! HAHA!!

enjoy - and get LO into it too :)

Miss youxoxo

C said...

Hey! You're online! I was just thinking of you! I'm calling you now...

t said...

Chris that is too funny!TA RAN TA RA! Yes you've always been into musicals. I remember your Pinafore craze! You ended up buying the soundtrack for Pinafore in Stratford and it was on double cassette! HA! Cassette! Thats how long ago it was!

Enjoy the show and i hope you are bringing the baby! Good for her to get some culture, music and arts into her at a young age!

Did you get my txt msg? I didn' t get a reply so just wondering..

Jinxy said...

I have never seen the movie or the play, but one of my good friends played Fredrick at the local theater. He loved it.

Autumn's Mom said...

I never saw the pirate movie...but I did see Blue Lagoon (as an adult...on tv) haha My mom was horrified by that movie. There was a reality show on recently called Confessions of a Teen Idol on VH-1, that Christopher Atkins was on. He was still really really cute. Just a little older! Check for re-runs. xoxo

Eve said...

grrrlll! I feel you on this one!

C said...

Hahaha! Yes, it was a double CASSETTE soundtrack for HMS Pinafore and my friends and I sang the songs over, and over, and over while strolling by the Avon River in Stratford! LOL! Such nerds! Love it! Have you ever seen some of the Simpsons episodes where clips of Pinafore or Pirates were mentioned? Too funny!

C said...

HAHA! Yes, The Blue Lagoon was really "racy" when I was a kid. I'm surprised my parents let us watch it!

When I think of movies from my childhood, Blue Lagoon is right up there with National Lampoons Vacations, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles, Grease, The Sound of Music...

Confessions of a Teen Idol, eh? I'm going to have to check that out. I was Googling Christopher Atkins and you're right! He's still cute...just older! LOL!

C said...

:) I was just about to pop over to yours!

caninecologne said...

hi c!

yes, i noticed him in HP - GOF too, but thought it was kind of wrong to be checking out someone so young...he's much hotter now and legal too. ha ha. that sounds kind of pervy.

i am way excited about Little Ashes. it opens next Friday, June 5th at the Ken Cinema in Kensington. I'm going to go see it with one of my GBF's and another friend. it's going to be dinner and a movie night...tix go onsale tomorrow....

word ver:

(not rico suave?)

C said...

OMG...I NEVER told anyone that I "noticed" him (errrmmm...thought he was hawwwt) in HP-GOF!!! I was so embarrassed because he was...soooo young! LOL! HP was geared towards people my nieces' ages! You're right! It does sound pervy, doesn't it?! LOL!

NOW it's okay because he's older. LOL! nerd alert! LOL!

I'm sooooooooo jealous that you're going to see Little Ashes!!! I'm going to have to wait. We don't even have a movie theater on the Island. We have to drive 2 hrs to the "big city"! ;p

Word ver: satele

caninecologne said...

hi c- yes, i believe little ashes is showing in toronto.

turns out the tix to buy online won't be available til monday night. that sux. anyhow, i'm getting them for our group of 3.

word ver:

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