Monday, May 04, 2009

This Is What We Do On A Sunday Afternoon

While Mommy had me in the sling as we cleaned the kitchen and put all her kitchen gadgets onto her new "appliance garage",

this is what happened...
Yes, those girls got out again! Those cheeky monkeys! Errr...I mean cows! This time, they brought their calves with them! This is the view from our kitchen window.
We let Dad take care of rounding up the cattle, because I got hungry.

After I ate, I looked rather pensive. Hmmm...What shall we do next, Mom?

We can hang out...or I can strike a pose for the camera.
OR we can all go on a family outing! Yes, that's a splendid idea!

Off to the Manitoulin Trade Fair we went.
There were LOTS of exhibits! We saw so many of our friends and neighbours there. Many of our friends had booths. Here's our friend, Boo. She's so funny!

We have that "Farmers Feed Cities" sign in our vehicle and at our house. Like the sign says, it's so true! Farmers do feed cities! Dontcha forget it! :)
We walked around and checked out all the exhibits. There was everything from food stands to clothing. They had vendors advertising alternative energy, energy efficient heating, and the list goes on and on. I'm surprised Mom didn't buy anything from her two favourite shops! Manitoulin Chocolate Works and the Soap Factory were both there. I saw Mom eyeing some earrings at Dylon Whyte's table! He is one seriously talented guy! Maybe Mom was making subtle hints to Dad for a Mother's Day present. Surprise is on Mom! Dad was talking to the guys at Wahl Water Treatment!
Anyway, after an afternoon of smiling at strangers and being a social butterfly, I was all tuckered out. I pretty much slept for most of the outing. When I got home, I looked like this...

Mom seems to love taking photos of me when I'm sleeping. Albeit cute now, I do hope she does not continue taking photos of me sleeping when I'm older. Wouldn't it be freaky if she watched me in my sleep when I'm a teenager?!?! ;) She's intrigued by the bubbles I make when I sleep! Oh, and she's jealous of my super long eye lashes! She says she needs to wear mascara, and I've been given these beauties! I inherited them from my Dad! He's got really long lashes too!

*Blog post told from the view point of Little One*


louann said...

C, she is soooo cute! I love her pose! =)

And good for you, you're able to use your sling! I am still too scared to put my little one in his sling=(

Patti McKenzie said...

Love this blog!! Little One is so darn cute! And the pics are great. I love how this episode is from her point of view. As for your cows getting out, like I told you, anytime you need help, just give me a call. I'll do what I can. Us farmer's wives need to stick together!! We'll definately have to get together sometime soon.
Take care. : )

hotmommy said...

oh my gosh is she ever cute! love the bubbles.

Autumn's Mom said...

I know we all say it over and over but she is just the most beautiful photogenic baby ever. I love her blog post, I hope she does it again soon.

Jinxy said...

The island you live on sounds like such a nice place.

When Lily started blowing bubbles I wondered if somehow she got soap in her mouth. Its the cutest weirdest baby thing. :)

Your pictures are just great. LO is getting so big and had amazingly beautiful eyes and skin and mouth. Ok she's just amazingly beautiful. :)

Cherry said...

She's so cute and getting bigger and bigger!

As soon as I saw you mentioned the Manitoulin Chocolate Works, I thought of the lonely single bite left of the licorice you sent (its in the fridge). Mmmm... want it now.

Sounds like you had a good Sunday!

Karen MEG said...

Oh C, she is absolutely ADORABLE... look at those eyes and her bubbly angel lips LOL!

J at said...

Oh jeez, she's so cute! Those pictures cheered me up when I needed it, thanks. Glad you had a good day with your mom, little one!

C said...

Tee hee! :) I was so glad I was able to capture her "pose"! She does the funniest things all the time and it seems that I never have the camera ready when she does something cute!

Yes, I was so scared about the sling for the first few months! She really was too tiny and her neck wasn't strong enough before. She will be 6 months (chronological age) next Monday and she has really good control of her neck muscles and can support herself now, so I am not so worried about the sling. I know how you feel though. When I first tried her in the sling, I immediately took her out. Her head was still floppy and I was always worried she wouldn't be able to breathe! Plus, at the hospital she was at, they really discouraged the use of certain slings. They advocated other types of carriers, but did not like the slings at all.

C said...

It was good catching up with you on the phone the other day. You really made me feel a lot better :) Yes, farmers' wives do need to stick together! ;) When we've both got some time, let's go for a walk with our babies. Chat soon! :)

C said...

Hot Mommy:
Hehe! Yes, the bubbles!! She has been doing a lot of that lately! I have no idea how she does that!

C said...

Autumn's Mom:
Awwwww! You are so sweet, Dot! :) Okay, I'll make sure she writes another post for you :)

C said...

You are absolutely right! It is the cutest, weirdest baby thing ever!
Hey, I think Lily and Little One are about the same age, no?

t said...

I want to squeeze those cheeks!

Text me the dates you'll be in Toronto. Maybe we can meet up for lunch before or after LO's apointment. I'll just tell my boss I'm on a business lunch with a client! HA!

Deb said...

i love this post! sooo cute. and i love teh appliance garage!! I spy a rice maker! lol.

C said...

:) She is getting bigger and bigger. I think I'm selfish because I don't want her to grow! LOL! I wish I could make time freeze and savour these precious moments of her being my little one :)

Oh! So happy to hear you liked the chocolate covered licorice! I'll send you more next time I get a package out to you! XO

C said...

She's got the most unusual eyes. They're pretty big for an Asian baby! She sometimes has this Japanese Anime look to her! LOL! Right now, her eyes are still grayish-green.

C said...

Glad her pics cheered you up :) Sorry to hear about the news. Something even better will be on its way for you though. I just know it. XO

C said...

I'll text you the dates. We're in Montreal next week from the 11th-17th or 18th.

C said...

HAHAHA! You are very observant, my friend! :) I thought EVERY household had a rice cooker!? LOL! Every household SHOULD have a rice cooker! LOL! ;)

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