Wednesday, May 06, 2009

For The Love Of Blog!!!

It's been a crazy few weeks and I've had little time to do as much blogging (both posting on this blog and visiting and leaving comments on my favourite blogs) as I'd like. We took in a student and his mother was so sweet and gave me my very first Mother's Day gift! My very first Mother's Day as a Mom!!! I very rarely receive chocolate from people. I stand corrected. Canine and Jeanna send me chocolate sometimes (thank you!). For some reason, Hubby is the one who always gets chocolate whenever we have friends, family, or students staying with us.

Anyway, this is what I received this morning:Oh! The sacrifices I make for you guys! I just had to taste test this wonderful gift and write a review for you. *sigh* This was just so hard for me to do! ;)
Nestled in the quaint little village of Kagawong is the Manitoulin Chocolate Works. Come to appreciate this picturesque village by the water, and stay for the chocolate!!! If you've been reading this blog for the past few years or if you've come to visit us on the Island, you'll know just how much I love the Manitoulin Chocolate Works. In fact, I love all the local shops and would rather promote buying Island products than the generic "stuff" you can get in most shops. I'm a little bit biased. Okay, I'm also a chocolate snob.

Caramel- I kid you not when I say this is to die for! This chewy, melt-in-your-mouth vanilla caramel is covered in chocolate. It's not overly saccharine. Just the perfect balance of sweetness and richness. Some caramel chocolates can make a person's teeth hurt. Not this one. This is the perfect little treat.

Croquette- This pretty little leaf was a pleasant surprise. Canine and Jeanna both know I'm more of a milk chocolate fan as opposed to a dark chocolate kind of gal. However, I think I've just been converted. This solid dark chocolate is just so packed with flavour. Its rich, full-bodied flavour just dazzles the senses. Yes, it was a truly enlightening and delightful chocolate experience!

Coconut Mound- I love coconut. There's nothing more spectacular than being in a tropical country and sipping away at a fresh coconut. Of course, I come from a family that uses coconut in our cooking. In the Philippines, coconut can be found in many desserts. We even put coconut in our Filipino fruit salad! Anyway, despite my love of coconut, I've never really liked coconut in cakes, squares, cookies...and yes, even in chocolate!
Was I ever surprised to discover that I absolutely love, love, LOVE this chocolate coconut mound! It's a mound of coconut dipped in chocolate. The combination is just heavenly! When I taste tested these chocolates for my review on this blog, I only took a bite out of each chocolate and then put them back in the box. It would have been a bit much if I ate all those chocolates in one go! That would be so wrong! Anyway, I took a bite out of each chocolate and put them all away...except for this one! It was just too good to be set aside for later!

Heather Cream- This decadent treat was probably my least favourite in the box that I received. It's not that it wasn't good. Oh, no. That's not it at all. I'm just not much of a truffle fan. Truffles are too rich for my blood. If you love truffles though, this is the one for you! It's delicate yet rich, sweet and smooth. This milk chocolate truffle is made with Heather Cream liqueur.

Espresso Cup- I love coffee. I love the smell of coffee. The only problem is that coffee makes me very, very sleepy! Yes, I discovered years ago when I was in university that coffee has an adverse effect on me. It knocks me out cold within minutes. I still love the aroma and the flavour, but I only drink coffee if I have insomnia. I'm tellin' ya, it makes me sleep like a baby!
Because of my odd relationship with coffee, I rarely even eat anything with coffee in it. This Espresso Cup not only looks attractive, but it tastes sooooooo good! It's a white chocolate cup filled with smooth espresso truffle. I did say earlier that I'm not too much of a truffle fan, but this one was just too good to resist. It melts in your mouth, and that espresso flavour just heightens the senses.

Double Dipped Cherry- Most people know that I'm not a Cherry Cordial kind of girl. I always thought that the ooey-gooey, sticky, drippy cherry ruined the chocolate. Boy, was I ever wrong! This was by far the biggest surprise for me. I loved the Maraschino cherry dipped in chocolate! Again, it wasn't too sweet or messy. It was absolute perfection.

Yes, even Little One was drooling! Okay, I'm not sure if she was drooling over the chocolate or just drooling because her gums are bothering her! :)
Remember, if you're ever in our neck of the woods, make sure to visit the Manitoulin Chocolate Works!


jan said...

I just read that eating chocolate helps your brain do math. Best news since red wine for cholesterol.

hotmommy said...

oh my god- we are so coming to visit this summer! the baby is so cute chris and the photos you took of the chocolate are fantastic.

J at said...

That last little morsel is the most delicious one of all! And I'm not talking chocolate. ;)

t said...

DROOL! and exactly what J said!

louann said...

You just made my mouth water,C!

And you're already using the bumbo!! I can't wait for my littlest one to start using his too!

caninecologne said...

omfg - that was total chocolate PORN! i hope that's what you sent me!

ha ha

btw, the latest rage with chocolates, at least here in several san diego dessert & chocolate places is chocolate caramels with sea salt. my favorite is from eclipse chocolat. the chocolatier used lavender and flaked sea salt on top of his dark chocolate caramels...

C said...

Oh! That is the best news I've heard all day!!! ;)

C said...

Awesome! We'll go for a walk at the Bridal Veil Falls and then head to the Chocolate Works! :)

C said...

Awwww! :) You're so sweet. She is pretty scrumptious though. Lately she's been giving me odd looks whenever I tell her thst she's so cute that I can just gobble her up! ;p

C said...

Next time you see LO, you can hold her :) I know you wanted to hold her when she was in the hospital and the nurses said no. Now you can :)

Check out the Chocolte Works website. If you come to LO's baptism, we'll make a point of heading to the CW!

Jeanna said...

I think LO is going to have a sweet tooth. That coffee cup looked great, they have such nice presentation at that place.
Am with you on the dark chocolate, but sometimes the quality is just so good you have to make exceptions—sounds très yummy. LOVE coconut too.
I will always go for the cherry cordial, don't know why, glad you got a good one.

Calfkeeper said...

Oh, yum! What an awesome post! Love the chocolate pics!

Little one is so cute.

Ha! Hey sorry about the "girls" escaping with calves in tow this past time.

Hubby says once they learn they can get out you can't keep them in very well. They can get out of most anything if they want to.

C said...

Yeah, we put her in the Bumbo for the first time last week and we were surprised that she can actually sit in it! She's got really good control of her head and neck, so she was fine :) She did get tired after a while though, so we took her out. I think we're going to try her in it for a bit every day. She seems to really like it. She sits in her Bumbo and Hubby sits in his Lazy Boy chair and they watch the news together! LOL!

C said...

LOL! Chocolate porn! You totally crack me up! I was surprised that my digital camera took some pretty good shots for a point and shoot! :) Not too bad!

Yes, I did send you chocolates from the Chocolate Works, but not those ones. Now that I know these ones are up your alley, I'll make sure to send some in my next package to you! I'm not sure if they'll travel well now that the weather here is getting warmer...and now that there are forest fires in SoCal!

C said...

Yes, I knew that you were a cherry cordial gal. I was going to send some to you. I remember as a kid I used to HATE cherry cordials. Now that I've tasted the goodness of the MCW ones, I think I've been converted.

Making a mental note to make sure that I include the coffee cups and coconut mounds in my next package to you. XO

C said...

Thanks :) As for the cattle, your husband is so right! Once the girls get a taste for what's on the other side of the fence, there's no turning back! Man, is it ever hard to break bad habits! *sigh*

Jeanna said...

Tear up that mental note, C., if I don't lose more weight I'm going to start wearing fans in my clothes like they do with samurai costumes.

C said...

Oh, you are my hero. What will power you've got to resist some chocolat!!

Okay, I will abide by your wishes. If I sent you more chocolate, Dr. Phil would call me somewhat of an "enabler". I don't know think Dr. Phil is the same Phil that Jimbo keeps talking about. ;p

Deb said...

yum yum! now i need to go get some chocolate!

have a wonderful weekend and mother's day!!

C said...

I'll send you some from here. You may have to wait until later on in the year though, because I don't want the chocolate to melt in transit! ;p


Cherry said...

OMG - that was so wonderful of you. you know I still have one bear claw left from the Manitoulin Chocolate Works and I do believe I might have to eat it for dinner....ok, maybe only a bite of it... or two.

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