Friday, May 29, 2009

Something I Think You Should Know

I never thought of this blog taking on a life of its own and turning into a sometimes "Mom Blog". Really, that was not the intention at all. The blog started off as a mélange of snippets of my life here on the Island.

Then I had a baby.

Now I find myself constantly researching everything related to babies, preemies, motherhood, parenting, baby products, and yes...even what colour and consistency baby poop should be when your baby is six months old. *sigh*

For all you Moms (and Dads!) out there, Mom Central makes things easier for you. You can check them out at .

Mom Central logo

Smart Solutions for Everyday Moms

The cool thing is that now Mom Central has come to Canada! Yes, this means good news for Canadian Moms! You can register and get involved in the Canadian Testing Panel to test out the latest and greatest products and services available...and have your voice heard by the companies. How great is that?

If you sign up in the month of June, you can win one of these beauties!

Enter to win one of five Canon PowerShot cameras.


hotmommy said...

i guess id' need a blog to enter? i'm too lazy to have a blog of my own!

gr8 post chris-

Uncivil said...

I can feel your halo halo halo
I can see your halo halo halo
I can feel your halo halo halo
I can see your halo halo halo

I can't get that song out of my mind now!!!!!LOL!!!!!

C said...

I think you need a blog so you can post reviews and such. You've been following my blog since the beginning, so why not start your own? :) LOL! You're too funny!

C said...

I KNOW! I've had that song in my head for the past few days!

Let's face it...You ain't no country music fan. You just luuuuuuuuv Beyonce!! ;)

Uncivil said...

Oh yeah! I love me some "Beyonce"
I've got a redneck friend who calls her "Bouncy"!!!!LOL
He kept talkin' about this beautiful black singer called Bouncy? He say's "I'm hot for some "Bouncy"!!!!
I couldn't figure out who in the hell he was talkin' about? He said you know "BOUNCY" the lead singer for Destiny's Child!!!!!
I've been callin' her Bouncy ever since!!!LOL!!!!

t said...

Not a mom, not a blogger, but I am a blog stalker! {{{{{{{{{LOLzzzz}}}}}}}}}

Chris, remember how I was at one point reading your blog in the secrecy of my office? Well the boss found out and is now reading your blog too! HA!

So, you're not coming to TO in two weeks huh? A little birdy tells me you canceled the baby's appointment at Sick Kids! I was so looking forward to a visit! You suck! (jokes)

C said...

You so crazy! ;p

How are Ab & Em, btw? Oh, and almost forgot to ask how YOU are! ;) LOL!

C said...

Blog stalker!! That's what you are! ;p Kidding. Why don't you start a blog? You have been reading mine ever since I told you I started one! Just like HM! Stalkers! ;)

As for our TO run...I called Sick Kids to see if we needed to go to LO's neonatal follow-up there since she just had one in Sudz last week. They said no, but she'll have to go down to Sick Kids later on (maybe next year or the year after) to have one last follow up with them. We'll see. I'm sad because the weekend we were supposed to be in TO is the weekend of the Preemie picnic @ High Park. I really wanted to attend and see all the preemies and parents that were @ Mt. Sinai with us when we were there.


Karen MEG said...

Hey there Momcentral sista ;)!

C said...

Woot! Woot! So happy to see that you're not only my long lost "Chinese girl haircut" sista, but you're also a MomCentral sista! LOL! ;)

I was looking at some old posts and saw comments from you, Sandy, and Cherry on my Throwback Thursday posts about the "bowl cut"! Too funny!

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