Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby's First Halloween!!!

This time last year, I was on strict hospital bed rest at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. What a difference a year makes! This year, our little preemie got to go trick or treating for the first time! Yes, I realize it's pretty silly to take her out trick or treating. She's far too young for sweets, but not too young to enjoy all the fun!

It was a windy and wet evening, but we (along with friends of ours and their kids) went door to door in "town". In our immediate neighbourhood, it's just us, my mother-in-law, and the family across the road. In "town" there are more houses and they're closer together. It's still a small town, but it's perfect for walking house to house with little ones. We did swing by grandma's house on our way to town. Grandma handed out apples this year. I was kind of hoping she'd hand out the amazing caramel corn she makes! She makes the best caramel corn! Oh, well. I guess it's better for us that she didn't make any! Apples are far healthier :) She did give Little One a jar of homemade applesauce without sugar (just the way I make it for her).

Little One was a little lady bug and she made a lot of people smile. Some of the people told us they gave her extra goodies, because she was so cute. Funny, because she can't even eat any of that stuff! One man was so funny and told her to make sure she brushes her teeth tonight! :)

I was shocked that Little One ended up with TWO bags FULL of goodies! I think she had half a case of pop in there. No joke! People handed out cans of Pepsi, Mug root beer, 7UP, etc. Hubby carried Little One door to door and seemed pleased with the loot she hauled in.

After trick or treating, we went to the Halloween Party that is organized for the kids in our township. There were lots of games and prizes for the kids. One thing about living in a small town is the sense of "community" there is. Little One even won a prize for being "the youngest in the hall".Go figure! She was more interested in the gift bag than in the stuffed animal she won!

All in all, it was a great evening had by everyone. Little One fell asleep halfway through the party! I guess she was lulled to sleep by all the noise from kids scrambling during the candy toss! Sometimes I think those first 2.5 months of her life in the NICU worked in our favour. Not just because the doctors, nurses, medical equipment and medicine helped her become stronger, bigger and healthier, but because now the kid can sleep through anything! :)


louann said...

I mean really C, how cute is a lady bug with a pacifier??!!! CUTENESS galore!!!

caninecologne said...

hi c! what a lovely ladybug!!!! : ) i wish i could just pick her up and give her a hug!

wow, people gave out soda? some one gave out pencils this year (tc had one in her bag) year she got a box of raisins. somebody egg that house! just kidding! actually i think the soda idea is cool, but it would be waaaay expensive for us since a lot of kids go thru our neighborhood.

word ver:

C said...

Haha! Yeah, a lady bug with a pacifier! She didn't use it much. She was so distracted by all the activity. She was babbling away at everyone who talked to her! LOL!

C said...

How did TC's trick or treating go? Did she rake in a whole stash of goodies?? :) I can't wait to see pics of her custom made costume!!

One house in town was giving EACH kid a whole big tin of Pringles chips! Crazy!! I was in shock!

Word ver: wooxing
"I wonder if wooxing one's back would be more painful than wooxing one's hoo-ha?" If one had a hairy back, that is! LOL!

Barbara said...

I'm sitting here smiling ear to ear! She is so cute! I'm happy that you had a fun Halloween. Enjoy all those yummy goodies.


caninecologne said...

hi c - love your word ver sentence. so funny!!!!

tc can't even eat a lot of candy because of her orthodontic expanders. so no gum, chewy candies or anything sticky. we gave those out!!! we only had a tiny bit of leftover candy but we will donate it to her school because their fall festival is thi friday. the candy will be used as prizes for the game booths.

haven't posted her costume pix yet. will do soon.

omfg - check out the robsessed website - RPattz is going to be on the Dec cover of Vanity Fair. They have pix of his photo spread. As much as I hate smoking as a habit, he makes it look, dare I say, so sexy! Can I be that cigarette? ha ha! Hot damn! Go, check it now!!! take a cold shower afterwards!

C said...

LOL...Okay, you don't know how fast my heard was pounding as I was reading that part you wrote about Rob being on the Vanity Fair cover! *squeeeee*

Wanna hear something funny? While LO was napping, I decided to turn the TV on while I folded laundry this afternoon and Twilight was on. I watched it again. This must be the 10th time I've seen it! LOL!

Can't wait to see TC's costume pics! Oh, and the leftover Halloween candy at our place will most likely go into the pinata I'm making for LO's party.

C said...

:) Thank you! Did you guys get many trick or treaters last night?

Jackie said...

what a love button

Tracy said...

I love seeing how much fun you're having with Little One. I love her costume!

jMo said...

I cannot believe people handed out pop. I was raised to say pop, but somewhere along the line started saying soda because of all the East Coasters I waited on at work. (they say seltzer instead of soda, some people mean seltzer when they say soda...let's call the whole thing off).
the word ver almost spells fresca

Cherry said...

Ok, I see the cuteness that is that little sweet bug... but hello OLD DUTCH potato chips! I have GOT to get up to visit my brother again soon.... don't tell him the Canadian Potato Chips is one of the reasons for my visits.

C said...

:) It's so much fun to do things with her. She's such an easy baby and she brings so much joy to our lives. I will not lie and will be the first to tell you that it is exhausting sometimes (okay, most of the time!), but so very worth it.

C said...

I know! LOL! They handed out pop! I was shocked! SHOCKED, I tell you! Oh, and I am with you on the pop/soda thing. I always got confused every time I went to the States because people would always call pop "soda"! I kept thinking "Isn't 'soda' seltzer???". It's like that whole "chocolate bar" vs. "candy bar" thing. LOL! Canada and the U.S. have the English language in common...but even that differs slightly.

I mean, look at Jimbo and his "rice cooker/rice rocket thing"! LOL! Just kidding, Jimmy! XO

C said...

Old Dutch is Canadian!?!?! I had no idea? You know, girlfriend...If you are having a hankering for anything, just say the word and I'll mail you some. What flavour/s?

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