Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Two Mamas, Two Babies, and the Open Road

Mommy and her friend SuperAmazingMommy embarked on an eleven hour road trip from the Island to Quebec with my buddy, M and yours truly in tow. Though the drive is only supposed to be eight hours to Mommy's old neighbourhood, it took us longer because M and I needed to be fed and have diaper changes a few times during the drive. With vehicle crammed with baby gear, and lots of positive thoughts and good music, we set off on our journey.

Mommy and I were off to visit my great-grandma and M and his Mom were off to visit their family. What brave mommies we have to even attempt a long road trip with two young'uns! Needless to say, M and I were super duper amazing travelers! Really! It's true!
Mom told me to pose with great-grandma and I lifted my shirt! I don't know what Mom meant, but she said that I am never allowed to go to Mardi Gras when I get older.

We had lots of fun in Montreal with our family. We hung out with Mom's family EVERY day! I'm very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

I got to go shopping at Babies 'R Us. I loved looking at all the brightly coloured displays. Mom was looking for a birthday present for my first birthday. I don't really need anything. I've got all I need right now. :)

We had supper at my tita's house. I LOVE their doggy, Keys! He's so cute! He licked me in the face, so I returned the favour by pulling his hair. I don't know why he hid under the table for the remainder of the night.
We also spent time with my tito B-Ball Boy and his beautiful and awesome girlfriend, B-Ball Girl!

I went shopping with Mom, tita Jey, and my tito and tita. Yes, I passed out as soon as I got into the car.

The mall was fun. The food court was so interesting. I love people watching. This is the mall that my Mom grew up hanging out at with her friends after school when she was in high school.
Tita Jey taught me how to "Facebook". Actually, I was eating Tito J's iPod here. Tee hee!
We also got to go to Dim Sum on Sunday. Mom's former student from Mexico met up with us and had his first Dim Sum experience too! Too bad I wasn't allowed to eat any of that yummy food!

We watched the Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game on TV with Tita Jey. Tita Jey taught me "Go Habs, Go!". Mommy is a Habs fan, but Daddy is a Leafs fan. I think that's the only thing they disagree on.
I got to hang out with my twin cousins, Oskara. They are soooooooo cute! They're almost half a year younger than me, but they are heavier than me! I'm a preemie, so I'm only supposed to be two or three months older than them.
I also watched Sesame Street. As you can see in my photo, it's pretty gripping television!
Mom's old friend from elementary school dropped by to visit us. Mom hadn't seen her in fifteen years! They used to forge notes in elementary school so they could get off at each other's bus stop at lunch and after school! Bad girls!
I was so wiped out from all the action that I fell asleep while playing in my playpen with all my toys. I totally passed out!
I crawled (backwards) for Tito J and entertained him.

I also had a play date with A. A's mom and my mom were really good friends in high school and c.e.g.e.p (college). I think they lost track of each other in university, but connected again years ago, thanks to the internet. It's been almost a decade since they last saw each other in person! We all hope the next visit won't wait for another decade! We had lots of fun together.

SuperAmazingMommy, M, Mommy and I stopped off in Ottawa on our way back to the Island. Mom's good friend, K made lunch for Mom and SuperAmazingMommy! M and I got to play with my bud, C! Mommy calls him "Mini [insert C's dad's name here]" because he is the spitting image of his dad!

We had so much fun despite the very short stop over.

Mommy and I had a surprise for Daddy! Here it is...
See? We got my ears pierced!!! Wanna know what Daddy's response was?
"You put holes in our daugther's ears?!?! You tortured her!!!" :) I think he secretly thinks I look super cute. Daddy felt it should be me who made the decision to pierce my ears and not Mommy. He said, "That should be Little One's decision to make". No harm done though. I was asleep when we got to Mini Mod and was asleep when the lady was piercing my ears. Of course, I woke up when she pierced the first ear and cried when she pierced the second one. I cried my heart out for a few seconds, and then all was well in the world again. I even smiled at the lady who pierced my ears! :)

Time for bed! Just wanted to share my amazing week in Montreal. It's so good to spend lots of time with family!

Little One xoxo


Dragonfly said...

Dear Little One,
What nice memories... I'm so glad to have finally have met you. As soon as I saw your cute smile I fell in Love... No wonder Mommy and Daddy love you soooo much. I can't wait to see you again! Thank you for adding me to your memories!!
Lots of Kisses (since you fell asleep and I counld't kiss you good bye!)

hotmommy said...

looks like it was a funtime had by all. still sad you didn't pass through toronto but i guess it woldn't have made sense if you were coming from montreal. the ottawa way is faster. next time you will have to pay your fam and friends in toronto a visit tho' ok?

C said...

It was soooooooooooo nice to spend time with you too! XOXO

C said...

Sure was! We will visit for sure next time we're in the T dot! xo

merinz said...

Thank you for sharing your holiday with us all! What a great time you had with friends and family.

louann said...

Little One, I admire your mommy for going on that trip with you-- 11 hours is a long drive you know. I love your pictures especially the one where you were watching Sesame Street.

humpsNbump said...

Wow what a jam packed vacation! Looks like lots of family, fun and great memories.

As a side, I also pierced BABY's ears this weekend. My mother was trying to get me to do it after her first vaccination, but I thought she was too little. Like Little One, she took it well. Dad's are supposed to overreact. :)

~ humps

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