Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Laughed So Hard

We were having supper at our friends' house when my friend's husband mentioned the dancing baby on YouTube and how the video got so many hits and was even on the news. Because I've been living under a rock too busy with the farm, the house, and Little One helping Hubby get the corn silage done a little preoccupied these days, I hadn't even heard about this famous dancing baby.

After I bathed Little One, folded laundry and did the dishes, I decided to troll the internet for this much talked about video before heading to bed.

Oh my goodness! Too funny!

Gotta love a dancing baby! So cute!

...and then I saw this!


hotmommy said...

that first video is so so so so cuuuute! the second, a little disturbing but very funny1

C said...

Hey! I know. Warped sense of humour, eh?
How are the two older kids enjoying school? What are they going to be for Halloween?
Gotta run. Trying to nurse the baby and check my e-mail on my laptop at the same time. Not very easy. Now, if I could nurse the baby, type on the laptop with one hand, and fold laundry with my feet, THAT would be impressive!! Don't you think so? LOL!

t said...

Totally agree with Hot Mommy- that second video is disturbing! ;-) Funny tho!

caninecologne said...

Hi c - OMG - the grown man in a diaper....cringe!

so is the baby doing her "dance" yet? that's when babies hold on to furniture and bounce up and down to music (or sometimes to no music at all). it's so cute!

word ver:

C said...

Yes! Pretty weird, eh? Hubby says the scariest part is when the guy turns around at the end! LOL!

LOL! Word verification= manklimi
It kind of reminds me of mankini! You know, the thing that Borat wore in the movie!

C said...

HA! I know! Pretty creepy! LOL! Yes, Little One is already boogying to tunes! It's so cute! She absolutely LOVES Glee! Too funny! She sings and dances whenever she hears the music from Glee!

I played the Single Ladies song and a few other Beyonce songs, but Little One sort of half-danced, but wasn't really into it. Then we were watching The Sound of Music, and all of a sudden her eyes opened really wide and she started singing along and dancing! I guess it's clear what kind of music she prefers? LOL! What a funny kid!

Bridget said...

Haha...I just recently saw this video for the first time too! You're not the only one under a rock...and I have no good excuse, such as a little one, husband, etc. So cute! And the 2nd video, I have to say I'm a little scared to watch. Just looking at the still makes me a little freaked out!

Deb said...

oh dear. the second video defintetly...strange. baby super cute.

thanks for the compliments on my blog!!!

Deb said...

by the way...now i have that song stuck in my head. lol.

C said...

Yeah, the second video is pretty creepy! ;p
By the way, I LOVE the new look of your blog!

C said...

Little One was dancing to this song, but for some reason she sings along more to The Sound of Music and the Do Re Mi song from the musical. Funny kid! :)

robert said...

As I watched only the first one, allow me to thank you for providing me many smiles after a loooong day of work, coming to an end at about half past two in the morning.
A wonderful Sunday for you !

C said...

:) The first video made me smile too! Don't bother watching the second one! It's a bit freaky!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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