Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conversations with Moms

A friend and I were discussing whether or not we are going to get our kids vaccinated for H1N1. We both decided not to go to playgroup since we didn't want our kids to get exposed to anything right now. Little One being a preemie, is in the high risk category. Her Neonatologist recommended getting the vaccine for her and said that we should think twice about bringing her to big public gatherings (errrm..playgroup) for the winter. Anyway, my friend and I discussed research we had both done for the pros and the cons of the vaccine. Then I told her about what Dr. Oz said to do to help prevent yourself from getting sick (wash hands frequently, hands off the face, boost your natural immunity with vitamin C rich foods, drink lots of warm liquids, gargle with warm salt water, etc).Somehow the conversation ended up like this:

Friend: Do you watch The Doctors? I was thinking of writing an e-mail asking about what we can do to safeguard our kids against H1N1. They answer viewer e-mail/questions.

Me: I don't really watch it. We don't watch much TV during the day, but I've seen a few segments and WOW is that one doctor really hot! I don't think I would want to have a doctor that hot examine me! *giggle* (Okay, so I went on a HUGE tangent!)

Oh! Dr. Travis (something or other)! He was on The Bachelor, eh?

Me: REALLY!?!?! (I had no clue since I don't watch The Bachelor)

Friend: Yeah! Dr. Travis STORK! Stork is his last name. He was on The Bachelor, but it didn't last. Those things never work. I don't know why I get hooked. It's always the same.After we got back on track and talked about getting our children vaccinated, my friend had to put her babies down for a nap. Little One was already napping (for TWO hours!). When I hung up the phone, I thought "Oh. My. Goodness. This conversation just opened my eyes to a new level of mommyhood". Crazy.

The following is a Facebook conversation I was having with a friend:

You wouldn't happen to have a breast pump you're not using at the moment, would you? LOL! I know your answer to one part of that question. You're not using a breast pump because your boys are 2 and 4! Ummmm...Mine just got a hole in the hose and one of the falanges has a tear in it. It still works, but it's soooooo slow and the process is tedious.
If I don't get it fixed (doubtful, since I just priced the pieces at over $40 for replacements), I'll probably try to wean her after she turns 12 months. That's in 2 weeks!! Maybe I'll try to wean her when she's 12 months corrected then! LOL! That will be in February. I'm having separation anxiety! LOL! I think you mentioned having a manual pump kicking around somewhere. Do you still have it? If so, would it sound weird or gross if I asked if I could borrow it? Is that just wrong? Oh, the joys of motherhood!

Under normal circumstances, I will be the first to tell you that I think it's gross and unhygienic to borrow a breast pump. I'd have to disinfect it a few times to even get the icky factor out of my head. When I was at Mt. Sinai Hospital for the first few months of Little One's life, I brought my own breast pump to the breast pumping room. The thought of touching something that another person used on their body just grossed me out. I know not everyone Virox-ed the pumps and area surrounding the pumps after every use.

Now that I find myself in a very uncomfortable predicament, (it sounds weird, but) this kind of question is not something I feel toooooo awkward about asking a good friend.

Image found here

I have discovered a few things in my 11.5 months of mommyhood so far.

1. I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. I survived a rocky first few months with my daughter being in the NICU while my husband was 6 hrs away from us for that time. Every day was a roller coaster of emotions.

2. Once you have a baby, you have little to no down time and it is okay to have a breakdown or meltdown every now and then. In fact, a friend told me that it is encouraged to have a good cry or to fall apart once in a while!

3. All the precious moments with your baby make you forget (briefly!) about #2.

4. My brain is forever scattered now. My thoughts are all over the place...all the time. See conversation with friend above!

5. Exhaustion makes you do crazy things like put the milk container in the cupboard with the coffee mugs and glasses instead of in the fridge. What about putting the roast you just cooked and were ready to serve into the freezer? What on earth?

6. The conversations I now have with my friends differ considerably from the conversations I used to have before I became a mom! Moms are not afraid to talk about anything!

7. Being a mom (for me, at least!) is the most amazing thing in the world. Being a teacher is extremely rewarding and I love that moment when I see that light bulb light up in my students' heads when they "get" something they've been trying hard to grasp. However, being a mom is all that...only times a hundred.


louann said...

You're doing great C. Proof? Just look at how wonderful / adorable / beautiful Little One is!

hotmommy said...

this post cracked me up. i feel all over the place too sometimes c! so are u getting her immunized>

haha the word verfication is "louse"! that's another fun one. wait til she goes to school and brings home all kinds of fun things she's picked up at school from other kids. we had to do the whole lice check and hair wash with special stuff twice so far.

Dina said...

H1N1...such a h ot topic around here these days too. I inquired with my dr about it and she said the kids should likely get the shot but I don't have to. i am cool with that! Hubby will get it because he works in a high school and we don't need any incidents!
As for the HOT DOC...i totally concur- he is completely edible and i would have him on my plate any day...too bad for one sad fact- i'm married and have 2 kids- and no time for that kind of thing these days :)
This made me laugh " All the precious moments with your baby make you forget (briefly!) about #2" I thought why would you forget about #2...that is what we are focused on these days...until i realized you're NOT talking potty talk and talking about baby #2 YIKES!! mommy brain!
You my dear friend are doing great!! So great that i think you'd be able to manage a trip to TO to visit ;)

J at said...

So...does she have a breast pump for you? Because I still have mine. I'd sent it to you if you want. It's old, I bought it in '96, and the plug in mechanism doesn't work (I dropped it and it broke), but it works with batteries. It's a medela, but not one of those professional type ones. Let me know.

Regarding H1N1, I had Maya vaccinated, and I'm going to try to get vaccinated as well. They say the way to squash this and keep it from becoming really bad is for 70% or more of people to get vaccinated. It's not just whether you will get sick and have complications, it's all the people you might pass it on to. Not as much of an issue on a farm on an island, huh? :)

Regarding mommy brain, I keep wondering when that goes away. I know it's better now than it was when Maya was a baby, but still, it's not great.

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! You are so sweet! YOU are also doing an amazing job with your boys! XOXO

C said...

Oh, man! Lice too!? LOL!
To answer your question, yes. Yes, we're all getting vaccinated. All of us, including the baby.

C said...

I asked if I needed the vaccination too. I was told that since I am a caregiver to someone who is in the high risk category (Little One), then I should consider getting it too.

LOL! I LAUGHED my butt off when I read your comment!!! Oh, Dina! You always make me laugh. I really, really, REALLY miss you!!!! I really need to see you SOON!!!

Your comments about HOT DOC made me laugh so hard, I cried! I miss our girl talk! Do you remember the time we went to the Green Room and said we would try every martini on the drink list? I think we only managed two or three. Oh, gone are the days of life before marriage and before kids! LOL! Too funny!

P.S. Yeah, my life's all about potty talk and Mommy brain incidents! LOL!

C said...

Really?!?! That is fantastic! :) I'm waiting to hear back from my friend about the pump. Medela, eh? That's the brand that they use at Mount Sinai Hospital!

We've decided that we are all going to get the vaccine. I just spoke with my SIL who works at the doctor's office. I *was* going to take LO to the H1N1 clinic next week to get her shot, but my SIL suggested I get her done at the doctor's office since LO's a preemie. I'm going to talk to Hubby to see if we should just get ours done at the doctor's office too or if we should go to the H1N1 clinic for ours.

J at said...

I'm sure mine isn't as fancy as the one they use at the was the best of the 'home' versions way back when, but still only does one side at a time, and I'm sure it's not as fast as what they used at the hospital. But I can't see spending money on a new one if you're only going to be breastfeeding for a few more months. And even if you were going to go on for awhile, why spend? And I won't be insulted that you sanitize it a lot. ;) I would too.

J at said...

Crap. You know, I just went looking for it, to make sure, and I don't see it. I'm starting to think I may have donated it to goodwill on a cleaning binge. :( If you're friend doesn't have one, let me know and I'll look again, just in case. :(

Word ver: sporri...sounds like sorry, right?

Calfkeeper said...

Ha Ha. I love this post! I totally can relate. I put weird things in odd places too. Then I go rushing around looking for them. I also forget to put food on the table for mealtimes. Hubby always asks if I have forgotten the salad or something, he expects me to forget now. A couple times this week I forgot to set the main course on the table.

Oh, yes and I am not afraid to talk about ANYTHING either.

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