Friday, October 16, 2009

I Wanna Be Sedated

I recently read an article on MSN Travel about sedating kids on planes. Should kids on planes be sedated? What do you think?

People who know me KNOW I'm not one to administer medication to my baby unless absolutely necessary. Of course, I won't let her suffer if she needs Baby Tylenol or anything. I'm not cruel. If she's got a fever or she's teething and a bit of Tylenol will make her feel better, so be it. I'm just a bit apprehensive about immediately heading for the drugs at the slightest hint of her discomfort. I mean, I would hope that I can find out why she's not feeling well first. It could be that her tummy is bothering her or she's gassy. In which case, sometimes it just takes me walking around with her to relieve the pressure. Sometimes it's really that easy. That's just what works for us.

The article about sedating kids on planes got me thinking about bringing children to other venues and events. I have to admit that before I became a mother, the shrill, ear-piercing screams of a toddler would really give me a headache if I were on a plane, bus, train, or in a get the point. Yes, I was one of those evil non-understanding young adults who used to get annoyed. Okay, I'll be honest. I used to think (and please don't hate me for being honest!) in the back of my head, "Please control your child" or "Couldn't you leave your child at home with the grandparents or something if he/she is just going to scream his/her head off non-stop?". Yes, I am embarrassed at my former attitude.

As a person paying to attend and enjoy a concert, show, movie, performance or speech, I would like to be able to hear and enjoy what I paid for. Sadly, screaming children take away from the enjoyment. I guess I can sort of understand why some people feel that children should be left at home for things like that.

Fortunately, Little One really enjoys attending musicals, concerts, and movies with us. She usually just watches quietly. She is getting older and more aware of her surroundings though. She is also becoming more and more vocal. She sings along when she hears music. Cute, but I'm sure people at the places we attend are not paying to hear an eleven month old baby sing! Out of respect to other patrons, I often sit in the last row and in an aisle seat...just in case I need to make a quick get away. Luckily, (knock on wood!) that hasn't been necessary yet.

Though blood curdling cries still grate on my nerves sometimes, I find myself a bit more understanding towards other parents. I feel extremely guilty for not being able to tolerate or block out screaming kid cries in public. I really feel for the parents whom are no doubt under judgment and scrutiny of onlookers when their children scream in public. Sometimes certain things are beyond a parent's control. Also, in the case of babies, they can't help it. They're babies! Babies cry when something is bothering them.

What do you think? What are your opinions on bringing babies and young children to "adult" events and venues (ummm...not the X-Rated kind!)? What are your opinions about traveling with babies on planes?

Photo found here. Read the article!


caninecologne said...

OMG - I love love love that song and video by the Ramones!!! Great choice. Another related song that goes with your post is, "Beat on the Brat" which is also by the Ramones (yes, a nice little ditty about meting out corporal punishment), not that I practice corporal punishment, mind you!!!

Okah, here goes...and I hope I don't get hate mail! I really dislke it intensely it when people bring their babies or toddlers to events like concerts or the movies and they cry nonstop or talk nonstop. C'mon, does your child REALLY need to be at "The 40 Year Old Virgin" or better yet, "300"? There's a time and place to bring kids and age inappropriate movies are not it!

When TC would cry at church when she was a baby, I would pick her up and take her out and soothe her instead of letting her cry and ruin the mass for everyone.

Maybe I sound intolerant, but WTF, I can't stand yapping brats who won't STFU while their parent(s) smile and think it's so cute. Whatever!!!

I personally wouldn't have sedate my own child though. Maybe myself. Ha ha.

word ver:


Ha ha, like Rupert Grint, who plays the ginger haired Ronald Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.

Anonymous said...

We went to see his grate-grandmother in the north of Greece by plane and luckily he was enjoying the flight. We also take him for walks into parks or anything alike. However going into a restaurant or cinema for example leave him with his grandparents, not only because he might get loud and disturb other people, but mostly because of himself, being able to sleep well at night, avoiding him to get 'over exited' by noise, colours or alike.
A wonderful start into the weekend for you.

C said...

Actually, I agree with you! I think there's a time and place for everything. I usually take LO everywhere with me (Hubby and I haven't had a date night in FOREVER). It's rare to see me without baby in tow. However, I did go to a show with my SIL and one of my friends and I did go for dinner with the girls the other month...without the baby.

You are right. A baby does not really need to be at The 40 year old Virgin or 300! ;p

As for the crying in church, I'm with you. My friend was once singing at a choral evensong, and LO began to fuss. Instead of letting her grow increasingly frustrated, I carried her outside and soothed her. She was just over tired. Taking your baby out of the room and soothing him or her makes so much sense. I'd do that rather than have her scream. I don't think it's cute when a child is screaming/temper throwing.

I know! I LOVE THE RAMONES!!! :)

C said...

Good point!
By the way, I went over to "To Navigate Through Life" a few days ago and (several times) Blogger said that blog no longer existed. I'll have relink your new blog link :)

Have an excellent weekend!

J at said...

I have no problem with babies on airplanes, and I certainly wouldn't medicate my child, unless the child was KNOWN for being terrified on planes or something, and giving them a little benadryl would help them stay calm. Of course, sometimes benadryl makes things worse.

I don't think babies belong in movie theaters or other events where they might be disruptive. I don't think they belong at nice restaurants. I do think that if you take your child to one of these places, you need to be ready and willing to get up and leave without your meal, or getting to hear your group, etc. It's not fair to those around you if the baby cries.

Of course, if you take your child to a less fancy restaurant, and baby starts crying, and you can take him or her outside and calm the baby, then go back, that's OK.

And outdoor festivals, that kind of thing? Family friendly to the max. Weddings and church? In my mind, these are family events and places, solemn and lovely as they may be, and babies are welcome, esp if the parents are considerate and take baby outside if she starts crying. :)

People who take their kids to a movie or nice restaurant, and the baby cries, and they sit there and ignore it? Not OK.

hotmommy said...

i have three kids and i think screaming babies suck. i don't let my kids scream in public- don't tolerate it and find it shocking to see other parents let their kids make lots of noise at the expense of others.

we took our three kids on a plane ride for the first time lat year and it was only from toronto to florida. i am the one who needed to be sedated! i think we're gonna wait til their a bit older.

C said...

Totally agree with you on all of that.

I don't think I'd medicate my child if I took her on a plane ride. This said, I may be the one who needs to be medicated! Just kidding! Plane rides are fine, but boats, buses, trains, cars (that are low to the ground and not elevated...and I can't ride in the back seat) give me motion sickness and I sometimes have to either sleep through the trip or take Gravol. Strange, since I love traveling and in the past I never really got motion sick. It's only recently. Can I blame it on old age? LOL!

C said...

Yes, I remember you telling me about that trip! I guess when they're older the kids will remember the trips more and appreciate them more. I still love the idea of family vacations and would like to take LO with us wherever we go. She travels well, so now's the right time to take her, I guess!

Uncivil said...

Oh lordy C!!!!!
I showed my butt to the father of a screaming 2 year old after a trip from Miami to Raleigh NC.
Let's just say I had to leave the airport in a hurry and security never caught up with me!
It was pre 911 or I'd still be in jail!

I would prefer a no child section to a no smoking section in a restaurant and I don't even smoke?

Sorry for being honest? I think kids should be seen and not heard and that goes for some loud mouth adults as well! Don't want to sit next to a table of attention starved loud mouth punks either. You know the kind I'm talkin' about? The ones that ride around with their trunk thumper stereos blasting every shread of tranquillity in the neighborhood!

I just want peace and quiet and tranquillity!!!! Really...that's all I ask!

Uncivil said...

OK...maybe I'm the one who needs to be sedated????

C said...

LOL! Seriously? You were asked to leave the airport? Oh, Jimbo! You are too funny!

Uncivil said...

No, I wasn't asked to leave the airport.
One of the pilots was trying to get security to apprehend me shortly after I exited the plane?
I made a run for the parking lot while Miss civil and the other couple who were with us picked up our luggage.
Needless to say they were not amuzed with my antics!!!!

C said...

HAHAHAHA! You're so funny! Miss Civil should have gotten the entire thing on video. You crack me up! ;p

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