Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can You Tell I Only Have One Child?

I have over a thousand photos of Little One. No joke. Over a thousand! It isn't really hard to do since digital cameras make things so much easier than back when I was a kid. Click, upload, save. We can delete any not so perfect shots. It's brilliant.

I was thinking the other day that if/when we have baby #2, will he or she have just as many photos as Little One has? I wonder if people take more photos of their first child? If so, is it because it's the first child? Maybe with baby #2 (or 3...or 4) there isn't enough time to take as many photos because there are more babies to run around after?

That's what happened when my brothers and I were little. I was the first born, so there were always tons of photos of me. MiddleBro didn't have as many, so when Mom realized that, she did a whole day photo shoot for him. She changed his outfits several times, put him in different locations around the house, and took lots of photos in one day. By the time BabyBro was born (almost eleven years later!), having a baby in the house again was a novelty. I think he had the most photos out of the three of us.

I'm obsessed with capturing Little One's every day moments, her milestones, and just "her" on film (or in digital photos). Part of it is because I cannot believe she's here with us! She is a miracle and continues to amaze me each and every day. I am amazed at how a 2 lb, 3 oz baby has grown into an almost one year old!
Hubby had to lower her crib mattress because she has been trying to climb out. Yes, I know that bumper pads in cribs are a no-no because of SIDS. I just put them in recently because Little One kept getting her arms and legs stuck between the railing. She figured out how to get herself unstuck, but then she kept bumping her head on the railing. They haven't been in her crib for long, but will have to come back out. Now she uses them to try to climb out of her crib. She stands on them and tries to escape!
It's the quiet ones you have to look out for! When she's too quiet, it means she's up to something!
It shocked me when she figured out how to pull herself up two days ago! It all seemed to happen so quickly! What a difference each week makes!
I keep saying that she's a handful. She's not naughty, but just very inquisitive, curious, resourceful, busy, active, and into everything!
See what I mean?
Hubby gave her Cheerios last week. She LOVED them! I was a bit worried that she'd choke, but she seemed to automatically know to put one Cheerio in her mouth at a time and to get it all wet and gummy first and THEN chew before swallowing.
This is what happens when Mommy turns her back for a second.
Little One helps herself to her food.
She didn't even seem to mind or notice that she had food all over her eyelashes.
She refused any assistance from me and wanted to feed herself. She even pushed my hand away when I tried to help her. *sigh* Is this a sign that we're raising a very independent girl?
All decked out for running errands in town. Obviously this isn't one of her "barn outfits"! She won't be helping out with farm chores in this! ;)


Uncivil said...

Great little photo shoot. She's a lady!

robert said...

What a wonderful sight at a quarter to four in the night.

All the very best for you all !

caninecologne said...

hi c - oh, she's standing already! and she's trying to escape!!!! how cute is that!!! how exciting!!!!!!

as the mother of an only child, yes, we took lots and lots of pix of her as a baby and toddler. now she's lucky we even get the camera out (kidding).

as the first born of three, i have more photo albums than my siblings. i have about 6 while my bros has 3 and my sister (the youngest) has 1. they weren't too happy with that. :)

enjoy every stage of her growing up. it's wonderful to see her growing up before our eyes...thanks for always sharing these moments with your blog readers/friends.

word ver:

C said...

Haha! Thanks! Oh, and now I've got that song in my head again! Great! ;)

C said...

Thank you :) Children discovering new things and the expressions on their faces when they make new discoveries make me smile. THAT is wonderful, isn't it?

All the best to you guys as well!

C said...

Funny! I was JUST going to e-mail you! I FB'd Bert, but wasn't sure how often he checks his FB. Anyway, I'll e-mail my question to you just in case. I'll do that after I post this.

Yes, *sigh* she's standing on her own now. She's also sitting, crawling backwards, holding herself in standing position with one hand, pulling herself up, feeding herself...This is too much independence for me to take all of a sudden! LOL! I am sooooooo scared for when she starts crawling forward and walking!!! I cannot tell you how much anxiety that gives me just thinking about it! LOL!

Dina said...

She is a total doll!! and YES there are always going to be way more photos of #1 than of #2 etc...of course in your moms' case it was different because baby bro was SO much younger than you and middle bro

Kim said...

that last pic was my favourite! she looked like she's pooped after aaaaaallllllllll the things she did in last 5 paragraphs.

i really really really hope blogs are still "in" 10 years from now (or that this blog is still 'alive' by then), so that the l'il one will get to see how she came to be and what others and mommy said about her during her formative years. oooohhh how i'd love to be a fly on the wall when that happens.

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