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Iams ProActive Health: Even Our Canine Babies Deserve a Blog Prize!!!

I was going to entitle this post "For the Love of Dog", but scrapped the idea at the last minute. I never know what to put in the "title" box for my posts sometimes!
Many of you know that my canine baby, Chance has been
with me through thick and thin.
I've had him since he was five weeks old and small
enough to fit in my hands! Now he's seven years old
and weighs 55 lbs!

We've been through so much together: Break-ups, new
beginnings, moving from the city to the country,
a wedding (with Hubby and not Chance!) and the birth
of Little One. Chance has been at my side (or by my
feet!) for the past seven years and he never ceases
to show his love and loyalty to me.

What better way (other than lengthy walks, playing
on the beach, belly rubs, and a bit of pampering!)
to show our beloved canine babies how much we love
them than by giving them the best food possible?

Mom Central has partnered up with Rocket XL and
Iams for the "Iams Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside
Blog Tour".

Iams has introduced ProActive Health, prebiotic
formulas for our beloved feline and canine pets.
It's formulated to maintain our pets' gastrointestinal
health. It helps promote the growth of good bacteria to
encourage healthy digestion, nutrient absorption and the
maintenance of a strong immune system.

I was asked to introduce Iams ProActive Health to my
pet. Chance, like his human sister, Little One, just
loves food. It was no surprise that he loves
Iams ProActive Health!

From the list of ingredients on the Iams ProActive
Health package, I feel comfortable knowing that
Chance is getting the vitamins and minerals he needs
for strong bones and a strong immune system.

What do you look for when choosing dog food for your
furry, four-legged family member?

Here's some good news for you guys!

I'm hosting a giveaway! All you need to do is leave
me a comment for a chance to be entered to win! One
lucky winner will receive a coupon for a free
17.5 lb bag of Iams ProActive Health
(value of approximately $20).

Don't forget to leave a comment! A winner will be
chosen at random.
The deadline for the draw is
May 12, 2010.

**I wrote this review while participating
in the Iams Blog Tour by MomCentral on
of Iams. I received a voucher for
a bag of Iams ProActive Health to
facilitate this
review and a $20 gift
card as a thank you for my

Smart solutions for everyday moms!


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, I Would Like To Be Put Into The
"draw" to win :D

C said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! Your name has been entered in the draw! :)

V.O'Leary said...

Hello there my dog Mingo would love if his mom won him a bag of dog food and I am sure he would share it with his aunt Nish. Mingo has his paws crossed !

BusyMamma said...

cool!! we can defintely use some help with feeding our two kitties!!
Iams is definitely better than some of the other super market brands out there!

hotmommy said...

me! me! me! i'd love to win this prize for our doggie!

Jackie said...

We use this now for our giant dog and love it!
Thanks Christine!

Super Amazing Mommy said...

Hi C, hawley is ready for adult dog food. So, I'm definitely interested!

J at said...

We feed Gen a brand called California Natural, which is made by Natura brands, which also makes Innova, another premium brand of dog food. Every time we've switched her to another brand, we find that (TMI alert) her poop gets much larger, which the vet says means that the food has more filler, which she isn't digesting.

We chose this food because our vet recommended it for itchy dogs. Gen has skin allergies, I guess, and the really really basic food is best for her.

She has such a sensitive tummy, we don't try other foods often, for fear of the diarrhea that often comes along with a change. My last dog could eat anything with no problems, but not Gen.

She had some tummy issues lately (which may or may not have been due to us buying a supermarket brand (Purina One Lamb and Rice) on New Years Day when the pet food store was closed), and we tried her on a probiotic that the vet gave us. Helped her poop, and she loved it, BUT she was wired for sound. Couldn't sleep. Paced the house all night. It was bad.

Bottom line, I wish we had a dog that could eat anything. And I'm sure this is a wonderful product and many dogs will benefit from it. But no need to enter me in the contest. My carpet can't take it. ;)

Anonymous said...

My dog Star would like to try a new kind of dog food, so throw our name in the

C said...

V: "Mingo has his paws crossed"! Too cute! Your name has been entered in the draw :)

Dina: I know what you mean! When I was in Toronto, I used to buy Chance the kind of dog food you get at the vet's. My husband gets his mom's dog and our barn cats dog and cat food at the place where he buys his farm supplies. There's a brand of cat food called "Barn Cat" and it comes in a 4o lb bag! I was shocked that he was giving the cats this food, because I had never heard of it before.

C said...

:) I'm putting all the entrants' names in a randomizer so that the winner will be selected *randomly*. LOL! It'll be my first time fiddling with a randomizer, since in the past when I've done give aways, I used to do it "old school". I'd either write everyone's names in pieces of paper, put them into a hat and have Hubby draw a name OR I'd number them and have Hubby pick a number at random.

Oh! That's awesome! Does your giant dog like it? Where do you get the Iams ProActive on the Island?

C said...

Tee hee! All this time, I thought Hawley's name was "Holly"! Ummm...*slight* difference! LOL!

Yes, I know what you mean. Some doggies are extra sensitive. I know when I switched Chance's dog food from the vet brand to his current brand, he wasn't too happy. Of course, we switched him gradually. We incorporated the old brand with the new brand so he'd get a mix of both at first. Doggies and kitties don't always adapt well to new food. At least their bellies don't!

Chance is one of those dogs who will eat anything and can eat anything. I sometimes say that he's got a stomach made of steel! Crazy doggie! :)

How is Gen doing now, btw? Big doggy hugs from Chance! Gen is such a sweet doggy!

C said...
Thank you for stopping by and commenting :) Your name has also been entered in the draw. When the deadline is up, we'll announce the winner and the winner will be notified by e-mail.

Deb said...

I feed Ruby a diet food. Since she's half Basset Hound she tends to put on weight faster than most women. Poor girl. It doesn't help that she's kind of a pig anyway and has short stumpy legs...not exactly an athlete by any means!

C said...

LOL! OMG!!! Ruby sounds a lot like ME! LOL! :) j/k...sort of!

Terri said...

Our little puppy Zoey would love to win this. She's such a 1 year old cutie!

C said...

Awwww! What kind of dog is Zoey? Puppies are soooo cute. My dog is 7 years old and still thinks he's a puppy! :)

MealPlanningMama said...

And I just became a follower!

MealPlanningMama said...

Oh! Oh! Pick me! :) My skinny basset hound Maggie needs some food....i ran out today! lol

Diana Pyette said...
would like to enter my dog into the draw for some new kind of food.

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