Friday, April 30, 2010

My Toddler Is Smarter Than Me

I was singing the ABC song to Little One, and she started doing the hand gestures for "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I wondered why she kept doing her "Twinkle Twinkle" finger movements and then realized that the two songs have the same melody!

Try singing it, and you'll see!


I just realized that Ba Ba Black Sheep has the same tune too! Amazing what interesting things you learn when you have a young child.

Oh, and how's this for bad parenting? Little One got up insanely early this morning, because she heard Hubby leave for work. I went down to her room, took her out of her crib, and brought her back upstairs to our room and had a cuddle with her until she fell asleep again.

I went down to the office and started to do some work (I really need to meet my deadline). All of a sudden, the dog started going nuts. He was barking up a storm, so I looked outside and saw...

A COW!!!

The cattle got loose again. I had a cow in my garden, and one pooping beside my van. Argh! Of course, this has to happen when my husband is not on the farm! I had to decide whether to leave the baby inside or take her outside with me. I didn't feel comfortable taking her with me, because the cows are pregnant and some already have calves. This means they're really protective and on edge. Who knows what they'd do if they felt threatened. Having to keep an eye on the baby and try to get that cow back where she was supposed to be would prove to be somewhat challenging.

The baby was sleeping, so I thought that if I was super fast, I'd get back before she woke up. Hubby arrived just in time, and we got the cattle back to the barnyard. When we returned, guess what we saw???
Little One was no longer in our bed! Not only had she scooted off the bed (she knows how to get down and holds onto the quilt until her feet touch the floor), but she was walking around the house, doing her own thing!!!I almost had a heart attack. She thought it was funny though!

Isn't she cheeky? :) She decided that she all of a sudden didn't like apples. I was hungry, so grabbed an apple for something quick to eat in between all the running around we were doing this afternoon. Little One saw this, and snatched the apple out of my hand! I was shocked! She stole my apple! She decided that she liked apples again. Goofy girl! :)Helping Mommy clean the house...sort of.Wearing her "I'm a Cool Farmer" shirt from Mr. and Mrs. Perfect Together :) On the back, it reads: "Welcome to the Ranch!"
Unfortunately, she has learned how to climb on top of the couch. She's a climber. She climbs on top of EVERYTHING. When I saw her doing this, I almost went into cardiac arrest. Seriously, she's a little daredevil.

Honestly, these days I don't know whether I'm coming or going sometimes. Baby, husband, house, farm, farm animals, freelance work, chores, committees, organizations, other engagements and responsibilities...there's just so much on my plate. I feel like some of those things are going to start falling off my plate if I keep piling more on it. Every day is a workday. Farmers get no vacations, no holidays, and no days off. I love our life, but every now and then I am reminded of how difficult a life it can be.

Oh! I've joined the theatre group and that's the one thing I've been able to do for myself. It's something I thoroughly enjoy and it gives me something that is my own. Not that I don't love taking care of Little One, being able to work from home (we decided that I will put teaching on hold for a bit while Little One is still very young), and being able to help my husband on the farm, but it's two hours of "me time". Then I get home, and dishes and chores await me. This also awaits me...and I am reminded how fortunate and blessed I truly am. She is so unbelievably special and amazing in so many ways. I love her.


Dina said...

oh how those little gils love to climb!! My DD climbs everywhere too- i joke that one day i'll find her hanging from the chandalier. She did get up on a chair and put her whole hand into a bowl of fruit salad during brunch one weekend- a very fragile bowl i might add- lucky she was fine and fruit salad didn't end up all over the carpet!
We have a pic of DS sweeping too-so cute that they all love to help out-hopefully it will continue when they are older!
I can't imagine how I would feel if i saw a cow wandering in my yard!
Great you are taking some time for yourself and you enjoy it. That is what my thursday night Zumba class is for! Love it!

C said...

LOL! I don't know! I was surprised when we went over and saw the little goat! He's so cute. He's only 2 months old and he really behaves like a little baby. He hates being alone and cries whenever we walk away. Too cute.

Hmmmm...Hoping the "helping Mommy" stage means they'll want to help clean when they're older. Somehow, I'm not sure of that though! LOL! Little One seems to enjoy helping make mess though! ;)

I WISH I could go to Zumba classes! I know they have Zumba in Sudz, but it's a bit far to go for it :( Wish I could go with you and Fancy!! :)

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