Thursday, April 29, 2010

Man's Best Friend is a...GOAT!?!?!

I married a farmer. We live on a farm. We have cattle. We also have a dog and a bunch of barn cats. As far as farm animals go, we just have cattle. No chickens (though Hubby wants me to raise some this year). No ducks (do Canada Geese count?). No sheep. Just cattle.

My Dad wanted us to go over to his place because he and my Mom brought a "pet" back for Little One. To our surprise, this is what they brought back!Billy (aka "Aca", named by my three year old nephew because the goat has "acorns" on his head!) is the sweetest thing ever! I am in love.

How funny is that though? Here! I brought you a pet. Have a goat! What's even funnier is that my Mom won't let me Dad have a dog, but she let him have a GOAT!?

Billy (aka Aca) follows Dad everywhere and bawls when he doesn't see my Dad. He is so, so, soooo cute.Little One is still a bit apprehensive. "Mehhhh...Not quite sure if I like you or not. You don't look like my dog."


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding! (haha) That is a stuffed-toy goat. Can't be a real goat, it's just too, too cute.
E's mom

C said...

E's mom:
Totally not kidding! (haha) Sorry, that made me laugh! "Kid", get it? :) Anyway, he is definitely the real deal. VERY cute! I Googled his breed though and he won't be that cute in a few months! :(

Deb said...

awwww!!! billy is so cute! i'm slightly jealous.

and that pic of little one being apprehensive to billy is super adorable.

C said...

Yes, the price of gas is insane, so we had to get a goat. LOL! Just kidding! :) He is super adorable, isn't he?

How you doin'? Must catch up soon, sista from anotha motha! :)

Dina said...

Oy!! Billy is SOO cute!!! and i love RA's dress in that pic BTW!
Too bad they grow up (goats and the LO's too!!) and don't stay so cute for long!
what on earth possessed your folks??

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