Friday, February 22, 2013

@Pampers Ding Dong Diaper Ditch Challenge! #PGMom @PGInsider

I remember what it was like when Little One was a newborn.  Though she spent the first 72 days of life in the NICU at Mount Sinai, bringing baby home was an amazing yet eye opening experience.

I remember just wanting to hold her and stare at her all the time. Of course, with having a new baby at home comes the mountains and mountains of laundry and the diaper changes! The diapers! Who knew that babies go through that many diapers?!

One of the things I love about being a #PGMom is that I get to share the luv with friends, family, and readers.  I am able to share great products, savings, and so much more. This post in particular warms my heart.

A bunch of PGMoms were given opportunity to participate in the Pampers Ding Dong Diaper Ditch Movement. Our mission was to surprise an unsuspecting family with a wonderful baby package (valued at $85) that consisted of:
  • Pampers Swaddlers diapers - Number one choice of hospitals. The nurses in the NICU used Pampers on the babies when Little One was in the hospital. Love that Pampers have diapers for preemies too! Soft, comfortable and wraps baby in comfort and security.
  • Pampers Sensitive wipes - Gently cleans baby's delicate skin. Clinically proven mild. Dermatologist tested. Perfume and alcohol free.
  • Ivory Snow Liquid Detergent - Gentle on baby's sensitive skin yet designed to clean tough messes from baby's clothing.
  • a copy of "Caring for Kids: The Complete Guide to Children's Health"
  • a Canada onesie (with bib and tuque)
I have tons of friends with babies, but wanted to share this special baby package with someone I had been thinking about for the past while. I hadn't seen her in ages, and now she has another little one!

When I was on Facebook with her this past week, something our conversation made me feel I had to perform a random act of kindness and she was the person I wanted to make smile. I guess that wasn't really random then. It seems a tad predetermined/premeditated!

On a blustery Friday afternoon, I drove to the family's home and propped the box by their front door! Sadly, I was too excited about the Drop Off that I didn't have the foresight to wrap up the baby package in a pretty basket and with a pretty bow! Check out the little video I made with my BlackBerry Z10's Story Maker

No video of the surprised mom, as she was...ummm...nursing her sweet baby! So thrilled to be able to spread the warmth and joy.

Thankful to have been given the opportunity to surprise a special family. wants to help new parents too by ensuring mom and dad don't have to go past their doorstep for a refill on Pampers. Subscribe to Pampers on before April 15th and get a 15% discount and up to 500 Gifts to Grow points on select Pampers purchases. You also get 50 bonus Welcome points when you sign up!  

Disclosure - As part of the PGMom program, I received the above products for an in-person giveaway. As a member of the PGMom program, I receive perks and products for review and am given the opportunity to share with readers via giveaways. Though affiliated with P&G, all the thoughts and opinions on this blog are honest and my own.


Mom vs. the boys said...

so fun!

Christine McN said...

Thanks so much! It was so fun! Glad I got to catch up with my friend today too! It's a Feel Good Friday kinda day! :)

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Oh, Christine - such a sweet thing to do! I am sure the family is completely blown away by the kindness they received today:) You little video made my day.

Christine McN said...

Country Mouse:
It was fun :) I know when Little One was a baby, the little things like getting items like that really helped out and we're so appreciated.

Christine McN said...

Ack! Silly auto correct! Were and not we're!

Julia said...

Aww what a great RAK!

Tammy inRdream said...

Melted my heart! I am doing my ditch tomorrow! I just love the feeling of giving!

Christine McN said...

Thanks so much! It was so much fun!

Christine McN said...

Yay! Can't wait to hear about your diaper ditch! I'm sure the lucky family will be thrilled!

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