Monday, February 11, 2013

What on earth is a Pomelo?

What on earth is a Pomelo, you ask? Well, I could try to sound knowledgeable and worldlier than I am and tell you with authority that a Pomelo is a large citrus fruit grown in South East Asia and the South Pacific islands. In fact, I've only heard of the Pomelo from cooking shows and food magazines. Yes, I am addicted to the Food Network and if the wonderful celebrity chefs say the Pomelo is the next big thing, then you betcha I'm gonna try it!
Pomelo photo from eBay (I was surprised too!) via Google Images

For our Chinese New Year celebration, my friend brought two Pomelos. I asked why she brought them and she said, "Well, I figured that you were Chinese and I read on the internet that Chinese people eat Pomelo on Chinese New Year, so it was a good idea!"

I had to laugh, because though I am part Chinese, I have never eaten Pomelo in my life. I was excited to try it though!

  • The Pomelo is huge! It's about twice the size of a grapefruit (before peeling).
  • From doing the sniff test, the exterior (the skin/rind) of the Pomelo smells sort of like that of a grapefruit.
  • The Pomelo is quite difficult to open, since its skin is so thick!
  • The fruit itself looks like grapefruit, only not as soft.
  • The texture is surprisingly nothing like any citrus fruit I've ever tasted. It's "meaty" and not juicy.
  • It is very delicious, in a not overly sweet way. Only the membrane/pith is bitter.
 Above photos via Wikipedia: Photo of Pomelo segments and Pomelo flesh.

I'm so glad my friend brought these over, because I think they're my new favourite fruit at the moment! This is not good for us trying to eat only local fruits and vegetables though!


Cherry said...

Mmmm love the pomolo. Elizabeth was just sharing one with Eric the other day and asking for more "pomololo".

Some are juicy. I like those the best. Juicy yet firm meaty flesh. Some even have a membrane that is more tender. Oro Blanco is my current favorite.

They grow in this area too.

Mmmm. Glad you were introduced to a new yummy fruit.

Christine McN said...

You are so lucky you live in a climate where you can grow citrus! It's pretty cold here in the Winter, so it's a no go for growing citrus fruits. So sad :( Thanks for letting me know about the different varieties! Wish we could get our hands on the ones you're talking about. We only get what they bring into the store here. Ah, well! I guess that means I'm going to have to go visit you and Julie in California then! ;) lol

The Flying Couponer said...

I have been seeing this fruit in grocery stores. I will definitely try it!

JenniferGrace1 said...

It's funny you wrote about the pomelo. I buy my fruits and veggies from a chinese grocery store mostly because the selection is always fresh and prices are very reasonable and my family and I had an entire conversation based on the pomelo I had never seen it before and was wondering if it was more like an orange or a grapefruit. If it's a grapefruit I can't eat it because of certain meds i'm on but if its more like an orange I can try it. Which do you think its more like?

Dee said...

i have been eating them for years. I love the smell- similar to a grapefruit but just sweeter. Sometimes they are a bit dry and "meaty" but other times definitely more juicy and sweet. I didn't realize there were different types- i will have to look out for the ones recommended above!!

caninecologne said...

HI C - THe first time I had a pomelo was during our honeymoon in Tahiti. They were sellng them at the market and I was fascinated by their huge size, their thick skin and the sweet fragrance. I remember that the acid in the fruit made my teeth sensitive. they sell them at the asian markets here but I haven't tasted one since 1995.

Shannon @ The Heavy Purse said...

I've never tried one before, but I'll to be on the lookout for one at the grocery store. Love fruit, so I'm sure I'd love it ... right? :)

Christine McN said...

Flying Couponer:
For sure! I think you'll like it! I couldn't get enough and think I'll pick up some more tomorrow! LOL!

Christine McN said...

Hmm...I think it's a tad more on the side of the grapefruit, only not as acidic or sour? Does that make sense? My friend said it tasted like grapes to her and the texture was meatier and less juicy than other citrus. Very interesting. I definitely wouldn't say it's completely like a grapefruit! It's kind of sweet.

Christine McN said...

Really?! I had no idea! Then again, pomelos aren't things that come up in every day convo! LOL! Now I want a pomelo!

Anonymous said...

First time I tried one was a couple of days ago. A bit dry but sweet tasting.


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