Saturday, December 09, 2006

Betty Blue (1986)

also known as 37.2 le matin (or 37.2 Degrees in the Morning in English), is a French film directed byJean-Jacques Beineix. Betty Blue is a passionate love story about Zorg and Betty. Zorg is a quiet handyman who lives in France and maintains, paints and repairs bungalows for a living. He also dabbles in writing but doesn't think he'll get anywhere with it as an author.

He meets Betty and they have an all consuming love for each other. Theirs is a very passionate kind of relationship. Betty turns his quiet life upside down with her fiery, unpredictable character. Betty is beautiful, sexy and...wild.

Zorg's perv of a boss (total slime ball!) and Betty get into an argument and she sets fire to the bungalow. She and Zorg end
up fleeing and staying with Betty's friend in the city. They end up working at a restaurant and Betty persuades Zorg to get his writing published because she truly believes in him. Betty's unpredictable ways get out of control and as the story evolves, the condition of her mental state becomes more and more apparent. Zorg helps Betty through her rage, but he grows increasingly helpless and watches as the woman he loves loses her mind.

This is a very beautiful story. It's filled with love and passion. The village landscapes and cinematography are gorgeous too. Betty Blue is definitely one of my fave films. Note: This film contains foul language, graphic nudity and sex scenes, as well as some violence. The ending is quite shocking. Make sure you have your box of Kleenex close-by!!! This is a must see! If you rent it or buy it off the internet, let me know what you think :)


ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Is it in French? I took French in school but don't think I could watch an entire movie done all in French. That's surpassing my language skills there!
I do like foreign films. Are there subtitles or can you switch to English!? Hah Hah! And for the sex and nudity, guess my DH and I will watch the movie when kids are in bed or at Gammie and Gramps!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey girlie! Yes, it's all in French but on the DVD I have, you can switch the language to English, but I think it sounds so weird that way. There are also subtitles if you need them. Let me know what you think after you and your DH see it :)

Oh, we watched The Polar Express as per your suggestion. What a cute movie.

curiositykiller said...

Yeah, I heard of this one. Thanks for reminding me! Actually, I don't think there is any French films for rent here in hk. Woe is me.

Polar Express is adorable. Did you get a chance with flixter link that I sent you?

Chrissy121875 said...

Oh! I did get the flixter e-mail from you! I was going to e-mail you to see if you really sent it to me (before I opened the link...just in case!). Sometimes I get stuff from friends but it's not really from them--turns out to be spam. Thanks for reminding me. I'll check it out.

I first saw Betty Blue in Japan of all places! LOL I had some teacher friends from England and one from France and they were the ones who told me about it. For some reason, many of my Japanese university students had seen the film too! I think you can order it at any store that sells DVDs...or you can always go to OR wait until you come visit me again and we can watch it together! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Beatrice Dalle is hot. I love gap tooth French women. They're so sexy. She's a great actress and boy is she sexy . did I say that already? bras. Gotta love european women.

curiositykiller said...

Chrissy... You're on! Betty blues and dim sum next time I'm there!

Chrissy121875 said...

Awesome, Curiosity! Hey, did you call me today? Hubby said he thought you left a message on our machine :) Betty Blue and dim sum sounds cool! Can't wait!

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