Thursday, December 07, 2006

Warm Winter Fuzzies

Well, my previous post was just me venting about how I can't figure out my new blog template and links. I figure I'd better end the evening with a positive blog entry- not because I'm superstitious about projecting negative vibes or anything. I just don't like negativity period.

Seeing that our farm is a gorgeous, picturesque portrait of a Winter Wonderland, and reading
Dylon's blog, I was thinking of things that are on my "Necessary to survive the Winter" list. It looks something like this:

1) Good, warm, high boots. I do have a few pairs of "good" boots for going out, but I find it is imperative to have boots that keep you warm...especially if you have to go out and shovel mountains of snow or dig your car out from under a pile of snow. Luckily I haven't had to do that...yet!

2) A tuque! How Canadian, eh? J/K! Sure, when I was a kid I absolutely refused to wear any type of hat. I would cry when my mom made me leave for school with that stupid looking thing on my head. As a teenager, I'd rather freeze my buns off than be caught wearing a hat! "That is soooo uncool, Ma!" Now, I don't care! I'm 30 (31 in 11 days!) and would rather look ridiculous than freeze! My, how times have changed. Anyway, now there are all kinds of cool, unique, fun types of Winter stuff and it doesn't have to look nerdy.

3) Hot apple cider to warm you up when you come in from the cold. Either that or a nice mug of hot chocolate!

4) Flannel or fleece bed sheets and a heavy quilt or duvet Keeps you toasty warm at night. Only drawback is you won't want to get out of bed in the morning.

5) A bed buddy I've got three! My trick is to get into bed after Hubby's fallen asleep. I do the dishes later on in the evening before bed, and by the time I get to bed, the bed's all nice and warm because Hubby's been sleeping already! The kittens, George and Fred keep my feet warm.

6) The Internet! I rely on the internet to be able to communicate with friends, family, students, etc. I need it for activities and curriculum development. I need it for general research. I don't know how I survived without it. What did we do before the internet was invented? LOL!

7) Mi familia True, most of my family members are in Montreal, Toronto, Kingston, New York, Wisconsin, Florida, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic (and in other places around the globe), my parents live a few minutes from us and my mother-in-law is on the farm next to our farm. One of Hubby's sisters lives near my parents' (and her hubby and 2 girls). It's comforting to have family close-by.

What's on your Winter survival list?


caninecologne said...

hi there! not being canadian, what is a 'tuque'?

Dylon said...

Take off, eh! A "tuque" (french) "toque" (english) is one of the most essential pieces of winter garb one could imagine! Now I need to go fry up some back bacon and grab a “two-four”.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Okay, Dylon! I had no idea that "tuque" could be Anglisized! (sp?) I grew up in French Canada (well not that French, since it was in the West Island, 20 mins from Montreal). I grew up with it being "tuque"! LOL! Very cool, Dylon :)

Canine, a tuque is a knit cap that keeps head and ears warm in the winter months in Canada :) Worn by many young children who resist the tuque, but also by adults who don't mind the goofy look and rather stay warm! :) LOL!

Chrissy121875 said...

PS. Dylon, you made me crack up with the back bacon and the two-four! Have you seen "Canadian Bacon" before? That was a funny movie.

Ms. Mamma said...

Hey... FYI... White Lake is not very far from here. :)

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

LOL! Chris, my kids HATE wearing tuques. I know you said they're not cool, but hey, the kids need to keep their heads warm! Too funny!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi MsMama! Oh, I must have made a mistake. It's Wind Lake, WI and not White Lake. Is that still anywhere near you guys?

Dina said...

oh my me thinking of what i need to survive winter and I really cannot remmeber the last time I wore "warm" boots...only boots i have are fun to look at and dont' keep feet warm...i would have to say a nice wooly scarf is my survival necessity..

caninecologne said...

thanks chrissy!
well, i learned a new word for "beanie hat"! i'm sure that term sounds quite lame to the canadians out there! sorry!

i loved the picture of the scowling kid with his tuque. today, it was 46 and that's pretty cold to me! spoiled we are here in san diego.

Chrissy121875 said...

OMG! Canine, did you say 46 degrees??? jealous! LOL! We've got snow up here now, but it's not tooooo cold at the moment. Do you guys ever get a "White Christmas"? - like do you ever get any snow at all?

Dina, I had a feeling you were going to say a nice wooly scarf! You always have really nice scarves and mitts/gloves to go with you coat!

caninecologne said...

Alas, it only snows in the mountains during the winter. Since we live about 7 miles from the coast it never snows in our area. Today was actually nice, in the 60's. I've only seen real snow once, when we lived in Bremerton, WA, but it was slushy snow, not the "snowman building" snow.

Chrissy121875 said...

Canine, we had quite a bit of snow (not too much), but it's starting to melt and get slushy. I have a feeling we'll get more though, since it's only the beginning of December!

I checked out your adobo recipe and it sounds AMAZING!! Can you come over and cook for me??? LOL!

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