Friday, December 01, 2006

I've been tagged AGAIN!!

...this time by Jill AND Dina :)

The ABC meme...

A - Available/single? Married 6 months...still a newly wed!
B - Best Friend? I'm going to be sappy and say my husband!
C- Cake or Pie? Keylime Pie!!
D - Drink Of Choice? mango juice or chocolate flavoured soy milk
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday? toothpaste
F - Favorite Color? Indigo Blue
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Neither
H - Hometown? Toronto (okay, Scarborough!)
I - Indulgence? the occassional white hot chocolate from Tim Horton's
J - January Or February? January.
K - Kids & Their Names? No human babies YET! But 3 felines and 1
canine (Nala, Fred, George and Chance)
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? love
M - Marriage Date? June 17, 2006.
N - Number Of Siblings? 2 brothers.
O - Oranges Or Apples? depends on my mood- usually apples (Royal
P - Phobias/Fears? heights, snakes, fear of losing my family
Q - Favorite Quote? "Everwhere is walking distance if you have the
R - Reason to Smile - watching my husband while he's sound asleep.
Too cute!!
S - Season? Spring
T - Tag Three or Four People? MsMamma, Curiosity Killer, Northern Mom
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I'm allergic to green apples and cheap
jewelry (seriously, I can only wear real gold or silver and
nothing else and green apples make me break out in hives and
make my lips look like a platypus!)
V - Vegetable you don’t like? Kolrabi (I don't even know how to
spell it!)
W - Worst Habit? getting mad at stupid things
X - X-rays You’ve Had? Teeth, uterus, skull
Y - Your Favorite Food? pad thai
Z - Zodiac Sign? Sagittarius


ahappilymarriedmommy said...

HAHA! Yes, we all remember what happens when you're given green apples. Scary how fast you react to them. And I feel so bad for giving you earrings that weren't real gold! They were cute though! Sorry your earlobes got infected and you needed plastic surgery! My bad! :( You still love me right?

t said...

Is kolrabi (however you spell it) that thing that looks like a big turnip?

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi ladies! Yes, I love the taste of green apples, but sadly, they make my lips inflate. I do look look a platypus if I eat them and my mouth gets itchy, swollen, etc.

The plastic surgery...That sucked! I need to wear 100% pure gold or silver. Too bad a lot of the cute, stylish, cheaper earrings aren't ones I can wear.

T, yes, kolrabi (or is it kholrabi? Whatever...I don't know how to spell it) is a white vegetable that sits above the ground and makes a bulb with all these spikes for leaves that come out of it. It's light green on the outside. I'm not sure if it's in the radish family. I suppose I could google it and also find out how to spell it! LOL

Jill said...

Chrissy, I paid $40 for a lip-gloss to do that!!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow, Jill! Which lip gloss was that? My friend paid $60 for a tube of mascara. I was shocked, but it's really amazing stuff. I, presonally can't afford to spend that much money on mascara, but she can and it totally magnifies the lashes. Can't remember what brand it was though. I've got really horribly wimpy lashes. Even my hubby's lashes are longer and fuller than mine! LOL!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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