Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Boy, how times have changed...or have they??

Have any of you ever watched Degrassi Junior High? I grew up watching Degrassi as a kid when the series ran from 1987 to 1991. I had a tremendous crush on Joey Jeremiah and later on I had a soft spot for 'Snake'. I thought Caitlin Ryan was the prettiest girl ever and 'Spike' was my hero. I also thought it was cool that 'Spike' and I shared the same first name. Degrassi was a showI was able to relate to at the time. It dealt with very real issues that many teenagers face, like peer pressure, alcohol, drinking and driving, sex, teen pregnancy, date rape, parents going through divorce, death, eating disorders, etc.

I admit, if I ever catch an old episode, I watch it just because it's so nostalgic. It reminds me of high school and being a teen. In 2001, my little brother told me about Degrassi: The Next Generation and how most of the kids in the show were his age. He's an actor too (I think he may have even appeared in a few episodes...if not Degrassi, then Instant Star). Anyhoooz, I was trying to compare the Degrassi of my time to the one of my brother's generation. The Degrassi kids from my generation have all grown up and become parents. Snake's a teacher at Degrassi and he's now with Spike! Spike's baby, Emma is now one of the main characters in the new series. Joey and Caitlin are finally together! The problems the teenagers face are still ones that most of their viewers can relate to. This is just a newer, more modern Degrassi, but the problems are still very real. I think it's so funny how my friend and I were talking about the show we watched when we were kids and now her daughter (14 yrs old) is watching the new series.


japanmanpete said...

Dude, I had a bunch of DJH videos sent up to me here. Definetly a walk down memory lane. I was in love with Caitlyn Ryan and thought Joey was such a dork. Who on earth would screw things up with Caitlyn Ryan, man? lol

t said...

The girls in the new Degrassi are so skanky! They all wear their pants way too low and they're all a bunch of walking hormones! Wait. Wasn't the original Degrassi like that too? For some reason the newer Degrassi seems more in your face and openly sexual. Don't you think? I don't recall the old episodes being so nasty. A peck on the lips perhaps, but no serious groping. TV has changed a lot in the past few decades with regard to what you're allowed to show on TV.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! I dunno, T! Some of the stuff people wore in the 80s could have been considered skanky too! LOL! It's funny how times have changed in some ways, but have stayed the same in others. You're right though about TV allowing more graphic stuff on prime time! I don't recall ever seeing nudity on TV or hearing swear words. They were all bleeped out during the hours when kids may be still up. I think it wasn't until after midnight when all the R rated stuff was on. I heard one of the characters on an episode of Degrassi the Next Generation say the word "b*tch" and I was shocked! LOL! Whenever we watch movies with Pook and Toad, I'm always so conscious of words those little ears may pick up. Kids are like sponges. They hear something once and it's burnt into their memories - as long is it's something they're not meant to hear! LOL! Like all the bad words! But if it's something you're trying to tell them, some kids magically seem to have selective hearing...husbands too! LOL! Gosh, I'm so glad our nieces are angels! ;p My students, on the other hand...j/k! :)

I was driving last year in the middle of a snow storm and my vehicle started skidding all over the highway and I freaked out because I thought I was going to end up in the ditch. I yelled "SH*T!!!!" and none of the students said anything. When we got home, one of the students said, "Sh*t! I forgot my homework!" I told him not to say that word because it wasn't polite, and he said, "But you said it in the van!" LOL! Busted!

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

confession: I used to wear my hair like Spike's in the 80's!!!!!!!! It took a lot of sculpting gel, hair glue AND hairspray to get it to stand up like that all day. Ahh those were the days!
Needless to say the kids will never see photographs of their mommy like that! Hehehheh

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