Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here we go again!!!

Hubby got home from his firefighters’ meeting last night and was just laughing like crazy. This is what happened...

Hubby: News on the street is that you’re expecting in the spring!
Me: What? (totally shocked)
Hubby: (laughing) Everyone at the fire hall was congratulating me tonight.
Me: Seriously?
Hubby: Uh huh! (still cracking up)
Me: Oh boy! Won’t they be surprised when spring comes and there is no baby!
Hubby: Guess we better hurry up then!

LOL! I find it soooooooo funny living in such a small town! Honestly, back in Toronto (or even Montreal) no one would even have the slightest interest in my life. Here, almost everyone knows everyone. You say hi to all your neighbours. You know the hairdresser, pharmacist, post office workers, delivery person (Courier/Purolator), cashiers at the grocery store all by first name. I like the quaint, friendly, warm, homey atmosphere rather than living where I used to live, where I didn't even know my neighbours even if we lived next to each other for five years! Here, everyone knows things about your life before things even happen! For the record, we are not expecting (at least we don’t think we are!) but we would love to be. My brother and his wife in Kingston are expecting their first baby in March, so maybe that's where the confusion is from? They're expecting...not us. Barring that fact, I would really, really, really, REALLY like to have a baby soon though!!! :)


Miss Moneypenny said...

sending lots of *** baby dust *** your way!!

j ( jetbaby )

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! That's too cool! I just posted that last entry and your comment came up!

Thanks so much, Joanne! You da best! :) xoxo

Miss Moneypenny said...

funny! guess we're on the same page....literally!


japanmanpete said...

Bloody hell, mate! How small is this town you live in? Bet it reminds you of being a gaijin in the town you taught in when you were in Japan. Here, we English teachers are under a lot of scrutiny. Everyone's on the watch all the time. So, I must be a good boy! ;-)

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey Pete! I'm not quite sure of the year-round population on the Island. Hubby knows the statistics. It is quite small town where we live, but I enjoy it. It's nice to know the people in your community. It's a really friendly atmosphere. Like all places though, there's pros and cons to living in small towns :) For the most part, it's great though! We enjoy it!

Chrissy121875 said...

Oops! Grammar correction: "There *are* and not there *is* pros and cons." I was just correcting my student's journal and warned him about being careful with SVA (subject/verb agreement) and here I go making a grammar mistake!! LOL!

J, I think I want to buy that orange tee in your shop...the one with "No Peanuts, Please" on it :) Our niece's bday is on Valentine's Day. She's allergic to nuts AND guess what her fave color is??? That's :)

Ms. Mamma said...

Okay, I'm gonna say you're going to be preggo by February 14 or sometime 'by' the end February. Just call me Mamma the Polish.

t said...

I'm with Ms. Mamma, Chris. My money's on Feb. sometime! :o)
You sure you won't pass through Toronto on your way to Montreal this week? Please, pretty please with a cherry on top? May I tempt you with taking you out for Thai? Indian? Greek? Chinese? Korean? What other restaurants do you not have up there? Come on. I know you wanna! LMFAO!

curiositykiller said...

Such is the life in a small town, huh? I would go crazy in three days. Seriously. But you're the big girl, you can heck it...

Chrissy121875 said...

Hey Curiosity! Yes, the Island isn't for everyone. If you enjoy a peaceful, quiet life, and love nature, having the privilege of seeing beautiful sunsets every night, clear night skies for stargazing, getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights every now and then, then this is the place to be :) Most of my friends from the city wouldn't be able to live here. You know, different strokes for different folks, I guess! LOL!

If one is busy, and have his/her own business, and has friends and tons of stuff to do all the time, then it would be difficult to be bored. I haven't been bored yet and I've been here three years :) I guess for myself, I never really liked living in the city. I loved the convenience and the action, but didn't like the expenses, the stress, the commuting, etc. Here, if I want to go to the city, I can...but I can always come back to my peaceful, quiet home :) Take for example, this weekend coming up. If I need a dose of the city, I just go. We're off to Montreal for a few days. I do love getting away for a while every now and then, but I'm always glad to come home. Plus, I'd miss my kittens and puppy if I were away too long! LOL!

Are you seriously coming this summer? That'll make 3 trips to the Island for you in 3 years! What a good track record you've got! You and my friend Kathy have been the 2 friends of mine who have visited me the most since I've been up. Not too far behind are my friends from Toronto, Jeremy and Edgar, who have visited me the first year I was up here and last summer.

See you soon, Curiosity!! When in the summer will you be here? xoxo

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