Monday, January 08, 2007

What ever happened....

I once had a best friend that I knew would be there for me through good times and bad. This young chap and I grew up together and I knew that he’d forever be a part of my life. As kids, we’d hang out all the time. He helped me through a lot and as his folks were going through a divorce, he’d spend a lot of time at my house. He instantly became part of our family.
Through high school and college, we remained close. There was always the comfort in knowing I’d always have him there. Romance was impending, though I only wanted to be friends, for fear that a relationship would somehow ruin what we had.

I recall one June afternoon, when he walked me home from school. It was the last day of school and we cleaned out our lockers. He was so sweet to carry all my books. He casually said, "Wouldn’t it be cool if we ever went out?" "Like as in boyfriend and girlfriend?" "Yeah." "Nah. That would never happen." That was how it was left. I never thought anything of it. He had walked through a blizzard one Valentine’s Day to hand deliver a bouquet of flowers to me. I opened the door, said thanks and sent him back on his way. My mom opened the door and called him in. She scolded me for being rude and not offering him a cup of hot cocoa. The poor guy had icicles on his long lashes and his cheeks were all red.

We both grew older and had dated here and there. Through university, I always felt somewhat jealous whenever he had a girlfriend. After university, he went to Japan to teach. I followed soon after. I had requested to be sent to the city where he was, but was stationed at the other end of the country. We kept in touch. We both had a good life in Japan. We saw each other a few times. He came to my side of Japan when my mom and little brother came for a visit. I started having romantic feelings and knew that the jealousy I was feeling was not right. We both dated people while we were there. I returned to Canada and continued meeting all the wrong people. Everyone thought that we’d one day be together because we shared a history and were both very special to each other.

The e-mails and letters slowed down and I’d be lucky if I got a message from him once every few months. I met Hubby and we eventually got engaged. I e-mailed my beloved friend and we reminisced. "I always thought we’d end up together", said I. "You had your chance, baby! I had given you so many opportunities." Now I’m happily married, and Hubby is the only person I could ever see myself spending my life with...but I often wonder what my friend is up to and how he is doing. Life has a funny way of working out sometimes. Do you ever wonder about a certain person from your past?


Jill said...

Sure, some people you never forget.

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Yes, I somtimes wonder about certain people and what they are doing and where life has led them.

Northern Mom said...

There are a few......
Most I know where..who..that sort of thing. Part of growing up in a small town..still there are others that I wonder...hhmmmm

t said...

Such a sweet post Chris. Life is funny huh? Some people you are sad to see go, others you are HAPPY theyre out of your life and others you don't really care or think about. Hmmmmm

japanmanpete said...

I think of the girl whose heart I broke and who in turn broke mine. I was such a bloody wanker and didn't deserve her. She had enough of my antics and being with other women and one day just left. She went with another guy. I was crushed. Such is life. I'm still a wanker though!

Danielle said...

I often think of many people from my past. Once I worry about because he always got into trouble and we lost touch shortly before I met my hubby after 17 years of going back and forth to each other. I think of my ex frequently and sometimes we chat over email to see how the other is doing. I think when you really have cared for someone or loved them you never forget them.

Dina said...

i know i certainly wonder about certain people from my past, both lost loves and lost friends...sometimes i think it would be great to reconnect but usually i think it's better to let things alone- life is meant for wonder!

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