Monday, January 29, 2007

Toot Tooooooooot!!!

*sigh* You know you spend way too much time with kids when all your conversations end up with discussions on...farts and different types of poop!

I was reading Canine's review of the Grossology Exhibit she went to. I took my nieces and students to the exhibit when it was at Science North last summer. They seemed really intrigued by the information that was there. The farts and belching always seem to get kids' attention! Canine Cologne best summed things up with :

"According to one of the exhibit placards about farts, which they call 'toots' (that sounds so lame!!!). I've recapped the more important parts:"When you pass gas, the skin around the anus vibrates.... But not all toots sound the same."Then it goes on to say that some are high pitched and others are low-pitched. Why? It's because of vibrations. A tightened anus creates a higher-pitched fart. Just like a guitar string (I love that analogy), the tenser the anus muscles, the faster the anus vibrates. Blah blah blah...Finally, the more relaxed your anus muscles, the more lower pitched the sound." (Thanks Canine! LOL!)

What is it with kids and fecal matter? When I taught in Japan, all the little kiddies were obsessed with "unko". There were even children's story books about little Unko-chan. My nieces and my students also seem to end up talking about poop all the time too! Conversations usually are centered around:

-corn poo
-ghost poo
-log jams
-Hershey squirts

Oh my!


curiositykiller said...

I have a book on farting for kids. It's my favorite book from childhood. Reminiscing...

ahappilymarriedmommy said...

Christine! You forgot "turtle poo"!

t said...

HAHAHAA! Gross, but funny! Corn poo! EW! What's turtle poo AHHM?

Chrissy121875 said...

Uhhh...such a lovely conversation topic. T, re: turtle poo...just think about it for a sec :) LOL! Ick!

Curiosity, that's funny! Do you still have the book? Anyway, I'm off to my choir practice. The kids and Hubby are fed, I've got to review my music, and Hubby's taking the kids the the fire hall with him since he's got training tonight. I'm tired already and it's only Monday! LOL!

japanmanpete said...

Alright- unko-chan is still popular with the kids here. I had some boys maybe 7 years of age laughing hysterically yelling, "one, two, three, unchi!" and proceeded to fart and whoever got the loudest fart was the champion.

Chrissy121875 said...

Pete, have they ever tried to "kancho" you? LOL!

caninecologne said...

We've bought fart related books for our daughter over the years, which she loves:

(the classic) The Gas We Pass by Shinta Cho, Farley Farts (it's about a flatulent frog) and Walter the Farting Dog.

I also posted a picture of peacock poo back in July (from our Hawaii rainforest zo pics). It looked like a rock.

the japanese have so many cute poo-related items. it's hilarious!

Miss Moneypenny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
japanmanpete said...

Blimey! I havebeen kancho'd by a group of miserable, snotty nosed kindergarten children here. They seem to have a fascination with my arse hole. The sneakily come up from behind me with their hands clasped together and index fingers both pointing upward...aiming for the bulls eye!

japanmanpete said...

I almost forgot in my rant about being poked up the bum that the lovely Ms. Moneypenny has returned. You were severely missed, my dear!

Oh, farting dog! Do tell!

Chrissy121875 said...

Curiosity: Did you decide how you're going to get your hair done?

Canine: Very cool! I'm going to google search those books! When I left Japan, my students knew I love kids books, so they gave me a Japanese kids book and it was about poo! LOL! I'm curious about the peacock poo now. I think I'm going to head to your blog to check it out! LOL!

Miss Moneypenny: When I pop by your store, I'd like to get myself a Walter the Farting dog! LOL! Your two boys are really cute, btw!

Pete: I've never been the victim of 'kancho', but I know all about it! My co-worker from England used to get it all the time from the little kindergarten kids he taught in Japan. Too funny! I've never had it, (thank goodness!) but the little kiddies seemed to like to grope my breasts! I was kind of shocked. Anyway, they're just kids, and it's only natural to be curious about the human anatomy. I'm not saying it's okay to shove your fingers up your teacher's bum or grab your teacher's boobs, but I can understand the curiosity.

Dina said...

i was given the same "treatment" by the kids in Korea. They used to like doing that poking up the bum thing too, especially when us Wai-gooks were wearing skirts!! Little buggers!!

Anonymous said...

HA! HA! HA! Your blog is hilarious! I found you via a comment you left on Mr. Fab's blog. Those Japanese poo characters are cute. AH! You gotta love toilet humor!

caninecologne said...

i just looked up "kancho" on wikipedia! okayyyy! as long as it's not done to ME!

there is also a website:

you can order kancho related t-shirts. i liked the "Kancho's Angels" and "WWJK?" aka What would Jesus Kancho?

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Canine...crazy stuff, eh? I looked up wikipedia too, to explain it to a friend of mine who didn't know what it was. Too funny! LOL! Sooo glad it never happened to me! ;)

curiositykiller said...

Of course I still have that fart book. Cutting my hair this Friday, will post about it on my blog...

Whatever happened to Tim hortons package? Think customs confiscated it?

Diesel said...

Well, you've done it. This post is grosser than your last one.

Chrissy121875 said...

Grrr! Curiosity, you mean you never got the package?? I sent it in December so you could get it in time for Christmas! Shall I try sending some more Tim Horton's stuff? Or do you think it'll get confiscated in customs? That really pisses me off!

I'm sending some Tim Horton's coffee and hot chocolate to my friend in South Korea, but my student's mother is here visiting and she's going to give it to my friend in person so I can guarantee that she gets it.

Diesel: Yeah, this post was pretty gross!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Wow! Maybe I should post about gross stuff more often! This is the most I've ever generated in comments! LOL! ;)

curiositykiller said...

Dear Chrissy, I love you for trying. Let me get it when I come to T.O. this summer and see if I can get them past customs in person.

Maybe they'll hold me and question me...

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