Monday, January 22, 2007

Something for baby

There's something so special about creating and making things with your own hands. There's a certain amount of pride that goes with knowing that you are able to make something beautiful to share with others. I've noticed with my friends who have had babies or who are currently pregnant, that some of them seem to want to pick up learning to sew or quilt...or knit. Perhaps it's part of the 'nesting' stage or maybe it's that innate wanting to create things. My friend, Rachel began making beautiful skirts and capris with the coolest material she could buy. A few weeks later, she discovered she was pregnant. My friend, Kim began baking all sorts of wonderful cakes and desserts and had no idea why the sudden interest in baking. Shortly after, she found out she was also expecting. Maybe this doesn't happen to all pregnant women, but it's been something I've noticed in the women I know.

Anyway, my mom has decided that she wants to crochet a blanket for her future grandchild. She had done one for my baby brother when he was born (20 years ago). En route to Montreal from the Island, mom began crocheting the baby blanket for my future niece or nephew (who is due in six weeks). It is gorgeous. The only problem is that her hands are not working the way they used to and she gets pains in her hands now. I said that if she could teach me, that I'd help her finish the blanket. It'll be a joint effort...a beautiful blanket to baby from grandma and auntie C :)

After much frustration and headache, I finally got the hang of it. I am officially addicted to crocheting. I can't believe I learned how to crochet on the ride home from Montreal! Hmmm...what's next? Baby booties? A sweater and bonnet? Maybe I'll just stick to blankets and scarves! LOL! I'll post pics of our work in progress at a later date.

This pic was taken from Google images. The blanket mom and I are making has the same pattern as the yellow blanket, but the yarn we are using is white, baby blue, mint green, and a light yellow. It's so sweet!


curiositykiller said...

I crocheting is a very calming meditative effect. And sounds like you're going the right route to become a mama of your own.

ahappilymarriedmommy said... come you never did anything like that when I was pregnant? Heh heh!

japanmanpete said...

oh dear! my nan does crocheting and knitting. She once made me an awful looking jumper and I had to wear it! Ba!

Welcome back by the way. Cheers for the e-mail and the links. Looks like a nice trip if we do Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Kingston, Niagara Falls, Toronto, and Manitoulin Island! We'll just have to go to Banff, Jasper and Vancouver the next time round.

Mama C-ta said...

Oh cool! I am missing the crafty gene :(

Dina said...

i started to crochet a blanket for my nephew before he was born and he's now 1 and a half! I have a scarf so far but will finish it at some point (but it will be for my son not my nephew at this point!)

Chrissy121875 said...

Dina, that is so cool! Are you doing a fancy pattern? I feel kind of bad, because the one I'm doing is so plain! The yarn I'm using is multi-colored though, so it looks a bit more impressive than it would have otherwise!

minotte's notes said...

aha! from one crochet addict to another. i hope to die in a crochet position.

i put up a small blog for it:

pls tell me about you other projects. don't give up!

Dina said...

gosh it's the easiest stitch possible and very plain. I could barely get the hang of this stitch so i'm not attemting anything fancy

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