Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some things I've learned

1) An old couch on your front lawn looks really "redneck".2) An old door on your front lawn also looks totally redneck!

3) Both #'s 1 and 2 aren't that bad (only left out on the lawn temporarily) if Hubby is going to replace the front door with a brand spankin' new 9-lite door! Yes, I have been meaning to put a few coats of stain on our outside walls. Hubby likes the 'rustic' look. He says it looks and feels very 'country'. I think a new stain would be nice though :)

4) A kitchen island is always a handy thing to have.

5) I love the smell of clothes when they've dried outside on the clothesline. It saves money from throwing your laundry in the dryer, and the sun is great for removing stains. Plus, I love the look of clothes drying on the clothesline!

6) Once all the fruits and veggies have been harvested, a lot of pickling and canning must be done. I freeze some of the produce and use some immediately (there's nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies). I've learned to make bread and butter pickles, dill pickles, pickled beets, chili sauce, red pepper jelly and relish. If anyone is interested, I can post some recipes at a later date.

7) Watching kittens play has to be one of the most entertaining activities ever. Spike and Trouble are so funny!

8) Spending time with friends and family is so special. I learn new things about myself when friends lovingly point them out to me. British Lion has recently teased me and said that I have a mild case of OCD because:
a) I casually move people's glasses and cups off my Norwegian teak table and put them on coasters...and then immediately wipe down the spot where the glass or cup was so that I don't get rings on my table.
b) I hate, hate, hate using public restrooms and avoid using them if I can. I realize "holding it" isn't healthy, but the thought of public toilets makes me feel ill. I use my sleeve to open doors and to turn the taps on and off at the sink. I never sit on the toilet seat. I used to line the seat with toilet paper, but I don't like wasting toilet paper, so I always hover 2 inches above the seat. (Yeah, I know...too much information, right?) This only applies to public toilets and public restrooms.
c) I carry a bottle of Purel (liquid sanitizer/antibacterial lotion) for use after I've been in a public place.
d) I have a stash of canned goods in my kitchen pantry in case there comes a time when we are short on food. Don't ask me why. I have no idea why I'm like this! Oh, and all the cans have to be facing the same direction...with the English side in front.

Thanks, British Lion, for pointing these things out to me. Really, I'm not that bad. Seriously!


AnnieM said...

I love drying my clothes outside. I even love crunchy towels, they dry better.

My brother and his girlfriend make zucchini relish every year and it is fantastic.

Your pictures and really beautiful!

Dina said...

oh chrissy...pickled anything is my favourite!!! especially beets!! yummy...

and there is nothing wrong with a little OCD...if it helps to keep you healthy and the house clean :)

I also do the hover thing. Thank goodness for learning to do that well using all those Asian toilets while over there!!!

C said...

Hey! Oh, zucchini relish! I made a batch last season. My SIL gave me a huge zucchini recently and I think I'm going to try to make zucchini pie. My aunt gave me this amazing recipe, but I've been too busy (okay, too lazy) to try it! LOL!

That is so true! Haha! I remember having to hover when using those Asian toilets in Japan! Haha! We (all the female teachers) used to say "It's good for the thighs"! LOL!

Cherry said...

I'd love to learn to pickle and can stuff. My friend's mom in Oregon sends down spicy pickled green beans, one of my favorites!
Someday I will also live on a farm (not as big as yours) and I'll get to have that garden I've always wanted.

Kitten play is the best! Our 10 year old kittens have recently decided that play time is now a required activity and will yell at us until we oblige.

C said...

I wanted to ask you a kitten question. Our little ones are now 3 months old and the boy has started to pee on our bed!!! I've checked his litter box and it's not dirty, he seems healthy and I think he's too young to be in heat. I have no idea how to stop him from peeing where he's not supposed to! Any suggestions??

japanmanpete said...

I am so glad I don't have to hover.


t said...

I carry Purel in my handbag too! I don't hover but I do put toilet paper on the toilet seats at public restrooms. Funny post Chris!

Karen MEG said...

What a great post! I love the smell of towels dried in the air; and I'm so jealous that you know how to pickle! I loved pickled anything too!
Hovering - hilarious! I still do the toilet paper thing, I know it's not great for the environment, but I'm thinking it's probably better for my butt. So selfish, I know.
Your post reminded me of those "you know you're a redneck when..." jokes. You're too funny!

caninecologne said...

hey! i hover too!!!! and carry purel (or some other brand)!

hotmommy said...

Hahah! I'm a hoverer too! And a Purel carrier!

Grundir the Implacable said...

I find that leaving cozy furniture outside tends to attract hobbits.

louann said...

We dry our clothes outside all the time :) Nice isn't it?
I'd be interested in the chili sauce!

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