Monday, October 22, 2007

Where to Eat in Montreal

Before I write a proper post and upload photos of our Toronto-Kingston-Montreal-Ottawa trip, I must share some of my cool new Montreal finds! Some may say I'm a Montreal snob since I refuse to eat bagels, smoked meat or poutine if they're not from Montreal. I can't help it. Montreal...C'est ma ville!

CK makes a point of listing her fave restaurants, giving food reviews and uploading photos from these restaurants. CK, this is for you :)

Montreal is such a wonderful city. It's full of history, rich in culture and the arts...and it home to so many different types of restaurants, bistros, cafes...You name it and Montreal has it!

Segafredo Zanetti is by far one of the coolest places to hang out with friends over an espresso and a mouthwatering dessert. Segafredo's is very cool, posh, has great decor and a warm atmosphere. The service is friendly and the coffee and dessert menu is excellent. Located on St. Catherine Street, between Metcalf and Mansfield, it's in the middle of all the main shopping locations and sightseeing spots.

We ordered:
Espresso with a shot of Amaretto, apple cake, Smirnoff Ice, Caffe Latte, Naacanzo Desereno Cocoa, and the Mascapone cheese w/mango and grape, strawberry and chocolate, and pineapple. All coffee drinks are served on a silver tray with a sliver of dark chocolate and a glass of water.
Prices: Affordable.

Kanda Sushi is now one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Montreal. I was impressed with the quick service and the great ambiance. Kanda Sushi is located on Bishop St. and is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Concordia University. Their "All You Can Eat Sushi" is a great deal for $13.99 (lunch)/ $18.99 (dinner). The sushi and maki selections are superb.

We ordered:
Kanda Roll, Spicy Roll, Tuna, Salmon, Cucumber, Vegetable Tempura, Seafood Tempura, BBQ eel (JEY's fave), and Udon.
Prices: Good Value.

Man-na is also located on Bishop St. (Bishop and de Maisonneuve). At first glance, Man-na didn't strike me as being overly impressive. There was only one waitress working that night and they ran out of several items on the menu that we were thinking of ordering.

The food was tasty and we thoroughly enjoyed the side dishes. Typical in Korean dining, there were plenty of side dishes from different types of kimchi, to bean sprouts and a potato dish. The main dish servings were very generous. Korean music played in the background and the clientele was mainly university students, professors and businessmen.

We ordered:
Bulgogi, Kalbi, Jjamppong, and Kalbitang.
Prices: Okay.

Will I dine at Man-na again? Perhaps. The food was good. However, one member of our party said that he had tasted better bulgogi elsewhere in Montreal. I enjoyed my dining experience at Man-na, but didn't use their 'facilities', as my student said, "Ummm...I don't think you would like to use the washroom here." She obviously remembered my quirky public toilet phobia.


t said...

Ya baby! Next time we go to MTL we'll have to try out those places. The Italian Cafe one sounds amazing! I love how they have a glass of water as a chaser! Cool cool!

hotmommy said...

I love Segafredo's! Never heard of the other two places. Glad you had a good time Chris! must be nice to be back home though!

Karen MEG said...

Thanks for that C! We never know where to eat in Montreal - even though we're there annually, we end up in the same Chinese restaurant in Brossard with my family. I'll definitely have to try these other places next time.
BTW, the massive weird meme is going up very soon.

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