Friday, June 13, 2008

B is for...

BLACK BEAR- that was spotted on our farm the other evening. Actually, the bear was on my mother-in-law's farm next to ours. Hubby said she looked like she was probably around 400 lbs and was just sitting in the barley field! They shared a glance and after the bear looked at Hubby, she sauntered away into the bush. Photo from this site (via Google Images)
I've only seen three bears in the four years I've been living on the Island. The first bear I saw was when my Mom and I were driving to M'Chigeeng. I told my Mom, "Wow! That has got to be the strangest looking dog I have ever seen in my life". Mom thought I had a few screws loose, because she said, "That's not a dog! That's a bear!"
The second one I saw was in Sheguiandah and it darted off into the bush as I drove by it on the highway. The last one I saw was when Hubby and I were dropping off a student at the airport. My student was saying how he hadn't seen a single bear during his stay in Canada and he had been here for nearly a year! All of a sudden, as we were driving to the airport, a black bear ran right in front of my vehicle...within inches of us! That was a close call! My student was excited, but all I could think of was "Okay, if we get into an accident with the bear, my student is going to miss his flight back home to his country"!

BURGER- which I don't normally like to eat, but have been craving this week! Hubby and I had a lunch date and ended up at Van's in Manitowaning. I have no idea what they put in their burgers, but they are really yummy. I know I've said countless times that Hubby and I don't eat much junk food, but last week I was craving pizza and this week I was craving a burger! Crazy! Well, I suppose once in a while having fast food won't kill us. As long as we don't have it too often.
If you're ever in Manitowaning and feel like having a burger, Van's is a good spot to try. I'm not sure what the other items on the menu are like, since Hubby and I have only tried the cheeseburgers there. They're good, classic, simple burgers..."Just like Mom used to make".
Van's is a small, modest take-out or eat-in restaurant and the owners are very friendly.

BRAKE PADS- that have just been replaced. Thank goodness!
Image borrowed from this site

I had noticed that my brakes were going, but in the past week or so, they seem to have deteriorated greatly. My darling husband surprised me by taking my vehicle in to get the brakes fixed. Apparently the brakes were totally in "metal on metal"! Scary!! Imagine not being able to stop??? Eeeek!

BREEZE- If we didn't have this wonderful breeze right now, I'd absolutely die of heat! It's so humid and icky out. Wasn't I complaining about how cold it was a few weeks ago? Now it's too hot! I know, I know...I must be thankful for all the good things we have. I will stop complaining about how this heat and humidity are killing me. Seriously.

BIZARRE- that our cat, Spike has gone missing. I have absolutely no idea where she is and cannot think of a way how she would escape from the house. She and Trouble are both house cats and they have never gone outside before. It really puzzles me. She's been gone for a day now and there is no way she could have gotten out on her own...unless she snuck out the door when no one was looking? All I can say is thank goodness she's fixed!!!

BABIES- which most of my friends seem to be having these days! It seems like almost every female friend I know is pregnant right now! I can name ELEVEN friends who are expecting babies this year. Speaking of which, I'd like to send out hugs to two in particular. My good friend, Gavie's Gal is having her second baby in a few days and Audrey is due for her fourth baby on the 17th...which is a special day for us because it's Hubby's and my 2nd year wedding anniversary! Thinking of you both and love you lots! XOXO

The last B is for...
BIG NEWS- that will have to wait until one of my next posts.


D'Rae said...

Glad to see that you are back with power now! I am craving a good burger too! Hubby is going to be grilling out next week. yum, can't wait!

Pinks and Blues said...

YOu are so sweet to include me!! I love that the 17th is your anniversary - a happy day!!! I will absolutely keep you update on things!!!!

Sandy C. said...

OMG! Bears!?!? I get spooked when spotting raccoons :(

Those fries and burger has my mouth watering here. Mmmmmmmmmm :)

That's a lot of babies!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Ah... burgers! Every once in a while I totally crave one, and then there is no stopping me 'til I get one. But it needs to be extremely well done, with raw onions and spicy mustard. Then I'm satisfied for a while... until it hits me again!

Hey... Happy almost anniversary!

Sharon - Pinks & Blues

japanmanpete said...

Bloody hell, C! You're not going to tell us that you are pregnant, are you?!?

Have you viewed the video link I e-mailed to you yet? Let me know what you think! That's Engrish at its finest!



Autumn's Mom said...

ok, cravings...11 friends having babies...You can guess what we are all thinking! haha if it turns out not to be that, we'll all feel silly :D

t said...


hotmommy said...

ok so t just called me from her work telling me to check out your latest post- seriously are you not telling us something ? your killing me here! spill the dirt girl!

C said...

Thank you! I'm glad to be back! I never realized how much I'd miss blogging! LOL!

Mmmm! That's the one thing I really love about the summer...being able to hang out and BBQ! Actually, Hubby BBQ's and I hang out! Don't feel sorry for him because I do all the cooking normally, so it's a treat when summer comes around and he gets to be the king of the grill! :)

I was really excited to see that you're due on the 17th!!! That is a great day! :) Hope you are feeling as good as can be! XOXO

C said...

This is the closest a bear has been to our house, I think. We've got a few hundred acres, so I'm sure they hide out in there on occasion. Luckily, I haven't met up with any yet! I think they're remarkably beautiful creatures, yet their size and strength do make you realize how powerful they really are.

I kind of feel sorry for bears that wander into areas where humans are. We've encroached on their territory and they're only doing what is natural for find food and survive like all living creatures. That said, I'd still prefer it if we had some (okay, a lot of) distance between us and the bears!

Yes! I'm with you on that one! Yummy raw onions and spicy mustard! The way I see it, if Hubby and everyone dining with us is eating raw onions too, then no one will find the smell offensive! LOL! I LOVE onions!

C said...

LOL! You are too funny!!! You make it sound like being pregnant is a bad thing! Well, for YOU it might be! ;) Just kidding, buddy!

Oh, and yes, I did see that video you sent. Totally cracked me up! Speaking of Engrish, I'm going to take a photo of one of the t-shirts I bought in Japan that has Engrish on it. It is so funny!!

Thanks for the e-mail and the video. You have fun over there!

Autumn's Mom:
LOL! You are too cute! :)
That's so funny, because a year ago we were at a fish fry and a man and a woman came up to us and congratulated us on being pregnant...which we weren't. I don't know who was more horrified...them or us! Talk about embarrassing! They had heard rumours that we were pregnant. We had been married a year by then, so I guess people "assumed" we were. Also, my mother and father were to become grandparents since my brother and his wife were expecting. Perhaps it was a case of broken telephone and people thought we were the ones expecting. Living in a small town, rumours seem to circulate! It was kind of funny! Hubby and I try to see what kind of outlandish stories we can come up with for people to believe. Just kidding. We try to keep a low profile, actually!

C said...

Hahaha! Oh, my gosh! Look what you did! You got Hot Mommy all excited now! No, not keeping anything from you. Anyway, good things come to those who wait a bit and you'll find out soon.

Hot Mommy:
You two are so funny! You're both a bit more than a 6 hr drive from me and it seems like you are here with me with all your crazy antics! LOL! Miss you both. I will talk to you soon, okay?

Shannon said...

We have a black bear in our neighborhood, too. Too funny, we took a tour of Alaska, saw nothing more than a squirrel and one salmon jumping once from the water... came home and went to get ice cream in the next town and viola! Bear. Ten minutes from our house. Alaska's overrated if you ask me LOL!
MMMmmmmm..... Burgers. I was a vegetarian twice in college. A hamburger brought me back both times...

AnnieM said...

Gah! Why are you making us wait?

What is your Facebook name? We can totally be FRIENDS ;P

I am Ann s. Mead!

C said...

Wow! Really??? I've always wanted to visit Alaska! It's a place that has always intrigued me ever since I was a kid. When I was in university, my friend's mother went on an Alaskan cruise and said it was wonderful. I don't know if I'd do a cruise though. I don't really have 'sea legs'! LOL!

So, is Alaska the same as what it looks like on Men In Trees? Just kidding! ;)

P.S. I was vegetarian from the age of 17 to 24. Three months of those seven years were vegan. I couldn't handle being vegan though. Sometimes I really get grossed out eating meat. Just the thought of...well, I don't want to gross out any of my readers, but you get what I mean. I'm actually thinking of going back. We'll see.

I just tried to find you on FB but had no luck! Booooooooo! LOL! There are sooooooooooo many people with the same name as you!! Grrr!

Feathers said...

Hi C,
You know what? I have never seen a black bear and I live in Tennessee...I think it's awesome that you got to experience that! I would love to see one (at a distance)
Thanks for coming over to my blog!

Karen MEG said...

A Black bear on your property... oh my, I would FREAK.. but then I am a city girl at heart (or suburban now, let's get real).
And yes, posting all these lovely pix of yummy,yummy junk food!
I'm going to warm up the old pizza now...

Jeanna said...

Three bears, that's three too many. They've been in the burbs from time to time. Not often, but, eek.

japanmanpete said...

No. No marriage and no children for this strapping young lad! If you are 'expecting', then that is great.

I am pleased to hear you enjoyed the vids. I'll send you more. Now, post that Engrish wording on that shirt you were talking about!



louann said...

I can't wait for the BIG news C!

Uncivil said...

Hope you and hubby have a wonderful Father's Day C.
Just droppin' in to say hey!!!!
That's strange that you and Row have both posted about bears latley! I haven't seen one in a year or two.

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